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The Episode starts with Raghu relaxing in Sareen house. He asks Aarti to make drinks and sends her. He shouts asking her to hurry. He gives him the drink. He holds her hand and pulls her. She falls on him. He asks her to get drink, not this one. Her hair gets stuck in his watch. He looks at her and frees her hair off his watch. She goes and thinks how to make a drink. He asks her to add two ice cubes. She does and gets it for him. He gets angry and asks her to come. He asks is this drink or water. She says drink. He drinks and recalls his brother’s sufferings, who was arrested for Surbhi’s rape blame.

Raghu switches off the tv and asks Aarti to dance for him. She dances on Jab tak hai jaan…. Mai nachungi………… He throws the wine glass and asks her to dance on it. He gets hurt

by the glass piece. Aarti removes the glass piece from his feet. She does the dressing and aid quickly. He looks at her.

Raghu stops her from doing the aid and pulls her hair. He walks on his wounded feet and steps on her hand. He sees Surbhi in her and gets angry. He holds her and says you….. and asks her why is she worried today, why did she leave his brother to die. Aarti thinks she knew there is some reason and story which made Raghu so rude. He says my brother loved you, you killed him, superstar Surbhi, you ruined him, and scolds her seeing Surbhi in her. She says I m Ayesha…. He leaves her. She says I m not Surbhi. He says it does not matter, all heroines are same. He sits and drinks more.

She asks him about Surbhi. He asks does she like to hear this, I was 15 year old when Surbhi came in my life, she ruined my life, my brother fell in love with her. FB shows Raghu’s brother seeing Surbhi and falling in love at first sight with her. His brother dresses as guard and stays with Surbhi. She has noticed him and did not say anything. She hears him talking to his mum. Surbhi comes and asks where is your uniform today. She laughs. He compliments her. She asks are you my fan.

Raghu says his brother used to tell him everything about Surbhi, how he proposed Surbhi. FB shows his brother Krishna proposing Surbhi. She says she wants to get away of this film world, and wants to stay with him, with just their love. He makes her wear the ring. Raghu says their relation got strong, they were very happy, we all were happy, it was not true as it looked, that happened with us. He cries.

Aarti says you are not such man as you have become, this anger and hatred are not right. He hugs her and cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. <3 raghu arti manav nd karan <3

  2. Sucha a disappointing episode. i must say that Dream girl started out very beautifully but it seems its lost its plot. No suspense and there is no urge to watch it any more. I do agree that the director may want to portray that Raghu is mentally unstable but going through each of those 7/ 5 days fully with torturing was not needed as it was not interesting to watch. In fact it was a clear abuse of a woman by a man which is totally wrong. I need the director and producer to answer the question of why did they not make a man suffer in there series but a woman. Its so obvious and not intriguing at all. Its really sad. I do hope that something is done about it.

    I won’t be surprised if u intent to make Raghu and Aarti love birds but please don’t even try it as it only endorses the fact that it is ok for women to suffer at the hands of a man and of course will eventually fall for that manx (Please lets be realistic, it does not happen that way. Kindly come out with stories that are realistic and people can relate to and can also teach lessons to change society for the better)

    Of course the argument can be that this is the aim in the series but i would like to say with the dragging out of scenic unnecessarily, people lose interest and therefore the purpose of the series is defeated.

  3. Bakwas episode 🙁

  4. Dear friends Lakshmi mathur(Nikita dutta) have quit the show. She told that her hero samar sareen ( moshin khan ) have died in the show.

  5. Nice episode.?. Love u arti.

  6. what is this .manab, karan and richa ke bich kya chal raha hai

  7. i cant understand whats going on dis days i mean the story was abt laxmi then why the hell they r showing ayesha and arti …..😕😕😕

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