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The Episode starts with Laxmi’s dad and Samar talking about Laxmi’s future. Her dad asks who will marry Laxmi, I can’t see her losing respect and name, thanks Manav for giving her a chance, but we have to leave today. He says we will leave at 6pm by train. Laxmi says she can’t go, as Manav has risked everything. Her dad asks does she want to stay here. He threatens about his life and goes with Bua ji. Samar and Laxmi cry. She leaves. Samar goes after her.

He stops her and asks her not to go. He folds hands and requests her. She hugs him and cries. She says she loves him a lot, but she has to go, don’t know who did this. He holds her hand and does not let her go. She says don’t stop me, my world is different from here. She leaves, He sits worried. She goes to her green room and sees

her pics. She recalls her dream girl journey.

Ayesha comes to her and says everyone can’t manage to be dream girl, I m managing since years, I feel sorry for you. Laxmi says you did not change, you have won, I lost, how could I win, the person who can cheat her brother, brother in law and husband, who can win over her. Ayesha says about Mahabharat, and Arjun and Krishna’s talk. Laxmi says nothing was left after the war. Ayesha says I got habitual to stay alone. Laxmi says Lord will bless you and you will be alone, without Manav, Samar and Karan.

She says don’t snatch anyone’s love, respect and family, its tough to gain it again. Ayesha says the one who fight to win does not care. Laxmi says you should worry, I have everyone with me even when I lost, you won’t have anyone when your truth comes out. She leaves. Ayesha says you are gone from my life, I m not worried now, I m the best and only dream girl. She throws and steps on Laxmi’s pic.

Laxmi meets everyone and sees Samar sitting in the lawn. She leaves. She comes home and packs her bag recalling her dad’s dreams. She recalls Samar and her love. Bua ji says we will leave soon, and asks her to go to balcony to get clothes. Laxmi recalls her and Samar’s moments. She looks at her home and leaves. Manav asks Samar not to worry, he will talk to Laxmi’s dad later. Ayesha says yes, we can’t stop her dad, we should let them go as of now. Samar says I m not related to her, so I can’t stop her, but if I have any relation, I can stop her, I want to marry Laxmi. Manav and Ayesha get shocked.

Samar says this is one way to stop Laxmi. Manav says marriage is a big responsibility. Samar says I know, I don’t want to lose her, I already decided I will marry her, I should propose her. Ayesha says we will talk to Laxmi later. Samar says Laxmi is not going by her wish, she will break, her dreams will break, I will get many chances, but she won’t get any other chance, she will never come back, let me take this decision for me and Laxmi. Ayesha worries.

Samar proposes Laxmi. Manav tells Ayesha that Laxmi agreed and marriage is tomorrow. Ayesha says there is still one chance in my hand.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow ….samar is nyc bt stop dis nonsence ayesha

  2. i luved pakhi very much and nw i hate ayesha:-(

  3. Ayesha is completely blinded by insecurity now it’s just immensely annoying

  4. ayesha is the lowest of the low,laxmi is the dream girl ,ayesha should look in the mirror ,she is now an old bag,full of jealousy and vermin.she needs to be humiliated in public

    ayesha should be sent to a ngo home

  5. Wr is karan i miss him so much

    1. I agree… I was waiting to see him. Maybe he’ll just appear in one of the episodes with proof against Ayesha…

  6. ayesha will surely stop dismarriage

  7. sorry to say that the story lines will get shitier by bringing an exlover of ayesha

  8. ayesha should hang herself in shame

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