Dream Girl 23rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Laxmi placing the Saraswati Maa idol and praying for strength, being sure to find her way herself. She places it on the desk. Ayesha comes and smiles. She gives her 10 rs for her work. Laxmi takes it as a lucky amount and taunts Ayesha saying future is not foreseen. Laxmi prays that Ayesha’s truth comes out. Manav comes home and says the day was good, I have seen our Raj Samosewala. Prem says but Samar is preparing. Manav says yes, he was selling samosas on road, no one knows he is going to be the new launch, I m so excited, lets give him some time, I have great idea for his launch, I will call Ayesha and fix the meeting. The door bell rings and Nandini sends Meera.

Meera opens the door and does not see anyone. She sees the pizza and a note. She reads Dhruv calling her

to meet him in the garden. Meera leaves and Nandini smiles. Manav comes office and hugs Ayesha. Manav gives the good news of launching Samar soon, he does not know and don’t tell him, we have script, director, banner and hero, whats missing. He says leading lady. Karan asks him to see audition tapes. Ayesha asks Karan not to say. Karan says sorry.

Karan says acting schools won’t make good actors. Manav says we need a fresh face, smiling and innocent face. He asks Ayesha about Laxmi. She says I spoke to her, but I don’t think this can happen, I told you she is not serious about acting, I m working for her, I don’t think it can work, actors can’t be made. Manav says you are right, in that sense, we have one plan, I discussed with dad, he liked the idea, we will keep Dream girl idea and all are invited, we will choose the winner will be cast opposite Samar. The girls will compete with today’s dream girl Ayesha Sareen. He says we can’t get second Ayesha Sareen, but we can get next Dream girl. Ayesha says but this does not happen before, dream girl tag can be got by much hardwork. Manav says yes, so this is unique. He says we will get publicity and coverage, it will be blockbuster movie.

Nidhi plays the presentation Cd. Manav sits to see it. He says fate will choose her and make her the new dream girl. He asks how did this mark came on Ayesha’s face. Ayesha recalls Laxmi and her curse. Meera meets Dhruv and does not like his looks. Nandini smiles. Dhruv asks are you happy, this is my part time job. He says he is not rich, his parents are rich, I do this small job, pizza delivery. She says she is so pretty and she smiles. He touches her and Nandini nods no. Meera asks when will they meet again. He asks her to call him on another number, he returned his mum’s number. He leaves.

Manav describes the girl, the next dream girl and she should suit Samar, and they should look made for each other, love bonding. Laxmi gets Raj’s call and thinks of their fight. She thinks he is Chipku type. Manav says we will launch this movie in 2 months and have the posters made soon. Manav talks to Ayesha and asks why is she upset. She says she did not know about this. He says sorry, I saw Samar on signal selling samosas and he is looking every bit of his character, so I realized its time for his launch.

She asks whats the need of this contest, we did this before too. He says we need the best actors. He says the girl should have passion and professionalism, ask Laxmi to apply too, who knows whose fate changes. Ayesha recalls Laxmi.

Samar gets the pamphlets and smiles thinking he will make Laxmi the dream girl. Ayesha tells Karan that Laxmi should not fill up the forms.

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