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The Episode starts with Aarti trying to convince Karan that she is Aarti. She reminds the moments when just Karan and she were there and spoke. She says I m Aarti, that’s Ayesha with Raghu. Manav shouts Ayesha and scolds her. He asks her not to interfere in their lives. Karan says no, this is Aarti, I m saying true, she told the things which just we both knew this. Manav starts leaving. Aarti says I regret that I did not have any sister, but after you came Aarti, I got a sister. Manav stops.

Aarti tells him what else he told her, and reminds his words. Manav recalls those moments. She says I promised you I will live my life my way, I m Aarti. Manav gets shocked and says its big confusion, fine, we will do this and see. She says handwriting expert will clear this confusion, if I m Ayesha, my

handwriting will be like her, not Aarti. He says fine, lawyer will come to get your signs for divorce, we will see.

Its evening, Aarti writes and gives the notepad. The handwriting expert checks it. Karan and Manav look on. The man shows them the papers. He says both handwriting samples are matching. She says I told you, if I m Ayesha, why is my handwriting matching with Aarti, call Ayesha and check her handwriting. Raghu comes there and asks whats happening, this is not needed. Karan says I know its not right, but there is some confusion, we are doing handwriting test. Raghu says you too Manav? Ayesha comes and asks what happened, why did you call me Karan. Raghu says they don’t believe you are Aarti, and want your handwriting test. Ayesha gets tensed and asks what do they want to prove. Manav says this girl wants to prove this. Ayesha asks Raghu don’t you trust me.

Raghu says I want you to clear their doubt, for the last time. Ayesha says fine, but I m getting tensed right now, if handwriting does not come well then… the man says don’t worry, we have other factors to check. Ayesha writes and gives the notepad. The man checks her writing. He says no, this handwriting does not match. They all look on. Ayesha says I told you, I m nervous. The man says I did not mean that madam. She asks what do you mean. He says I mean your handwriting is matching with Aarti, not Ayesha’s. They all get shocked. Manav thanks him. The man leaves. Aarti says you all have seen it. Manav says it does not matter your writing matches with Aarti’s or not, the matter is Aarti’s writing matches with Aarti’s or not, I don’t want to hear anything now Ayesha. Raghu scolds Aarti and leaves. Karan also goes. Ayesha shows her real avatar and smiles.

She gives Aarti her letter and asks her to get this checked with such handwriting expert, who can’t be bought by Ayesha. She says you think I will be caught in these silly game plans, how do you get courage to compete with me, you were, are and will always be a loser. She asks her not to come between her and Raghu, better go and die. Aarti gets upset. Ayesha goes. Aarti cries and says I don’t know how to come out of this darkness, I can’t lose, what shall I do. She sees Ayesha’s pic and says this is war, I will prove you wrong very soon. She swears holding Gita and says I declare war against you Ayesha, my victory will be proving your truth and real face out, my Lord will help me. From today my every step will be to ruin you, I always loved you, you just gave me pain, I will settle scores, just see now Ayesha….

Aarti goes for skin drafting process and doctors then remove the bandages off her face.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. sooo sad .plz aati ,beat raghu nd manav before u leave that house.i hate raghu nd manav .hu :-/ .poor aarti :'(

  2. I think at least now they should call Laxmi to vanish Ayesha by helping aarti

  3. If no laxmi then why using photo on tl

    1. rekha vaghela

      Agreed still having same poster..

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