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The Episode starts with Aarti getting ready as Ayesha. She does bad makeup and removes it. Karan comes there and smiles. She says I understood, I did bad makeup. He says its not about good and bad. He says I have seen magazines and Ayesha’s pic. He says right, but big heroines don’t go out being ready, wear this, beautiful things have to be hidden. He cleans her makeup and does light makeup to her. He says you are ready, come. They leave. Ayesha sees them and thinks great, they left, I will unite Raghu and Mithi, Mithi its time to meet your dad.

She goes to Mithi’s room and sees she is sleeping. She sees her drawing, and likes it. She gets angry seeing Aarti in it. Mithi says she is waiting to meet Papa. Ayesha says we will call him. Raghu is on the way and talks on phone. He asks did

he have breakfast. The man says no, just little. He gets Ayesha’s call. She reminds him his promise to meet Mithi, and says Mithi woke up early and is excited to meet him. He says right, I promised her, she made big list ready, I know you are busy and taking time out for her is not easy. He says I will come. She says its fine, Mithi is kid, she will cry and sleep, she got habitual after her dad died. He says no problem, I will come. She thanks him. He thinks did he do mistake, giving hope to Mithi is not right, he should not go.

Karan and Aarti are on the way. She says she feels glad like air is talking to her. Karan asks her to accept this new life. she says yes, I feel any dream will come true. He asks her to dream. She closes eyes and sees Raghu. She asks what does it mean when she feels to meet someone and see his face often. He says it means you like someone, why, what happened. She says nothing, this can’t happen. He says it means you want to change your life, about whom are you talking. She says she read a script in office, and was thinking about it. He smiles.

Mithi and Ayesha enjoy in pool. Sona comes with them. Ayesha gets annoyed calling Sona an extra baggage. She thinks where is Raghu. Karan and Aarti come to the same hotel. Raghu arrives there. Ayesha thinks her planning will get wrong, if Raghu does not come.

Karan asks Aarti to come and she does not see Raghu. Sona asks Mithi to come and have juice. Sona asks Ayesha to come, they will leave. Sona asks Mithi to go and swim. Ayesha says she will call Raghu. She sees Raghu coming. Mithi says Papa has come. Sona looks at Raghu and wonders why is Mithi calling him Papa. Mithi goes and hugs Raghu. Raghu says I promised you, see I have come. Ayesha comes out of the pool and tries using her charm to impress Raghu.

Ayesha thanks Raghu and says your clothes got wet, and cleans his suit. Sona feels awkward. Raghu says its okay. Sona takes Mithi to washroom and leaves. Ayesha thinks its good Sona has gone. She asks Raghu what will he gave. He says nothing, thanks. She says nothing name drink is not here, and orders a drink.

Karan asks Aarti to cover her face. Ayesha asks Raghu to come for swimming. He says he is afraid to sink. She says who sinks in swimming pool. He says people sink even in water pot. She says so funny and jumps in pool. He thinks he will not let anyone enter his life. She thinks he won’t be able to take eyes off her. Aarti walks that way.

Raghu likes the drink. The waiter says that madam ordered this drink. Raghu sends a note and Aarti reads it. She sees Raghu there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hu 🙁 raghu s nys bt i wantd 2 c aarti nd manav pair 🙁

  2. I don’t understand this stry anymore. ?

  3. Whr is laxmi

  4. Where is laxmi
    I want Aarti and raghu to unite
    I want raghu to see ayesha’s true face

  5. are yaar where is manav and samar. the name should be ayesha- ek chalbaaz ya ayesha ek villian.and who is the real heroine and hero.pls clear

  6. Serial gettin bakwas day by day

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