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The Episode starts with Ayesha throwing tantrums on the set about her costumes. Karan tries to calm her down. Ayesha gets irritated and calls the shoot to pack up. Raghu comes to navrang and does not see Aarti. He thinks Ayesha won’t come today and goes inside. Aarti opens the cabin door and he slips. She says sorry and greets him. He thinks she feels I changed by her emotional lecture and I have to show few things don’t change. He asks her not to smile and act, he can’t get close to him if he told her the secret. She says my intention is not such, I will do as you say, if you think your revenge will be fulfilled, I will not stop you. He scolds her and asks her not to act to be great.

She moves back and says till you get your inner voice, no one can stop you. She moves back and her hand

was going to be burnt by hot tea maker. Raghu holds her hand and pushes her away. She sees he saved her. He leaves. Aditya shouts on the assistant, and says she won’t do small inaugurations. She asks her to answer her calls. She checks the dress and likes it. Aditya says that dress is very short, its not suitable for our character. She asks him not to give lecture, she knows how to develop character, whatever she wears, she looks superhot. He asks her to try some other costumes. She disagrees. Richa tells Aditya that stars are different than reel life, fans love them, just we know their truth. Aditya says welcome to the fake world, its not like we see.

Raghu says I created fear in Ayesha’s mind, now I see its ending, what does she want to prove, I have to do something. Aarti brings breakfast for him. He asks does she not have manners to knock and come. She says yesterday you said not to knock. He says fine, just leave. She asks leave with breakfast or alone, I will just arrange the things and go. He holds her hand and pulls her. She falls over him and holds him. They have an eyelock.

Raghu shouts on Aarti and asks her to leave. She leaves. He throws the sandwich plate. She hears the sound and says I could have taken the food for better, I will keep trying to make his anger calm. Ayesha gets ready and praises her beauty. Richa comes there and thinks Ayesha is looking a cartoon, is this her costume sense. Ayesha says I m a star, you will also feel I look beautiful, this is my magic, I m ready, pick my shoes. Richa says I m not from dress department. Ayesha says whoever works here is my employee, so do as I say. Richa picks her shoes. Karan tells Manav to come on the shoot, Ayesha is creating a nuisance. Ayesha asks where is that girl, she has my shoes. Karan runs to Richa and asks what is she doing. Richa says Ayesha told me. Karan says great. Richa says she said she is company’s owner. Karan asks her to do for what she came here and not agree to anyone, else people will exploit her. Aditya asks Richa to tell Ayesha to change her costume, she can’t wear this short dress, this is your work.

Richa goes to Ayesha and keeps the shoes. Ayesha asks for makeup. Richa says your costume is not matching with your character, please change. Ayesha asks who are you, and insults her. She asks her to see herself, she is wearing vulgar dress, whereas I have dressed in short clothes for a movie, why are you dressed like this, which role are you playing in the movie. Ayesha asks Richa to become heroine and scolds her. She asks her to go to her job. Everyone look on. Richa leaves. Karan and Aditya look on.

Raghu recalls Krishna’s pain and suicide. He gets angry. Mithi meets Aarti and tells about her topic, she spoke on mother. She said she has two mothers… Raghu looks on.

Raghu scolds Aarti and Mithi. He is about to hurt Mithi. Aarti scolds him and raises his hand to stop him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. 🙁 🙁 wht s going on n dis shw??? cnnt c raghu sad.manav pls cme bk pls pls pls .no1 cn hurt my raghu,want to slap arti idiot,why wnt she slap her sistr ayesha <3 <3 manav raghu nd karan hate arti

    1. Why’d you hate on Arti she did nothing wrong its raagu who has troubled her all these time all because of that stupid Aaisha or whatever her name is arti has done nothing wrong but bears alot cus of her selfish sis n this mad ragu

  2. Plzzzzz brng manav,samar,Lakshmi back
    plzzzz I cant see this show without them

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