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The Episode starts with Raghu seeing Aarti and Mithi. He calls them inside the cabin. Aarti asks Mithi to tell him she is Aarti. Raghu meets Mithi well. He gives her chocolates. Aarti thinks kids’ innocence and love melts anyone’s heart. Raghu acts rude, but he does not hide his true face infront of Mithi. He asks Aarti to go. She leaves, and he shuts the door. She sees through the glass. He smiles. He asks Mithi to play a game with him. He says we will do acting. He says we will act like I will scold you angrily, then you act to cry. Mithi agrees and says when Ayesha used to scold me, I used to cry. She breaks the things. Raghu starts scolding her.

Aarti worries and asks him to open the door. Raghu scolds Mithi, as per their acting. Aarti cries and knocks the door. Raghu shouts on Mithi.

He asks her to say sorry. He pretends to beat Mithi. Aarti cries for Mithi. She sits outside the door. He opens the door and she runs to Mithi. She hugs Mithi. He looks on.

Mithi says I did not make laptop fall. Aarti says I know, and hugs her. Raghu says don’t disturb us, go, I have to talk to Mithi. Aarti gets angry and scolds him, asking how dare he drag Mithi in their bet, she is here to bear his anger and hatred, see how Mithi got scared, he can’t do this with Mithi. He asks will she teach him now, this girl has no manners. She shouts on him. He says what will you do, and pulls Mithi. She holds him and raises her hand on him. He looks at her. He asks what will you do, will you beat me, come on beat me. She sends Mithi out and thinks she can’t lose this way, she promised Ayesha, she has to bear him for Ayesha and navrang. She apologizes to him, and says whatever you have to say and do, show hatred to me. Kids are innocent, the childhood wounds stay forever. He recalls his father questioned by media.

He holds Aarti and pushes her. He leaves. She cries and feels sorry for Mithi. Karan asks Richa to take a stand for herself, he can’t save her always. She says whatever happened, I don’t feel I can do this film. He asks her to pack her bags. She asks him to say what would he do being in his place. He says I would have forgot everything, I would work hard so that people ask about me, do your work that people miss you on set. He goes.

Mithi gets ready. Ayesha says my little superstar. Mithi says it was her first performance, its secret, I promised Raghu. Ayesha asks her to say. Mithi says I can’t say. Aarti comes and asks what happened. Ayesha scolds Mithi. Aarti says maybe its nothing. Ayesha gets busy and leaves. Aarti asks Mithi the secret. Mithi says I can’t say, sorry. Aarti says we always share secrets. Mithi says fine, I will say, and tells everything about Raghu’s plan to act of scolding her. Aarti realizes he did not hurt Mithi and pretended. She hugs Mithi and smiles. Mithi asks her not to tell Ayesha. Aarti thinks I felt Raghu’s inner devil is strong, but no, Raghu can’t hurt anyone, his goodness is still alive, I got hope that I can change Raghu and bring his goodness out.

Raghu sits near the pool and cries. Kaka comes to him and says Raghu, you are here. He holds Raghu. Raghu realizes Kaka has come and jumps in the pool to hide his tears. Raghu thinks its 7th day tomorrow and my last chance to show Ayesha her place. Kaka worries seeing him. Raghu gets out of the pool and goes. Aarti gets ready for the 7th day. She thanks Aarti for doing this for her. She says just one day, then everything will be sorted, this was not easy. Aarti says I m going this for you and navrang. Ayesha says you are really nice, but that Raghu, I can’t trust him.

Aarti says if I take this as torture, Raghu will scare me, I have to think I m helping Raghu’s devil to get out of him, he can start a new life, its good for us that his wounds heal. Ayesha wonders what happened to her. She says fine, I don’t understand him, its matter of one day, be careful, I have to go for shoot, all the best. She leaves.

Raghu asks Aarti not to move. She says I trust you. He says I don’t trust myself. He shoots and sits crying.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. raghu s soo gud ofc arti 2 🙂 whn wl raghu cme 2 knw arti truth ha :/ in mithis marrge ??? nd wht abt manav?? whn l he cme bk hme,aftr ayeshas marrge?? <3 raghu Manav karan nd arti <3

  2. Where is lakshmi

    1. Lakshmi quite the show. The new is in telly buzz u can see

  3. Sirajum Munira

    Raghu is really very good,……….

  4. Ys,raghu s sooo gud,telecst dreamgrl on wkends 2

  5. Where is luxmi n raj

  6. what is going on?this show was about laxmi and her dreams…so where is laxmi and raj? director plz bring them back,,,the show is become boring without them…

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