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The Episode starts with Laxmi angrily packing the things gifted by Samar and sending it to Samar by the driver. She tells Bua ji that memories can’t be kept if there is no use to keep the relation. She hugs the dress and says even if she tries, she can’t end this relation. Laxmi’s driver comes to Samar and hands over the box to him.

Samar takes it and gets all those special gifts. He recalls the moments. He says fine if she wants this and throws them. Laxmi stands in balcony at night and looks sad. Bau ji says I told you memories don’t end if you return the things, come and have food.

She comes to the road and sees Samar. She thinks he might have come to apologize, I will not forgive him this time. He gets the box from the car and walks to her. Laxmi’s dad and Bua ji looks on

from the balcony. Samar throws the things on the ground. She gets shocked seeing this. Samar brings the kerosene box and puts it on those things. Laxmi thinks did he go mad. He replies in heart that yes, you have made me mad. Samar throws the lighter and burns the things, shocking them.

He says now your and my relation is over. Laxmi says Raj, and puts the dress in the fire, ending the relation from her side too. Samar leaves in his car. Laxmi looks on. Its morning, Laxmi wakes up and thinks she has to become her dad’s support and do her duties.

Laxmi’s dad recalls Ayesha’s and Samar’s words and gets unwell. Laxmi says she will make pakodas and tea for him and reminds the old times. He recalls Samar’s anger and gets chest pain. The glass breaks and Laxmi turns to see. She gets shocked and runs to him.

She gets worried seeing him unconscious and shouts for help. She calls Bau ji and cries. She calls Bau ji and call does not connect. She calls Samar and he does not take the call, recalling her words. She calls Karan and says her dad fainted. He says don’t worry, I m coming. He runs out. Samar comes office and sees script. He asks did everyone not come.

The man says Karan will see rehearsals, Manav did not come. Samar sits reading the script. Samar asks about Karan. The man says Karan came early, but he left after getting a call. Samar asks whose call. The man says Laxmi’s call. Samar gets angry.

Samar gets angry on Karan and Laxmi and taunts them. Karan says Manav asked for script changes, I will tell the reason why we came late. Laxmi stops Karan and asks him not to answer Samar.

Update Credit to: Amena

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