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The Episode starts with Abhimanyu finding Ayesha. She decorates the place and sings Baahon me Chale Aao………….. She dances for Abhimanyu. He gets a call and she takes his phone. He asks her to stop her acting. She asks how. He says enough drama Ayesha. She says you called me Ayesha after a long time, I like it and hugs him. He says I have right on those memories. She says I m not the one whom you knew and hugs him, reminding their past. He says leave me. She reminds him those moments. He says he has no time for this. She says even I don’t have time, I think I will be punished tomorrow, I want to relive my life again. She says she wants to live with him tonight. He says enough, don’t come close to me, our relation ended the day you married Manav, now there is nothing between us.


says yes I married Manav, as life does not run on love, I wanted a home and luxuries, you are my first love, I always loved you, I wanted to live life with you, I m living with Manav now, I was poor, I had responsibilities, I wanted to become something, but I love you. She says tell me you don’t love me. He says I love you a lot, I missed you always. He lifts her and they confess love. They get closer.

Its morning, Ayesha records Abhimanyu’s confession that he has helped Laxmi, she is not Naina. Abhimanyu recalls this in FB. Ayesha is leaving in her car. Abhimanyu tries reaching her. The media praises Ayesha as a great lady and real dream girl. Abhimanyu calls out Ayesha and she goes.

Samar does not answer media and leaves. Laxmi comes out of the court with her dad, Bua and Karan. The people scold her for blaming Ayesha, and beat her with stones. Karan gets angry and asks who has hit the stone. He runs to Laxmi and takes her. The people come to beat them and police gives security. The media gets against Ayesha.

Ayesha hugs Manav and is happy. He asks why is she crying, she is free now. Ayesha says when she felt she will lose him, she was very sad. She acts sweet to Manav and says she got happiness in her life because of him. He says I will always regret that I trusted strangers. She says you are so good, Laxmi is at fault, she fooled everyone, you always trusted me. He says I feel I should have supported you more. She says now trust is even more strong and hugs him. He says I trust you completely. She says I think out film will get good publicity. He says I m sure this film will be superhit. The servant says Abhimanyu came to meet Ayesha. Ayesha gets shocked.

Ayesha asks Abhimanyu to leave. Abhimanyu confronts her for her lies. Manav comes there and she gets shocked seeing him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What is up with the writers and their need to make the show so Ayesha-centric! ?
    Not amused.

  2. actually this serial name should b AYESHA…Cvs did the mistake!opps!!
    losing interest….

  3. Heroin kon he seriul ..make it clear guys

  4. now no doubt heroine is ayesha!!

  5. To everyone who commented above,
    Don’t y’all think the show should just be called “Dreamgirl-Ayesha Sareen”?Legit.

    Unbelievable! Are samar and lakshmi the leads or not? Ayesha is supposed to be the antagonist not the protagonist. The show revolves more around her than lakshmi..?

  6. I think the writer or producer or director is her bf or husband

  7. And I m right I got proof. All the 3 crap serial of her are from same production house. “Sashi and summet

    1. Seriously Shashi-Sumeet are obsessed with Shraddha, I don’t see them promoting their lead pair aka mohnik/sami, too busy with Ayesha and her drama.

      1. Agreed just interested in promotingshraddha might b shraddha told them she is bored wwith positive character and wants to do negative character so they made dream girl

  8. well..shraddha wonderful actrs …..bt i dnt like ayesha…nd this serial story like ayesha,s story…plz i want sami story nt aysha cheap work story…bt who cares???

  9. crap…nothing much is gonna happen on monday…….ayesha will again fool manav and he gets fooled as always…..abhimanyu is a stupid….he has got no brains…….he deceived lakshmi….he said lakshmi is his sister but he deceived her……this show is getting bored day by day…lost all hope of ayesha getting exposed….don’t know when will her game end…….CVs should think something good…..something positive where bad will have a very bad ending

    1. Seriously tho..
      Ayesha can and will easily manipulate manav and he will believe her.
      I was actually very happy that samar was part of the gang against ayesha and at least manav would know the truth about her now but this stupid abhimanyu, complete brainless dude.

  10. get that crap off air please,the production team are brainless ,do not have an idea about soaps,watch n c an english soap.

  11. the cast are dumbos ,so cheap.

  12. i think they dragged d track 4 samar…Now sami will expose ayesha…truly speaking the y both r stupid…only karan is intelligent,..i like karan,s character….bt mayb we will see brothers fight…:-(
    who commented above all r indian? i,m nt….

  13. I too am losing interest in watching dream girl.. wht a boring story yaar… There is no excitement in the story line.. always ayesha sareen is suceeding.. very very bad script work.. hey dreamgirl team… Please watch the. Comments on the seriel u willcome to know its stazus…

  14. They are not caring about any of the comment. As such their serials go offair in 6 months. Till then they make shraddha to enjoy the attention . I think sashi sumeet has ample money to waste

  15. It’ll be a horrid thing if dreamgirl is scrapped due to poor ratings and lack of viewership when the fault is in the scripting which is WAY TOO Ayesha-centric for my liking, I speak for no one here but seriously the leads need to be given a chance to at least be on screen?

  16. What a boring serial this has been….I am gradually losing all the interest in it….plzzzz plzzzzz end that crap….okkk if u guyzzz wanna show Ayesha to win over Laxmi every time, its OK…show it and end the serial bcoz your heroine is no longer Laxmi but Ayesha…..If u Dream Girl team wants to gain some TRP then they must show Samar and Laxmi and their love more than that witch Ayesha Sateen!!!!

  17. this shit should be off air

  18. Hellow everyone this is jennete from the production house . we have seen your comments and your complaints against the show i understand your concern but please keep patience we have planned an unexpecteble exposure of Ayesha Sareen played by Shrradha Arya in the show and that will be the best climax . Till then please enjoy the twists and turns of the show that are going to make Ayesha Sareens Exposure a fantastic end of evil.looking forward for your positive responce.
    Script team.
    Jennete .M.Dsouza

    1. Seriously though, if Ayesha is exposed for good, it’ll be the best thing ever. ?

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