Dream Girl 14th January 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Aarti falling over the hot engine. Ayesha screams seeing her burnt face. Aarti faints. Ayesha panics and shouts for help. She thinks to inform Raghu and calls him. Raghu asks her where is Aarti. She stammers and he thinks she is Aarti. He asks where are you Aarti. Ayesha talks like Aarti and says I m with Ayesha, come fast near khandala ghat. Raghu says I m coming, wait there. He leaves from home.

Ayesha takes Aarti’s dupatta and thinks I will become Aarti to get Raghu. Karan, Manav and Sona come to the hospital, where there is media talking to police. Inspector says our investigation is going on. Ayesha dressed as Aarti hugs Raghu and says I can’t see Ayesha like this. Sona hugs her and says its Ayesha who fell in her own trap. Doctor says Ayesha is unconscious,

she is critical, we are treating her. They all worry. Inspector comes and says Aarti ji, we want to take your statement. Ayesha tells wrong statement. Manav says Raghu’s fear was true, Ayesha wanted to hurt Aarti. Sona says I can’t believe this, Ayesha did this with her own sister.

Ayesha acts and asks doctor to treat Ayesha well. Doctor says we are trying our best. Ayesha asks inspector to arrest her, this happened to Ayesha because of me. Manav says Aarti, this is not your mistake. Raghu says Ayesha manipulated Aarti and she is responsible for all this. Ayesha thinks they all hate Ayesha, I did not know I will get love becoming Aarti. Manav gives statement to police.

Karan says its your marriage today Di, go home. Ayesha says I won’t go, what are you saying. Raghu says Ayesha is paying for her deeds, why should we delay our marriage. Karan says yes, you please go. Ayesha says no, I can’t leave my sister like this. Manav says Ayesha is responsible for all this, you should marry today, go with Raghu. She says let me see Ayesha once, then I will go, please. Ayesha goes to see Aarti and screams seeing her.

Ayesha says you are responsible for all this, its your greed, I did not wish this to happen, I told you that Raghu loves Ayesha, he loves this face and you did not listen to me, I have to go, its my marriage, you take care, I will come soon to see you, so sorry. Aarti holds her hand and stares at her. Ayesha gets shocked and falls down. She comes out and calms down. Raghu comes and asks what happened. He says I told you not to go there and hugs her.

Media asks Manav why did they hide Aarti till now, why did Ayesha do this with her sister. Raghu says Aarti is scared, let us go. Media protests against Ayesha. Aarti wakes up and goes to see her face. She screams and faints.

Ayesha goes in the mandap and smiles seeing Raghu. Doctors treat Aarti. Ayesha and Raghu exchange garlands. Raghu and Ayesha do the marriage rituals. Aarti’s pulse gets down. Raghu makes Ayesha wear the mangalsutra. Doctors try saving Aarti. Raghu fills sindoor in Ayesha’s maang. Ayesha smiles.

Aarti says I m fine, I have to go home. Nurse says we can’t let you go, till doctor approves. Ayesha comes there in bridal dress with Raghu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Yaaaaaak hate the serial why………………..arti………..I just hate this serial now

  2. I wish to slap that which ayesha.now this will take a year to expose ayesha

  3. No no how can Ayesha marry Raghu

  4. This makes the story very boring by bringing the same as predicted drama….the villian always getting what she wants…..I WIL stop Watchin dreamgirl now….

  5. Liza chowdhury

    Uff….irritating serial

  6. How can ayesha marry…She is still wife of someone. She is not divorced. And in this serial also its shown that evil wins over goodness.
    Bad story line, earlier Laxmi had gone then now arti has been shown in such state.

  7. Feeling bad for raghu as well.
    Poor Raghu.

  8. How ILLOGICAL:-
    RAGHU could RECOGNIZE AARTI, when he FIRST came to know about her just by TOUCHING her.
    He could DIFFERENCIATE between AYESHA and AARTI at that time.
    But now he is HUGGING AYESHA still he doesn’t realize that its AYESHA and NOT AARTI.
    RAGHU also said that “Even if AARTI comes to me and says she is AYESHA. He won’t BELIEVE it!!
    Is this some kind of joke going on in here??!

