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The Episode starts with Sania leaving the home, being tensed by Samar’s proposal. Laxmi is happy and tells Samar that she is happy for Sania, she got a new home. Karan buys flowers to propose Laxmi. Samar tells Laxmi that she was jealous of him and Sania. He says he can see in her eyes, that she loves him. He says he was acting with Sania. She says what. He says yes, I succeeded too. She asks did he think what will she go through. He asks did she think what he is going through, and justifies himself.

Karan prepares to propose her and wishes all the best to himself. He gets a call from Manav and Manav says there is no clarity about next round of the contest, and asks him to come to office, its Sunday but they have less time, so they have to discuss. Karan says fine, I will come. Samar gets close

to Laxmi. Karan reaches her home and thinks. He leaves from there. Samar asks Laxmi to say even she loves him. Ayesha comes there and is stunned seeing Samar and Laxmi together.

Samar says Laxmi say I love you. Ayesha shakes up and puts the bouquet there. Laxmi and Samar see it and does not see Ayesha. Laxmi asks was anyone here. Samar says don’t know. Ayesha stumbles. Laxmi asks did he get it. He says I don’t need flowers to speak my feelings. Ayesha is spotted on the road and the fans surround her. She runs to avoid them. She gets in her car and leaves.

Samar says maybe her well wisher gave it. She says he is jealous. He says like you were jealous of Sania. They have an eyelock. He holds her hand and they have a romantic moment. Dekho kahan le chali ye zindagi…………plays…………

She says her focus is on Dream girl contest, if this feelings are there after the contest ends then.. He asks what feelings, Thank God she agreed that she also loves me. She says when did I say this. He says if girl agrees once and refuses later, then it means she loves. She says its one sided. He says yes, its love from your side and madness from my side. She goes. Ayesha comes home and cries. She says Laxmi is after me. She says she thought to do her work by love, by giving money to Laxmi and giving her any side role, but no, Laxmi is playing bigger game than me. She says why did Samar just get her. She says she is illiterate and small town girl.

Manav tells her that he has a surprise for her, and shows Samar and Laxmi married. She is stunned. Laxmi passes taunts on Ayesha and insults her, by exposing all her insecurity driven deeds. Samar and Manav are shocked. Manav gets angry on Ayesha. Ayesha defends and he scolds her. Ayesha says he is thinking wrong. Prem also scolds her and says he hates her. Sona says I knew her, her face has come in light. Samar says I hate you, you lied to us. Ayesha tries to explain everyone. She shouts and realizes its just her imagination.

Ayesha meets Samar and says she knows he is in love with Laxmi. Karan proposes to Laxmi and she is stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena

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