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The Episode starts with Ayesha addressing her staff at navrang. She says we have to do something to save navrang, I will not force you all, if you all think we can hide a truth, then we will decide, else its fine if I have to tell truth to Raghu and end navrang. Aditya stops her. He says Manav and navrang gave us much, we all are with you. She thanks them and says navrang is my family, Manav would have been very glad if he was here.

Mithi asks for sandwich. Aarti transforms her sandwich. Ayesha comes home and sees them. Sona and Prem laugh. Sona says Aarti deals with kids very well, mothers should learn from her. Ayesha apologizes to Aarti and says I get tensed about navrang. She asks her to be away from Raghu, promise me. Aarti promises her. Ayesha thanks her. Aarti says I also want you

to promise, you will never tell me to live in locked room, I don’t want to stay in locked room, I started living my life, I like to be like this, I promised this to Manav too. Ayesha says ofcourse, I was angry yesterday, you have full right to live your life, I just want when Raghu comes here, you don’t come of your room, its time for Raghu to come, I will leave. She leaves.

Ayesha calls news channel and asks did the news broadcast. He says yes, I committed you. She smiles. The reporter tells Ayesha got a new life partner, that’s business tycoon Raghuvendra Singh. Manav sees the news and says you can’t do this Ayesha, you are still Ayesha Manav Sareen.

Ayesha asks Aarti to choose her dress. I want to know what Raghu likes, you know him better. Aarti says I think Raghu does not like all this, wear something simple. Ayesha thanks her and asks her not to come out of room, when Raghu is here. Aarti says don’t worry, and leaves. Ayesha thinks Aarti’s role was till here, thanks for special appearance. Ayesha sees the news and smiles.

Aarti too sees news. The reporter asks Raghu about Ayesha, is she just his business partner or life partner. Raghu says well, Ayesha is an example, she is special, she motivates others, so we became good friends. He does not answer whether he loves Ayesha. Ayesha says it does not matter who impressed him, he is mad about Ayesha Sareen. Aarti smiles and says Ayesha will be glad seeing Raghu praising her, and wishes everything happens good and Raghu smiles always. She cries and thinks why is she crying for this happy moment, she should be happy for navrang and Raghu forgotten his past.

Raghu is on the way and buys flowers. He recalls Aarti and smiles. Mithi comes to Aarti and hugs her. She says I got ready for school. She asks her to come with her. Aarti says I can’t go, take Dada and Dadi. Mithi says they are not at home. Raghu comes there. Mithi brings Aarti out. Aarti thinks Raghu can come here anytime, if he sees her, it will be big problem. Raghu comes there and Aarti sees him.

She gets shocked and leaves with Mithi. He turns and she hides. He goes to that side and hears Mithi. Aarti asks Mithi to come. Ayesha comes there and hears Mithi. Raghu thinks Ayesha mom part 2? Raghu goes to see. Ayesha comes there and sends Mithi to school. He asks why was Mithi calling you part 2. She says she calls me anything part 2 3 4. He gives her a bouquet. She thanks him. Aarti looks on.

Ayesha says give me a minute, I forgot to wear that necklace. Aarti hides.

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  2. are yaar pls change the name of the show. and it is becoming bore day by day ps create some twist

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