Dream Girl 23rd December 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Kaka saying he wishes Raghu to be happy with Ayesha. Ayesha confronts Aarti saying you have my face so this necklace should be mine. She wears it and says Raghu has bought this necklace for Ayesha Sareen, who are you, you are nothing. Aarti gets shocked. Ayesha says leave all this, deal is done, is he ready. Aarti says yes, Raghu is ready to sign on all papers, I m glad, I have bear all that for 6 days, but its all good for navrang. Ayesha claps and says I will get a bravery award for you, I don’t have time for this.

She says listen to me, I m explaining you, till I get married to Raghu, you will not show your face to anyone, you will be locked in room, till I say. Aarti looks on shocked. Ayesha asks her to get confusion cleared. She says Raghu is not after you, he is not mad after you, I felt bad for you. You can stay in your room happily now, all this is useless for you, I free you from all this office trips now.

Aarti stops her and asks is this all true whatever you are saying, what do you mean saying I have to be in room. Ayesha says yes, I did not know Raghu will be mad about you. She laughs and says I have seen this madness myself, I deserve it, not you. She thanks her for whatever she did, and says control your emotions now, how many I explained you not to meet anyone, you don’t understand, now you go to your room, I will send food for you. She leaves.

Raghu imagines Aarti and they have a sweet moment over dinner. Zara zara sa…………….plays…………….Raghu and Aarti dance in his imaginative world. he smiles happily.Aarti recalls Ayesha’s words and thinks how can Ayesha do this. She cries and sits in the corner. She says no, whatever Ayesha says, I know I will live my life my way.

Aarti wants to tell Karan. She says actually….. and tells him everything. He says I won’t let Ayesha win and lock you in this room.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sry dear ur stories r just awesome …I love then….I just told for joke I am sry if it hurt u.

  2. What a cunning Ayesha! She is a opportunitist.

  3. Snikdha Sheikh

    so,Arti told karan everything??! I hope Raghu gets to know bout Arti asap & their love story kicks start! Though I’ve a feeling that things are not going to sort our so easily!!

  4. Good Arti that you told Karan everything

  5. Well done Aarti I am really proud of you even though it’s just a drama good you told Karan but you should have told him before you did al this for ayesha because look what she did to you before you could have used a bit of you mind no offence

  6. Plz tell me the background song that was played is from which film

    1. its zara zara hone lage .. u can search it in google or youtube .. i dont knw in whic film .. its a song fr this serial i think ..

  7. @piya nd sindhu…. Thank you so much for the news…. Was really shocked.. Glad that you guys replied… 🙂

    @sridevi – hope you saw the replies.. Cheers.. 🙂

    I wonder who puts such ridiculous news on net.. o_O

  8. plz bring back samar :without him there is no taste in the serial:so plz bring him and laxmi back together

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