Dream Girl 1st February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Ayesha throwing the fake bullets in bin. Ayesha comes to Shikha and asks are you ready. Shikha says great, you are very excited for my death. Ayesha says what do you mean, its important sequence of movie. Shikha says I m also saying same, what did you feel. Ayesha wishes her all the best. The scene starts. The goon scolds Shikha and she begs for her life. He loads the gun and says you have to die. She shouts for help. He shoots at her. Ayesha looks on.

Shikha screams and blood oozes out. She falls down. The goon laughs. Manav and Karan look on in the screen. Manav says very good shot. Shikha does not get up. Ayesha worries. Karan says Shikha you can get up, shot is over. Raghu looks on. Everyone clap. Ayesha thinks scene over and Shikha too. Karan asks Shikha to get up,

and asks the man to clean this fake blood. He panics seeing her not responding. He asks Kushal to call doctor. Manav asks what happened. Karan says she is not opening her eyes. Raghu and Manav check her. They all take Shikha. Ayesha leaves with them.

Manav asks Karan where is doctor. Shikha gets conscious and Raghu makes her drink water. Ayesha comes and gets shocked. Manav asks how are you. Ayesha says how did this happen, I heard Shikha got hurt by real bullet, how did she get up. Shikha says I will clear your doubt, Karan explained me the scene, I have worn a bullet proof jacket, and I m fine after real bullet, I wore artificial blood pouches.

Karan gets doctor. Doctor checks Shikha. Manav says she is fine, she fainted. Doctor says I think she fainted by shock. Manav asks staff to prepare for next shot. He sends everyone. Shikha goes to Ayesha and says but I did not understand, why are you shocked seeing me alive. Ayesha says I was shocked by the miracle. I m very happy that you did not get hurt. Shikha asks Manav how can this carelessness happen, you said bullets will be fake, who changed the bullets, why does this happen with me, I did not come with this dream. Manav says I know its unfortunate, I will find out about this matter, your safety is out responsibility, please don’t panic. Manav asks doctor to keep this matter to himself, as it will ruin navrang’s image. Doctor says fine, but it was attempt to murder, it was good that she was wearing bullet proof jacket. He goes.

Karan comes and says shoot is ready. Manav scolds him and asks where is your focus, Shikha would have died, what are you doing, it was your responsibility to check this, if she died, I would have been in jail. Karan says I want to share one thing, can we end Shikha’s role and make her stay in hotel, all problems are coming since she came. Manav scolds him and says Shikha will tell this to media, navrang will be finished, Shikha will stay with us, pack up the shoot. Karan says fine, I m sorry. He goes. Manav messages Shikha. He goes. Ayesha looks on.

Shikha checks message. She reads great job, I did not think bullets will be real, you are smart. Shikha replies thank you, but who are you. Manav gets her message and is behind her. He asks how are you Shikha. She says better. He says we shall go home. They leave.

Ayesha packs the bag and tells Raghu that they will go to their home. Raghu says Aarti. Ayesha says I knew I said we will stay here, that time I was disturbed, but now I won’t stay here. He says you know our house is getting renovated, what will Manav think. She says you care for them, and not me. He asks shall we leave everything on Manav and Karan. She says you mean you won’t leave Shikha here. He says you can you think this Aarti that I m interested in Shikha, its limit and goes. She gets angry.

Karan tells Manav that someone changed bullets and put real ones. Manav asks who did this. Karan says don’t know, CCTV camera was not working. Manav says who will do this, Shikha is not a star, we should not take this lightly, its serious matter, increase security guards and fit CCTV cameras, this incident should not repeat. Karan says fine. Manav apologizes for scolding him in anger. Karan says don’t be sorry, that’s okay. He goes. Manav thinks who can it be.

Raghu drinks wine. Ayesha comes to him and stops him from drinking. He says I don’t know how did you become Ayesha from Aarti. He gets angry and says I was so happy, I was wrong as I loved Aarti, who was very caring and loving. My Aarti is lost somewhere, you know what, I feel like a loser, everything is over. He goes to sleep. She gets angry and says he is always giving lecture about Aarti, they all are making me mad. She drinks wine. She gets a MMS and gets shocked seeing the video, wherein she is seen changing the bullets. Shikha knocks the door and asks her to open the door. Ayesha asks who is it. Shikha says the one who has sent you that MMS. Ayesha gets shocked.

Shikha says Raghu will always be with me. Ayesha raises her hand. Shikha says this is your place,
out of the room and pushes her out.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Well done shika. Now shika has become smart as ayesha. Now she will teach her good lesson. And also raghu is realising slowly that she is ayesha not arthi. Overall its superb episode.

  2. why does Ayesha make so many weird faces is this called acting or making silly stupid faces. she looks gross!!!!!!!!!! how muh longer is this track going to carry on for 1 year or 2 years before the truth is out about shika and Ayesha.

  3. after seeing dream girl all episodes i am feeling so happy that i dont have any sister and there is no humanism in this show . i think raghu never love aartis heart .he only love her face. raghu deserves to live his life without love.

  4. but i think story writer of this show is very hardworking , creative and innovative . as there is so much surprises going to happen in this show that currently from two months i feel myself living life of aarti .but please dont humilate aarti (shikha) more as she deserves to live her life happy.hopefully !!!! you will try to understand my point of view.

  5. ruby solanki

    i feel raghu jo itna smart and intelligent tha uska sara demag pyaar kha gaya hai.

  6. ruby solanki

    i think this serial should changes its name from dream girl -ek ladki deewani si to !! dream girl – ek ladki revenge lene vali !! as now aarti (shikha ) take revenge to ayesha and may be in future ayesha will come back and take revenge to aarti (shikha) . compelete serial is rightnow depend on the shoulders of ayesha and aarti .raghu is just playing a side role in this serial thats it , please show us something innovative which we loves to watch.

  7. ruby solanki

    yaar…………… audience ko itna fool mat samjho ragu never gives aarti any krishan murti . raghu never shows in any episode that he is afraid from lizard . you are just making us complete fool but jaani we are smarter than you………..

  8. ruby solanki

    yaar sirf online episode update mat karo poster bhi update karo . abhi bhi lakshmi hi online outdated poster laga rakha hai jabki october mai lakshmi ka character finish ho gaya tha . tv par 233 episode ho gaye hai . season -2 aa gaya hai . 21st century mai hai . ek poster update karne me only few seconds lagte hai. abhi bhi old aarti ko hi tv par poster dekhate hai shikha itni talented hai usko bhi thoda famous kar do. raghu november se dekha rahe hai par abhi tak aarti aur raghu ka kuch nahi hua ye tou govt. court case ki date hai vaha taarik par taarik thi yaha weeks par weeks hai . lagta hai jab tak dubara se aarti (SHIKHA) ko hospital nahi phucha dete tab tak raghu aur aarti nahi milege.

  9. ruby solanki

    i think apne audience ke views khud tak phuchane ka platform diya hai but kuch adopt bhi kar lo apne talented fan se .one sided conversation ke liye thanks. raghu (SUDEEP SAHIR) bhai online achi photo bhi upload kar le show me billonaire hai tou photo kyun garibo (poor) vali daal rakhi hai.

  10. ruby solanki

    sorry there is some spelling mistakes in my comments but try to understand my point of view . i am not critising anyone . you have so good human resource but use there talent fully and give them full space which they deserves .not only on episodes but online also.

  11. ruby solanki

    aap comments ko dekhte bhi ho ya sirf timepass hai bhi.

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