Dream Girl 16th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Rakesh shooting. Shikha screams and runs. Raghu comes there to find Shikha. He shouts Aarti and looks for her. Shikha runs in the jungle. Rakesh and the men follow her. Raghu sees the man and beats him. Karan, Ayesha and Kushal see the vanity and Shikha’s blood. Karan gets shocked. Ayesha thinks its sad Aarti, I snatched the face that belonged to me and you came back with new face, see what happened now. Karan says we have to wait till police comes, Raghu was saying right, Shikha’s life is really in danger. Ayhesha says I hope she is not dead. They leave from the vanity.

Shikha hides and Raghu reaches her. He asks her not to scream, its him. They run away. Rakesh looks for them. The men find Raghu and Shikha. The man beat Raghu. Raghu fights with them. Shikha gets

hurt to save Raghu. Raghu beats the men and turns to see when he hears a gunshot. He gets shocked seeing Shikha gone and shouts Aarti. The men catch Raghu again and stop him. Raghu angrily beats them and runs to find Shikha. He sees Shikha fallen on the ground and asks her to get up. He shouts for help. Someone hits him and he faints. Later, Raghu wakes up and does not see Aarti. He shouts Aarti and holds his bleeding head.

Raghu calls Karan and tells everything. Karan gets shocked. Karan says I will talk to Manav. Manav scolds Karan and asks how did Shikha disappear, I don’t know why is this happening with her, who is after her, I hope she is fine. Ayesha looks on.

Rakesh aids Shikha’s wounds. She screams and cries. Rakesh drinks wine. Shikha asks why did you kidnap me, what did I do. Rakesh says I want to kill you. She gets shocked. She asks but why, let me go. He says you are asking me, and pulls her hair. He asks her why did you kill my brother. She says I did not kill anyone. He says you are my brother’s wife Simran. She says I don’t know Simran, I m Shikha. Rakesh asks do you think I m fool, whatever you are, I don’t care, I hate your face, you will not get free. She says let me go, I did not kill anyone. He says fine, you are heroine, entertain us, say any film dialogue.

She cries and says the line. Rakesh says say it well. She says it again. He says enough, its climax time. Raghu gives his statement to inspector. Manav asks inspector to find Shikha. Inspector assures Manav that he will find Shikha soon. He leaves. Raghu says its my mistake. Shikha felt something is going to happen, I wish I… Manav says don’t worry, it will be fine. Ayesha says good happens with good people, and shows the file. She says that girl is not Shikha, whatever is happening is because of her deeds. She says this was her plan to stay with Raghu, Shikha was a murderer. Manav says it maybe a story, she can’t be murderer. Raghu says yes, Ayesha made this. Ayesha says why will I make this story, see the file. Raghu says the day I get proof, you won’t be saved. He goes.

Shikha says she did waitress role, let me do that role here and serve you, I will get soul peace. Rakesh says great, you want to entertain us, fine. Rakesh drinks wine. Shikha asks him to have more. Rakesh and the man fall asleep. Shikha takes Rakesh’s phone and calls Raghu. Raghu is on the way and asks where is she. She says I m fine, I made them drink a lot, they are drunk, I can leave now. Raghu says fine, tell me any landmark you see. A bottle falls while she tries to leave and she gets tensed.

Ayesha is angry on Rakesh and says if he is trapped, I will be trapped too. Shikha comes to her. Ayesha gets shocked seeing her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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