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The Episode starts with Raghu arranging security for Ayesha. He asks her not to worry, he will be with her. She thanks him. Karan is on video call and shows Manav. Ayesha takes Raghu to his room. Raghu says your room was there.. Karan says we changed room today for security reasons. Raghu says good. Raghu stays with Ayesha. She says I m getting scared as night is progressing. She gets a call. Raghu answers it and its someone from navrang. He asks Ayesha to block dates for ad. She asks him to call later.

Karan sees time and calls Manav. Raghu sits awake and smiles seeing Ayesha sleeping. He goes to her. She wakes up and holds his hand. She rests on his head. She asks him to sit here, she is feeling scared. He says fine and smiles, as she holds his hand. She gets shocked seeing someone outside

the window. She shows Raghu. Raghu stops her and goes to see.

He opens the window and power goes. She hugs Raghu. He says there is no one. She says but there was someone, power does not go ever here in our house. Raghu says I will just go and see. She says no, don’t leave me alone. He says let me see who is it, I m here with you. She says fans are crazy, whats the need, you can get risk. He says your life is also in risk. She asks why is he risking his life. He says because I love you. She looks stunned and looks at him. He says because I love you….. She smiles and hugs him. She says I love you too. They hear someone screaming and rush out. Raghu says I will see and come, wait. The power comes. Raghu and Ayesha turn to see and get shocked seeing Aarti. Raghu and Aarti look at each other being stunned.

Raghu turns to look at Ayesha, and asks who is she…. Ayesha gets tensed. Raghu walks to Aarti and holds her face. He holds her to see she is really there. He gets teary eyed and leaves her hands. He says oh my God….. it was you…. Aarti gets tensed. He says yes, it was you……. He asks Ayesha who are you… Ayesha is this one. Ayesha says I m Ayesha, calm down, I will explain. He shouts you are not Ayesha, she is Ayesha. He holds Aarti’s hand and feels her. Ayesha stops him and says I m Ayesha, and holds his hand. He says no, this is Ayesha, you lied to me, you have hidden such a big thing. She says listen, I m Ayesha, I did lie, I will tell you, let me speak, I m helpless to hide this. He asks why did she hide, why did she act to be in love with him. She says I did not act, I really love you.

He calls her a liar, she would have not lied if she loved him, who made her helpless. She says Manav, he made me hide this truth that Aarti is my twin sister, I could not bring her infront of the world because I was helpless. She cries and cooks up a story. She says I came Bombay to make my career, then my mum died, my sister was alone in Shimla, I brought her here, I love her a lot, but when my husband Manav knew this, he took my promise that I should not tell anyone about Aarti, his films had me in it, he felt his films will get badly affected, navrang can bear a loss, I was helping Manav. I have everything to Aarti, except her own identity. She says sorry Aarti and cries.

Ayesha says I tried a lot, I felt today I will tell everyone about my sister, whenever I tried, someone stopped me, Manav and Karan told me that its not right time. She says I did not do this for myself, I did this for Manav and navrang. Raghu says you did wrong. He goes to Aarti and says you did wrong Ayesha, to send Aarti as Ayesha to me… Ayesha asks what, and thinks Raghu should not know I have sent Aarti to him.

Ayesha asks how could you think this, Aarti does not even know you, tell him the truth Aarti. Raghu asks Aarti to say truth, no one will tell her anything. Aarti says Ayesha is saying truth, I don’t know you. He gets shocked. Aarti says I m seeing you for the first time.

Aarti tells Raghu that Ayesha loves him, we did not meet before. He stops her and holds her hand.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thank you for uploading

    1. U welcome

  2. Feeling sad for aarti…..

    1. She is herself so tupod,,,why is she lying …don’t know

  3. Cnnt c ds ayesha btch ,manav pls kil ur wife give me some peace.raghu ,slap those twins nd jst get out of that hell 🙁

    1. Well said,,…arti too deserves a big tight slap,,whats wrong with her.,,why the hell is she lying

    2. Yeshhhh true bro…good

  4. feeling sad for aarthi. hope THEY DONT DRAG much n will bring truth out soon.

    1. They will…I know,,,

  5. ye aayesha baat baat par chhoot bolti hai . aaj bhi usne ssare ilzaam manav par laga diya . or aarti uski saazishon mein fass rahi hai . feeling sad for aarti ?

  6. ye aayesha baat baat par chhoot bolti hai . aaj bhi usne ssare ilzaam manav par laga diya . or aarti uski saazishon mein fass rahi hai . i feel sad for aarti ?

    1. Yeshhhh

  7. Ooooh aisha has only self-motive ,damn even for her own sister

  8. karan knows aayesha very well . but he trust her again very easily. its s stupidity .and when a arti is successed to change raghu then aayesha again bashed on her . sab pata hone me baad bhi she still trusting her

  9. Shraddha Sharma

    Iss show me sb k sb itne stupid hai or ayesha itni hosiyar har h k kisi ko bhi ullu banna deti hai itni asani se…
    I hate to watch this show… kyu k show to dream girl ka tha jisme Laxmi apne dreams ko achieve krti hai or jo usne kiya… wahan pr show ko end kr dena chiya tha… but bina baat k show ko drag kr rehe hai…
    And I think agr show ko drag krna hi hai to show ka title change kr dena chiye, from dream girl to Ayesha clever….

  10. Aarti!!!!!!!
    Manav plzz do smthng

  11. kya ayesha hi sabko bebakuf bana sakti hai aur koi use nahi hoooooooo. stop this ayesha.aur ye karan tio aur bhi bada bebakuf bo lakshmi saath jo dekha usese maan nahi bhara aur bo abb apne di ke saath hote dekh raha hai it is…………

  12. manav kyun sabke samne nahi a raha hai

  13. when manav will back I think may be ayesha ka game Sab ke same aa jaye. but ayesha itni Clever hai . inn logo se for kuch nahi hoga

  14. common people

    I feel like manav is making a twins sister mov which ayesha dont know ….hero is raghu n heroins r ayesha aarti others r side role actors by this dey will reveal ayesha’s true face

  15. Wat da hell Yeh kya ho ra hai karan kuch karoh at least aarti key liye bichhari ayesha ki jaal me pas gayi

  16. I wsh raghu 2 has a twn bro nd take revnge n twn sistrs .so destitvbx news gonna happn.Ayesha will plan for an acid attack on Aarti”.

  17. In the serials in which this heroines is casted it never turns out to be a Happy Ending so stop watching this is stupid serial

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