Dream Girl 21st April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Bua ji asking Laxmi to apply in some other production house, as Navrang is not the only place. Ayesha comes to meet them, and shocks Laxmi. Bua ji asks her to come inside. Ayesha looks around. Bua ji sees Samar’s pic and clothes, and thinks if Ayesha knows they stay with a guy, she will taunt Laxmi. She hides Samar’s pic and clothes. She says she is Laxmi’s Bua. Laxmi talks to Ayesha and is annoyed. Ayesha says nice painting and smiles. Laxmi sees her fracture and says no need to do this, I have heard and seen everything.

Ayesha says you are right, I have also seen that you have seen this. FB shows Laxmi seeing Karan and Ayesha looking at them, and coming to know that Laxmi saw the entire truth. She says I wanted you to see and hear this. Laxmi asks why did she

do this. Ayesha says I will not keep you on job. Laxmi says you will get my resignation. Ayesha says there is no way to come Navrang, my each second is valuable. Laxmi argues with her and scolds her. Ayesha smiles and says she has been loser, she wanted to become dreamgirl, she opened her eyes and she should be thankful. Laxmi says yes, you are right.

She says I will reach Navrang by giving auditions in every studio, that Navrang comes to me and make me wear Dream girl crown. Bua ji makes tea for Ayesha. Ayesha says its not her mistake, its bi opportunity and everyone thinks its theirs and they can touch it, but its not like this. Samar is outside on the road. Ayesha turns and Samar does not see her. Ayesha says she needs to have smartness, she can give audition if she goes out of Navrang.

Samar sees kids playing cricket on road and plays with them. Ayesha shows the contract papers, and says I told you not to sign without reading, read it now. Laxmi checks it and is shocked. Ayesha says she should get her permission to leave job, and also serve one month notice period and give 10 lakhs. She says easy for you, give 10 lakhs and leave. She jokes on Laxmi and taunts her. Ayesha says you have one month time, give money and leave.

She asks her to decide in one hour, then lawyer will start their work. She asks Bua ji to come office anytime and leaves. Laxmi throws the contract. Samar sees Ayesha there and thinks why did she come here. Laxmi talks to Bua ji. Samar comes and asks shall I come later. Laxmi cries and gets irritated by him. He says Ayesha came here and thinks her perfume is smelling here, it means she came here. She asks did she see Ayesha. Bua ji says don’t take her name, she was here.

Samar says why will she come here. She says she is Laxmi’s boss, she is bad. Samar says stop it, if you don’t know about anyone, then don’t say anything. He asks does she work in Navrang. She says yes, what do you know about them, does he sit with Ayesha and know her. Laxmi shows him the contract and says she got punished without any mistake, did she do mistake to dream, she came to become heroine and did anything to please Ayesha, and then what does she think.

Samar asks what happened. Laxmi says she said she will not let me work anywhere and I have to pay 10 lakhs. She speaks against Ayesha. She breaks Ayesha’s pic frame and destroys everything. He says control yourself, don’t behave like this, contracts are like this, company runs with this, else anyone can join and leave company anytime. Laxmi says even he is saying like Ayesha. He says he has a box too. She says he is like crab, middle class and scolds him.

She says you won’t talk about rights, you used to show goodness when you did not know Ayesha, and now supporting her to sell samosas. He asks whats my benefit, see your anger. She locks the door and pushes him. Bua ji asks her to open the door. Laxmi sits and cries.

Laxmi comes to Navrang and Ayesha tries to bully her. Laxmi deals with her well and says Ayesha is afraid of her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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