Dream Girl 26th January 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Aarti saying I have come in this house and my only motive is to ruin Ayesha. She tears her and Ayesha’s pic and says its easy to become Ayesha, I will see how will you stay as Aarti, one small mistake and your game will be over.

Its night, Ayesha fumes and says how did Manav gets Shikha here in Sareen mansion, and even Raghu is being around this girl, by leaving his meetings, I don’t feel this girl is right, I have to make this girl away from Raghu, I just have to think how.

Its morning, Shikha tries to talk by someone’s support. Raghu looks on. She falls and Raghu holds her. He helps her in walking. Ayesha looks on and gets angry. Manav tells her that Raghu is with Shikha, get ready Aarti, we have to shoot. Ayesha goes. Aarti falls over Raghu. She walks

by help of a stick. Raghu makes her sit. Ayesha does the puja and her mind is still thinking about Raghu and Shikha. She says I can’t do this, and runs. Karan asks where are you going. She says I m going home.

Ayesha makes tea. Raghu asks Aarti, what are you doing, is everything fine. Ayesha says yes, I don’t feel things fine. He asks what. She says you staying close to Shikha. He laughs and asks are you jealous, don’t you trust me, I m doing this because Shikha does not spoil navrang’s name, there is nothing. He goes. She says I trust you, but not that girl.

Its morning, Ayesha gets ready and hears Shikha saying leave me, what will anyone think if they see this. She gets inside and asks whats happening here. Shikha asks what are you finding. Ayesha asks with whom are you talking. Shikha says oh, I was rehearsing. Manav wrote the scene so that I can learn lines at home. Aarti asks her to knock the door and come. Ayesha asks what did you say and scolds her. Aarti/Shikha starts crying. Ayesha says I know such girls like you, listen to me you cheapo. She turns and sees Raghu… Raghu stops Shikha.

He asks Ayesha are you Aarti, I felt like Ayesha is talking. Ayesha gets tensed and starts acting. She says don’t know what happened to me, I say dialogues like Ayesha daily, I m stressed out, I don’t know how I told all this. She apologizes to Shikha. She asks Shikha not to talk badly with her. Raghu asks Shikha did you talk bad. Ayesha says she asked me to knock and come in this room, you know its Ayesha’s room, I miss Ayesha a lot, I come here when I miss her, if I remembered Shikha is in this room, I would have not come, I m sorry. Raghu asks Shikha did you say this. Shikha says yes, I told this, I did mistake, forgive me. I did not mean that, this is your room. Ayesha says its fine, I told you a lot, I will be careful, I will not come in this room, take rest. She goes with Raghu.

Aarti gets sad and says I can’t think Ayesha is weak, I know her deeds well. I have to think something else. Raghu talks to Ayesha. She says I don’t like Shikha, she seems to pretend, like she flirts with you always, I don’t like her intentions. He asks like Ayesha. She says no, like Aarti, I mean I just get negative vibes. He says forget about her, I will be careful, you go for the shoot. I will end my work and come. She says fine.

Aarti cries and talks to Kanha ji about her tests. Raghu passes by and hears her. Aarti says when I came to Mumbai, I got a dream with me, life is passing and problems are increasing. She cries and asks for some way. Raghu looks on as she has the Kanha idol. He thinks its similar idol like I gave to Aarti. He recalls gifting it to Aarti. He thinks when I asked Aarti, she said it fell in that accident. Aarti turns and holds Raghu saying there is lizard. Their heads strike and they see each other. They start laughing. She asks are you still afraid of lizards. He looks at her.

Shikha/Aarti asks Ayesha to recall that she is the one whom she tried to kill, I m back to make your life hell. Ayesha gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. woh!! Thats a awesome twist now. Good to c Aarthi(SK) dominating Ayesha. After cing d precap i am damn excited for tmrw episode. The current track is awesome!

  2. ty for fast update Amena

  3. I really loved this raghu& Aarti jodi but i m not happy that face changed part nd hope to see old aarti after her revenge. This shikha is nice but kehtehe na old is gold, jisse pehle se dekha wohi aacchi lagtehe woh character mai

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