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The Episode starts with Ayesha calling Laxmi. Karan asks Laxmi to talk. Ayesha apologizes to her and explains the whole matter, that she was blamed for Laxmi’s death, she is innocent, so she was trying to prove herself innocent. She tells the entire story and says she was in jail for 2 days without any crime done. Laxmi says she got insulted today. Ayesha says sorry and asks her to come over at her home. She asks her address to send car. Laxmi says I will come myself and ends call. Ayesha says where will you go now Naina. She smiles. Laxmi says Ayesha called both of us at same time. Karan says I know her, she will call entire family, they will be there too.

Laxmi says it won’t be easy, Samar and everyone will be there. He says we decided this, and recalls. FB shows Karan getting Laxmi on

road crying, and taking her home. He asks her everything. She says Samar will lose his career if he marries me, he did not care for his self esteem if he marries me. He asks will she let Ayesha win. She says she can’t let Samar lose. He says Samar wanted to marry you in temple, the elders were ready, they knew its imp of a star to be unmarried, but Samar wanted to unite your trust, Manav will not decide being emotional, it was their planning, Ayesha created confusion before you on marriage time.

He says Ayesha knew you are sensitive about Samar, she knew you will leave Samar, she won today, you have to do this. She asks now what. He says we will do this in Ayesha’s way, Manav and Samar believe Ayesha blindly, Ayesha made that MMS, the day you were getting married in temple, I also came there and came to know this, I will make this video of Ayesha pushing you and then Ayesha will be in jail for Laxmi’s murder attempt. The current scene shows Karan saying he has done this to teach Ayesha a lesson, she has made many webs of lie, we have to make her admit everything, so you did this acting to be blind.

FB shows Laxmi saying Karan that Ayesha is arrested, now what. Karan says you come infront of world, as Naina Rathore, a blind writer. Karan trains Laxmi to act and stay as blind person, and asks her to do this for her dad and her victory. Its evening, everyone is at Sareen house. Ayesha calls everyone and says Laxmi will come, she has called her. Karan asks why is she wasting everyone’s time. She asks him to shut up. Abhimanyu says he won’t be here for her madness and starts leaving. Laxmi comes there as Naina and they all get shocked seeing her. Ayesha smiles.

Ayesha asks Samar to meet Laxmi. Samar says I knew my Laxmi can never die. Laxmi slaps him and he gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Its gud to heard dt laxmi cam back wd josh

  2. kya lakshmi phir ek shock

  3. I kinda like Naina more than lakshmi since she’s more confident and stuff ?

  4. I like naina as she will be a person that will not be scared of ayesha

  5. Rajkalanagarajan

    Wowwwwwwwwwwww we really want this only I love you naina

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