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The Episode starts with Raghu and Aarti spending romantic time. He asks her to say I love you to him. she says I love… and gets shy. He wishes she always stay happy and no one’s bad sight catches her. He holds her. Zehnaseeb……………plays………… he gets close and she tries to get away. They hold hands and have an eyelock. She leaves.

Its morning, Raghu asks Aarti why did she cook the food. Aarti says I wanted to cook food myself. They smile. Kaka says Aarti knows you well Raghu. Raghu and Kaka like the food. He gets a call and is shocked. He says I m coming. Aarti asks what happened. He says office caught fire, Kaka take care of Aarti and leaves.

Ayesha sees him leaving and calls Aarti. She asks her to meet her once, she has mummy’s chain, I want to give it to you,

its mum’s blessings, I m standing outside Raghu’s house, come and take it, its fine if you don’t want to come. Aarti tells Kaka that I m going out, Ayesha has come, I will come in 2mins. Kaka says its not good to meet her. Aarti says I will just come. She goes out to meet Ayesha.

Ayesha smiles seeing her. Kaka worries. Aarti sits in the car. Ayesha thanks her for coming and says I did not know you will come, we will go to some place where no one disturbs us. She drives. Kaka goes out to see and sees the car leaving. He gets worried. He asks guard. The guard says I have seen Aarti, don’t know where she went.

Kaka calls Raghu and informs him. Raghu says Kaka it was fake call. Kaka says Ayesha has come to meet Aarti, Aarti did not come back, I have gone out and she disappeared, maybe Ayesha took her along. Raghu gets worried. Raghu comes home and asks Kaka did Aarti come, why did you let her go. Kaka says I stopped her, she did not listen to me. Raghu calls Aarti and sees her phone on the table. He says she left her phone here.

Ayesha tells Aarti not to worry, we will talk for some time and then I will drop you back at Raghu’s place. Ayesha apologizes to Aarti. Aarti says happiness has come back, Manav and Raghu are back, you were right, its much time we have a talk. Ayesha stops the car and says don’t know what happened. Ayesha says engine got hot, and puts water on it.

She says I will see what to do, wait. Aarti says call driver. Ayesha says I will handle this, I will make a call and come, don’t take stress, sit in the car. Ayesha calls someone and says we will be somewhat late, my car broke down, but listen you have to kidnap Aarti and lock her in the room, give me keys, did you get it.

She turns and sees Aarti hearing her. She gets shocked. Ayesha asks why did you come out, its not good for skin. Aarti says you are so bad Ayesha and confronts her. She says everyone told me not to trust you, but I always supported you, thinking you realized your mistake, I was wrong, some people never change, you fell so low that you used our dead mother, enough now, I will bring your truth out, call Raghu. Ayesha says you won’t call Raghu, Raghu does not love you, he loved you thinking you are Ayesha Sareen, he loves your face, which is mine. Aarti says he is my support, my shield. They both fight and Ayesha says I will see how Raghu comes to save you, you won’t go back home today.

Aarti says your greed, revenge feelings are high. Ayesha says you came out of room and created problems for me, Raghu is mine. Aarti says truth is you don’t love Raghu, you love money, you can’t stop me. Ayesha pushes her on the car and Aarti falls over the hot engine. She screams. Ayesha gets shocked.

Ayesha calls Raghu.. Raghu asks where are you Aarti. Ayesha acts as Aarti, and asks him to come fast. Raghu says stay there, I m coming.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Offfffffffffo its to bad to see arti’s state

  2. amazng episd.wht els these cvs r expctng 4m viewrs? :'( wnt to c d sm actres as aarti wt raghu.kil tht ayesha.who cares

  3. I think again plastic surgery and new character entry drama is going to come

    1. Yes and it is not right to see ayesha win

  4. who is the story writer so embarrassing…

  5. muche acha nahi laga

  6. I thought day d serial will end wid raghu nd arti’s happy endin…but its still continuing gawd

  7. Dis serial is going bad to worst day by day I don’t know y de r giving special footage to ayesha and showing rest of cast foolish. Serial like dis should be stopped.

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