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The Episode starts with Samar asking Manav to let him go and stop Laxmi. Ayesha asks him not to hurry up. He asks them to understand. Ayesha explains him that he can marry Laxmi later, its not wrong to marry her to stop her, what about your career and Navrang. Samar says she will not come back. Manav says its 6pm train, go and stop her. Samar smiles and hugs him. Ayesha is shocked. Samar thanks him. Manav says you are risking your career to stop her. Samar says don’t tell this to Laxmi, if she knows this, she will not agree. Manav says fine. Samar leaves. Manav asks Ayesha to see how much Samar loves Laxmi, he can’t stay without her.

Samar is on the way and gets stuck in traffic. Laxmi is leaving home. Samar comes there on time and stops the taxi. He tells her dad that he wants to marry Laxmi.

Laxmi and her dad are shocked. They come back home and talk. Her dad says Laxmi won’t work in movie, don’t say you will marry her to make her work. Samar says I love her, so I want to marry her. Laxmi refuse to marry him. Samar asks what is she saying, you told me that you will wait for my yes, I m saying yes today. She says I know why are you doing this, to fulfill my dreams, dad said who will hold my hand, so you have come, you pity me. She asks does she not trust him and shows the ring.

He proposes her and confesses his love. She cries. Her dad says its not a kid’s thing, do you know meaning of marriage, if you change mind tomorrow, what about my daughter, you came for yourself, not her. Samar says he loves Laxmi and his love is enough. He tells Laxmi that he will be spend good time of his life with her. He convinces her. Bua ji asks her to agree, as Samar loves her. Laxmi and her dad gets convinced. Samar says Laxmi is going to become such a big heroine and she is very filmy, such filmi marriage can’t happen in one day, I can arrange a temple marriage. He says we will run and marry. She smiles. Her dad hugs Samar and Laxmi. Samar calls Manav. Manav says what a great news, what yesterday, how to manage in a day, fine you come.

He tells Ayesha that Laxmi agreed and marriage is tomorrow, I m so happy. She says that’s good and worries. She says I think he is hurrying up. He says thy both are mature, they will manage and goes ti inform parents. She panics and sits thinking. She gets angry and says how can Samar be happy after ruining his career. She gets an idea and thinks she still have a chance, she won’t let Laxmi come in this house. The girls apply mehendi to Laxmi and Bua ji says Karthik is coming. Bua ji and her dad do the arrangements, while Sona is doing arrangements at Samar’s home. Prem talks to Samar and sends him. Bua ji asks Laxmi to have tea. Bua ji says she did not get time to spend time with them. Bua ji cries and gets emotional. Laxmi looks on.

Samar says he will send pics of jewelry. She asks him to choose for her. Ayesha meets Laxmi in temple and says Samar’s career will be ruined after marrying her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. gosh, ayesha please give laxmi some time, dont create more nuisance.

  2. why ayesha always irritated laxmi?

  3. Hate you Ayesha and writers please stop this over the top drama…….kuch to shanti se hone do!!!!

  4. surbhi agrawal

    o god.. this is really blunder. … plz writers now stop this drama of ayesha and let samar and laxmi be together.. now its really going over the top…

  5. In all d serials DAT had ayesha casted in it were blunders. This will b too. Pakhi me anshuman ko mar dala that. Me laxmi tere angan ki me lakshmi ko. Aur fir stupid happy ending la kar khatam kiya tha. Esme bhi ESA hi kuch karenge. Ye serial bohat bore karne vala hai

  6. Ayesha needs to stop, she keeps on thinking of ways to separate Samar and Laxmi. And Samar thinks she’s “good” too, that bothers me, I really wish that Samar will find out Ayesha’s truth!!

  7. Girls like ayesha is stigma for indian society. They are never happy and won,t let other people live happily. Writer should also think about indian family outside the country who watch drama and get sick of it

  8. Sick and tired of the drama that ayesha is doing ?

  9. ayesha is gorgeous
    a villain is needed for a love story a story can’t be completed without a villain

  10. Lakshmi should not waste her time listening to ayesha. Dir ji think abroad people watching will stop watching serial

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