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The Episode starts with Karan coming to Aarti. He finds her disturbed and asks whats the matter. She does not say and he insists. She tells him everything how Ayesha used her to get Raghu. Karan fumes and cries knowing this. Aarti asks him what shall I do now. He asks seriously, how can anyone fall so low, I did not such selfish woman like Ayesha in my life, its limit. He hits cupboard and apologizes to Aarti. He says I m really sorry, you needed me and don’t know where did I go, I did not even know this. She says its not your mistake. He says no, this is my mistake that I was not with you, I will not let Ayesha succeed, no one can push you in that darkness again. She stops him and asks him not to say anything to Ayesha. He asks why, you tell me is this right what she is doing with Raghu, that

too just for money..

She says I know, but Ayesha is doing this for navrang. He says I know you and Ayesha did this for navrang, but did this happen by your plan, you brought Raghu out of pain, now is this your plan to stay in locked room. You were with Raghu since 7 days, you did all this, if Raghu knows this, what will he go through, I know Ayesha very well, I know what she will do, she will try to cover up this secret and use your innocence, so that you are held away from Raghu. Aarti gets thinking. Karan asks her to say truth to Raghu, if he knows this, his trust will break again.

She says no, I did not do this for myself, I did this for navrang, Manav ji and now if my step can get loss for navrang then.. if Raghu withdraws help then… Ayesha is not completely wrong, Raghu has benefit, he changed and I got content. He says Manav used to say good people always bring good change, you saved navrang, you went there to change Raghu’s life, forget all this, you should implement your words and change your life, Ayesha will be dreamgirl for world. But you are superstar in my eyes. He thinks Ayesha played long, now I will see how Ayesha succeeds this time.

Raghu tells Kaka that he is not able to forget what all he did to torture Ayesha, and she did not complain. Kaka says there are very less people like that, person is not like seen. Raghu says yes, she explained me life in 7 days. Kaka asks him to sleep now. Raghu and Aarti think of each other and smile. Zara zara sa hone kam faasle………….plays………………….

Karan informs everything to Manav. Manav says Ayesha is such a liar. Karan asks why should Aarti bear this. Manav says don’t worry, I thought something for her, keep an eye on Ayesha. Ayesha wears necklace and smiles. Her innersoul reflects in mirror and Ayesha asks her to get lost. Her innerself laughs on her and says Aarti is real and you are fake. Ayesha says I did not force Aarti, it was a deal. Her innerself asks her not to lie to herself, Aarti did the deal complete, Aarti got a place in Raghu’s heart, she acted to be Ayesha, but you can’t become Aarti. Ayesha fumes and throws things. She says I m Ayesha, the best, no one can compete with me. She angrily cries.

Raghu come to meet Ayesha. She takes the flowers. He says we have to go to lawyer’s office first. She says I was thinking to spend time with you.

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  1. Boriing am so sick and tired of this torture that we are bearing everyday

  2. This is no torture please Aarti and Raghu spend romantic time together

  3. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 manav raghu karan nd arti . why wnt ayesha cmmit suicide blo*dy b*t*h

  4. I’m waiting to see Arti and Raghu together .. And that brings change in both of their lives.

  5. really needed samar and lakshmi back!!

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