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The Episode starts with Laxmi coming back home and seeing Raj’s luggage gone. She calls him and the number does not connect. She sees the samosa box and recalls his words. She holds the box and cries. She thinks Raj said if person loves someone, then put 4 buckets of cold water, if they feel cold its not love, else its love. She goes to bathroom and puts 4 buckets of water over her. She recalls Raj/Samar and cries. Bua ji comes and asks whats this madness, she may catch cold. Laxmi says she is not feeling cold, she loves him. Bua ji says then tell him, he is waiting. Laxmi hugs her and says he is gone. Bua ji says what?

Samar is on the way and recalls Laxmi and her rejection. He comes home. Ayesha tells Karan that she tried Samar’s phone, its not connecting, she does not know Laxmi’s answer,

I have sent car for him, if he does not come, it means you lost Laxmi. She hears the door bell. Prem and Manav hug Samar and are happy seeing him. Ayesha hugs Samar and asks what did Laxmi say. Samar goes to his room.

Bua ji dries Laxmi’s hair. Laxmi cries and says he has explained him every day, he tried hard and I could not understand. She realizes her mistake and says what Raj did for her is love. She says love has pain, and cries. Bau ji asks her to call Raj. Laxmi calls him and does not connect. Bua ji says call him at his shop, where will he go to stay.

Laxmi calls his shop and asks for Raj. The man says he has left job today itself. Laxmi says she has lost her first love and hugs Bau ji saying he will not come back now. Bua ji consoles her. Laxmi sees Phir Milenge written on the mirror and says she understood he will come to meet her tomorrow, to see me win the dream girl contest, but what will I tell him. He recalls his words. She says she will say about her best friend Raj, she wants to say she does not care he is samosawala, she loves Raj Samosawala. Bua ji smiles.

Laxmi says its last round tomorrow, will he come to see me. Bua ji nods. Samar gets angry and ruins his room. Manav comes and looks at him. He says its said that throwing things related to pain makes it less. Manav hugs him and cries, saying she does not love me. Manav says but you love her right.

Manav says the day he realized he is ready for launch, I felt there is something less, I did not know what is it, I was sure it will be fine with time, you lived an ordinary man’s life but did not feel their pain, now your heart has broken, this will help you to become a better person and actor, love does not make person weak, it makes you strong.

Its morning, Samar sits thinking. Laxmi talks to Bua ji and says she is thinking about Raj. Manav brings coffee and gives him. He says he was stuck at some point in writing story and tells him the similar situation. He says one sided love does injustice with himself and his loved ones. Samar says yes, my love got less for her, now he will take Sareen family name ahead, whats love, the one who does not stay along is just memory, not life partner. Ayesha smiles seeing him. She says she will not let Laxmi win and the truth that she did not get Samar will not let her live.

Laxmi tells Karan that she loves Raj. Ayesha taunts her for being alone and Laxmi says she is in love, she is not alone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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