Dream Girl 22nd January 2016 Written Episode Update

Dream Girl 22nd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Manav calling Aarti, and Aarti answering her. Ayesha talks to Shikha. Karan says you will also become a big star by this movie. Ayesha says Aarti and asks Shikha why did you turn when I said Aarti. Shikha says my real name is Aarti. Shikha says Ayesha. Ayesha stops and says yes. Aarti says I want to thank you. Ayesha says I m not Ayesha, I m her twin sister Aarti. Aarti says oh really, I did not know you, I will go and sign contract.

Ayesha checks audition tape. Raghu asks how many times will you see this. Ayesha says I feel I have seen her somewhere. He asks why did you call her Aarti. Ayesha says not me, Manav jiju called me Aarti, I noticed this girl also turned to answer, its strange she is also Aarti. Raghu laughs and says can’t there be many people with same

names, take it easy, relax. She asks did you find out about Ayesha. He says no. She thinks there is something fishy, I have to find out who is Shikha and what is her connection with me.

Aarti thinks Ayesha was shocked today, see what happens next. She gets a message from someone, who writes you did really well. She asks who are you, can we meet. He writes that we will meet later when its right time. She thinks who can it be, is he from navrang, is he Karan. She prays to Kanha ji and asks for strength to not fall weak infront of her enemy and family.

Raghu, Manav and Karan have a talk. Aarti comes there and looks stunning in her costume. She asks Raghu am I looking so stunning that you can’t stop staring me. He says no. She asks don’t I look good then. He says no. Manav laughs and says you are perfect for this character, you dance really well.

Aarti dances as choreographer shows her the steps. She looks around. Raghu looks on. Aarti’s focus is on Raghu. Choreographer says the girl’s focus is on you, you stand here. Aarti dances well seeing Raghu. Manav and Karan compliment Shikha. Manav says this got possible because of Raghu. Raghu says no, I will leave now. Aarti and Karan request Raghu to stay back. Manav asks Shikha to rest in vanity van. Aarti asks Raghu to have lunch with him. Raghu refuses. Manav says its not a bad idea, and sends Raghu with her. Aarti asks the makeup artist to come later. Raghu says I will leave. She says no, you sit. Raghu maintains some distance from her. Aarti gives Raghu the mixed fruit juice and says its your favorite. Raghu looks at her and asks how do you know. She says you are famous industrialist. He asks where is your family. She says you.. I mean you won’t know about it, as I have none in this family. He says sorry. She says its painful to lose loved ones, when they are close to heart.

She asks him about Aarti, she is like Ayesha. He says no, they are different, my Aarti is unique, she is innocent, I see her face every morning, any bad person can turn good being with her, she wants others to be happy, my Aarti is selfless. She asks him to keep saying, I m glad to know to see you love someone so much. He says yes, she is lovely.

Ayesha comes on the set and asks Karan about the item girl. Karan says you just sounded like Ayesha. Ayesha says I was surprising you by acting as Ayesha, I was asking about Shikha. Karan says she is in her makeup room with Raghu. She asks what. Manav says don’t be insecure, Raghu is just yours, Shikha was just seeing Raghu and not giving good shot, then we made Raghu stand near camera, and she gave amazing shots. Karan and Manav go to set up. Ayesha worries seeing Raghu with Shikha.

Aarti dances on dilbar song. Ayesha scolds Aarti/Shikha for eyeing her husband Raghu during her performance.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. sima

    Loll nyc episode geting intrusting nw but dis aysha is soooo shrewd blo*dy hell hope she dosint get d whole history of shikha dat she’s dead n nw arti’s got her face n ruin d whole story all over again

  2. Sri

    Manav is the one contacting Arati and Raghu ji, and Karan has sensed it. Didn’t like this giant Arati aka Shikha.

  3. Amrita khan

    Ridiculous…like seriously?..this shikha she just got her face transplanted but everything is changed like her hair…length of her hair…color of her hair.????..everything..like in today’s episode when she was giving juice to raghu,,,I didny feel like she is arti…I miss my old arti…she was so sweet..this shikha is just ridicoulous?…I can’t believe….she is not like arti in any way…she is not hesitating to wear such kind of clothes and she learned all this very soon,,,

    ARTI WAS SO SWEET CUTE NICE KIND????? but shikha is not like that…???

  4. Ams

    Her hair length and color are different, ,they are not like arti…
    In today episode we can see clearly that shikha is different from arti…

  5. Cutie

    I would like to suggest dream girl team to have sanjidha sheikh as aarti role bcs aarti character is very simple n nice which suit on sanjidha sheikh n she is also looks so natural like shradha arya n same height n skin color..ur show ll b get famous..

  6. Cutie

    There are lot of choice for aarti role shanjidha sheikh, sukirti kandpal, radhika madaan n rashi mal..bcs these girls can justify with aarti character n also look stunning..

  7. Cutie

    If u want popularity for ur dream girl show then shanjidha sheikh, sukirti kandpal, radhika madaan, rashi mal can beat the aysha sareen with their stunning perfprmance n smartness..u hv to choose any one girl for these four option..then see the magic..

    • Ams

      Nope, never…plz don’t listen to this cutie??…she is just saying anything…blah blah..take this girl…take this girl…heck…they will choose who they want to…so u ssshhh!!??…
      Plz don’t mind cutie…I m not messing with u just sayin that girl is fine…she is nyc…??

  8. sonam

    Neither shikha nor Aarti was stupid but this whole serial was ridiculous
    Where is laxmi ?
    Title is dream girl na than why arti raghu ayesha manav these all characters
    Love only and only laxmi-samar
    I have started watching this serial only because of their pairing
    I want laxmi and samar

  9. Cutie

    Hey how about rubina dilaik she is also sweet n nice by face n talk like aarti role..i m suggesting u these girls name who just match the aarti character by appearance n talk n height..

      • Cutie

        But maria at present who girl playing role her height also not matching with aarti..after surgery hw can everything suddenly changed..wt name I suggested atleast they r little bit matching with aarti role n if we talk abt sanjidha sheikh she is damn cute n fit for this role n can perfectly compete with ayesha sareen..u knw koi takkar ka ho..bcs ayesha is so clever n our lead should b more powerful n stunning.

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