Dream Girl 18th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Shikha warning Ayesha and leaving. Ayesha worries. Shikha tells Raghu that she told the same thing to Ayesha as he said, and saw fear on her face. He says good, Ayesha will do any cheap thing. She says Ayesha can try to kill me, but till you are with me, I m not afraid of death.

Raghu goes to Manav and Karan. Manav says it was tiring day, go and rest. Raghu stops Manav and apologizes to them. He says I overreacted, sorry. Manav says no need to apologize, I understand you are stressed out. Raghu says you both think this is Aarti. Karan asks what happened to you, why are you repeating this, we know who is Aarti and Ayesha, everyone knows this is Aarti, Ayesha is not here. Raghu says relax, but where is Ayesha, where did she go, does anyone know about her. He says Ayesha

Sareen superstar, where will she hide, you think she won’t do anything, don’t get emotional, think logically, I don’t come on sets for money, I don’t care about movie, I come there as I feel there is something wrong, you think I will insult my wife publicly, we know what is Ayesha capable of. Manav says I m worried too, its big matter for me, but whom to trust, do you have any proof that Aarti is Ayesha, till we have no proof, we can’t say this, maybe you are wrong, if we assume Aarti is Ayesha, it will be injustice with Aarti, since Shikha came, you had issues with her. Karan pack the shoot and send Shikha her home, then we will have peace in our house. Karan says fine. They leave. Raghu says I will prove the truth in two days.

Its morning, Ayesha says enough of tom and jerry game, I have to move this girl out of my way. Karan comes and says set is ready, I m waiting for you. She smiles getting some idea. Shikha gets a call from police. Inspector says I have to take your statement about your kidnapping. She says wait, I will come and goes outside. Rakesh kidnaps her. She screams. He asks her to shut up. Raghu looks for Shikha and goes out. Rakesh drags her away and hides. Raghu does not see her. Raghu goes.

Manav and Karan come home. Rakesh takes Shikha inside the house. He says I won’t need much time to shoot you, be quiet. Raghu asks Manav did he see Shikha. Manav says no. Karan says don’t worry, she will be here, don’t take stress. Raghu says I heard some sound outside. Karan says we will check there. Shikha tries to sign them, and makes a vase fall. They hear the sound and till then Rakesh takes her. Raghu asks who was here. Manav says it might just fell down, don’t worry. Raghu calls Shikha.

Rakesh takes Shikha to Ayesha/Aarti’s room and shuts the door. He says be quiet, if anyone comes to help you, they will also die. Raghu gets Shikha’s phone and says where is Aarti then. Karan says Aarti went out, then who is in this room. He knocks the door and asks who is inside. Rakesh throws Shikha on the bed. Raghu says Manav, Shikha’s phone is at home, where is Aarti. Manav says Aarti was with me, we dropped her at parlor. Karan says but who is in Aarti’s room then, I heard something fell down. They all rush to Ayesha’s room. Rakesh says I will shut your drama here. Shikha says I did not do anything. She hits Rakesh and tries to run. Raghu shouts Shikha and they try to break the door. Shikha shouts Raghu ji…. Rakesh holds her and picks the gun. He stops Shikha from opening the door. She asks Rakesh to leave her. Rakesh laughs and says now its over. She struggles. Manav asks Raghu to try to go by window. They hear the gunshot and get shocked. They try to open the door. Shikha opens the door after shooting Rakesh. She hugs Raghu and cries. Manav asks Karan to call police fast. Karan calls inspector and asks him to come Sareen house fast.

Police comes and takes Rakesh’s body. Inspector says this is self defense case, don’t worry, we know Shikha was kidnapped. Manav thanks him. Manav apologizes to Taghu for taking this light, but I admire you supported Shikha, she is alive because of you. Shikha and Raghu see each other.

Raghu says its big day today Aarti, don’t worry, I m always with you. She nods.

Update Credit to: Amena

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