    1. Yes you are right nimrit ,I will stop watch the show

  9. Not worth watching …

  10. hats off to cvs.u ppl r jst amazing.u al cn do anythng .what a fantastic story line .applause to d entire team .2 gd 2 gd .u jst kild us u idiots morons u al lost ur mind u ran away frm mental asylm

  11. This is not fair. Why is Ayesha not getting any bad omen?? I’m not going to watch this stupid program again.

  12. How boring stuped wicked aysha always wins, exactly y can’t he recognise aysha

  13. Absolutely rubbish! The writers need to get their act togetger! I aint watching this shit anymore!

    1. sunaina sabarwaal

      Do directors feel we are mad in today’s world such mahan devi like aarti doesn’t exist

  14. The makers have made this serial a piece of shit…..

  15. Oh God what a crap is this. To the writer of the story, just do us a favour, end the story. Its a total waste. I mean what the hell you guys are trying to do? Why don’t you expose ayesha? Please don’t drag this serial unnecessarily. And please don’t make this show a crap. How can you get ayesha married to raghu, especially when she’s already married? Now it’ll take another year to expose her. Because no one is going to believe Aarti as she’s Ayesha in the eyes of everyone. Its a request to the writer to either end this show by showing for the first time that evil won or expose ayesha soon. Now its time for Aarti to return in different avtar(like rekha in khoon bhari maang) and expose ayesha, and finally get married to raghu.

  16. Horrible track how come evil always win thru need to stop showing this show asap

  17. Serial is truly amazing but going pathetic stage ..as ayesha ko hamesha strong bana dete hai…how stupid ..u want to fool us anyhow,…ayesha s character is too much..and pathetic also..Laxmi & Aarti have no importance…rest three guys ..manav ,karan and raghu are shown as useless….though they all are so good

    Please show us some positivity in the serial instead on illogical dramas also ayesha s character is overload and just too much boring and pathetic…

  18. Hello everyone!
    I’ve seen a very good response to my previous comment. Thank you guys for REALIZING what a WASTE OF TIME this SHOW is..
    I thought of NEVER watching this SHOW
    but now i have decided against it because NOT watching the show will not help if we don’t like something then we throw it out of our lives. I want to throw this SHOW out of my LIFE as well so i’ve decided that i will tell you guys all the ILLOGICAL and UNREALISTIC this SHOW shows you all. After going through every written update of this SHOW i will tell you all HOW the MAKERS of DREAMGIRL are showing us CRAP!!
    If you guys want me to do this please COMMENT here and SUPPORT me in this
    Thank you guys.. 🙂

  19. I totally agree with Nimrit ‘s points. i will also stop watching now. director thinks we are fools sitting here watching this serial.

  20. Dreamgoil- ek ladki deewani si , is no more about laxmi. Its the mad girl ayesha

  21. I predicted same thing is going to happen. But I am happy Arti is going to be with Manav who cared and Encourged her. Raghu always tortured.Raghu will torture Ayesh and Arti will be have happy with MANAV

  22. sunaina sabarwaal

    Do directors feel v are fools in this world people like aarti doesn’t exist I totally support u nimrit

  23. Snikdha Sheikh

    such a stupid track! like nobody have been able to differentiate b/w Arti & Ayesha!! what the hell! seeing #RagTi romance thought to give this serial a go! but itz all waste! wake me up whn cvs are done w/ ayesha’s evil plans!

  24. crap….what a real mess…one woman marries twice,when her husband is still alive…where have the sacredness of marriage gone???…are the script writers and directors just lucrative??? blo*dy money makers…for money they are selling sanskar…INDIA is an emblem for us indians living in foreign countries…but nowvi guess we uphold our values, sanskars better even in serials here…Adieu dreamgirl….never will i ever watch your serial again. if one viewer makes any difference so be it….

  25. i think ds serial is ol about ayesha,and everytime she won, dat makes ds serial uninteresting…..plz make ur story wd happiest end…

  26. What the heck is happening to this show I mean nobody’s been able to get Ayesha down. She never gets a comeuppance she always wins! That means everyone’s a fool on the show. Oh & Raghu I thought he was able to tell the difference between Aarti & Ayesha obvious not!! What happened to recognising by the touch now he can’t tell being with Ayesha!! When are the writers going to give Aarti justice let her have happiness!!!

  27. What the heck is happening to this show I mean nobody’s been able to get Ayesha down. She never gets a comeuppance she always wins! That means everyone’s a fool on the show. Oh & Raghu I thought he was able to tell the difference between Aarti & Ayesha obviously not!! What happened to recognising by the touch now he can’t tell being with Ayesha!! When are the writers going to give Aarti justice let her have happiness!!!

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