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The Episode starts with Abhimanyu saying in the video that Laxmi is alive, she is acting as blind Naina, Ayesha is innocent. He apologizes to support Laxmi and get against Ayesha, and says he is confessing without any pressure or greed. Karan asks what nonsense, Abhimanyu is lying, Ayesha has bought him. The judge asks Karan to sit. Karan scolds Abhimanyu and gets angry. Ayesha’s lawyer says now there is nothing to prove, and says its story of jealousy, Laxmi came to Mumbai and was jealous of Ayesha, she worked for Ayesha and lied that time that she is blind, then trapped Karan t participate in contest, then she trapped Samar after winning the contest, Laxmi has blamed Ayesha.

Laxmi’s lawyer says this video does not prove anything. Ayesha’s lawyer says Laxmi did not identify her family,

and asks her to see her family once and decide. Laxmi says I m Laxmi Mathur. Manav gets stunned and looks at her. Bua ji and Laxmi’s dad get glad. The judge asks Laxmi to come in witness box and speak. Laxmi says I planned this to bring Ayesha’s true face out. Ayesha’s lawyer says you wanted to get Ayesha punished for your murder. Laxmi says no, I was going to say if Ayesha accepted the crime.

The lawyer says I m getting laugh did you want settlement after blaming Ayesha and getting MMS scandal cleared. He asks why did she not file case against Ayesha and became law herself to give punishment to Ayesha. He asks judge to announce Ayesha innocent and punish Laxmi, Karan and Abhimanyu. Laxmi cries. Ayesha is declared innocent. Abhimanyu is removed from his services of police, and Ayesha can file case against Karan and Laxmi. Ayesha says wait, I want to say somthin. She says I m like Mahabharat’s Arjun, my family was against me, my brother, but I will not fight, I don’t want to file case, I want to end hatred by love. The court is adjourned.

Ayesha hugs Manav. Manav says I m so happy. Ayesha sees Laxmi and scolds her for falling so low. Manav says leave it Ayesha. He scolds Laxmi for doing so much for her, and what did she do with Ayesha, you are clever, I just want to say Karan and you, not to come around Samar and us. Samar gets angry. Manav leaves. Samar tries stopping him. Ayesha stops Samar and says no use to tell anything. Laxmi has accepted her crime, now no one will believe you, I know you are with them, now its no use. She leaves.

Laxmi tries talking to her dad. He says my Laxmi died for me. Bua says forgive her. He says I will go. Bua says fine, my heart is not stone to leave Laxmi. She asks Laxmi why did she not tell them seeing them in pain. Laxmi cries and sits in her dad’s feet apologizing to him. Her dad says no one has right to snatch my daughter, why did you tell Laxmi is dead. He hugs her and they leave.

Karan beats Abhimanyu and asks why did he do this. Abhimanyu says we both were doing for the same thing, love, you can’t see Laxmi in pain, you love Laxmi. Karan says Ayesha does not love you, I know her, Ayesha is using you, Laxmi was leaving, I made her Naina. Abhimanyu says heart could not forget love, Ayesha did not forget me. Karan says Ayesha fooled you. Abhimanyu says I showed hatred to Ayesha and she should have hated me, but she loves me. Karan says you became a fool, Ayesha knew you are a fool, your broken heart was the weapon, Ayesha has used you once again. He leaves.

Ayesha dances with Abhimanyu on the song Baahon me chale aao……….. Manav tells Ayesha that this movie will be superhit. The servant says Abhimanyu has come to meet Ayesha. Manav says ask him to sit. Ayesha says no, just ask him to go.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wat is this stupidity!!!!!

  2. Bakwas

  3. What a shame! Is this Dreamgirl or what?

  4. stupid Abhimanyu….
    Now brothers fight gonna start….hope ki samika will expose ayesha…..ya fir thr will b another twist…bt now this is most irritating 4 me…what about u guys??

  5. Bakwaassss episode…

  6. I guess now they are extending the same thing again and again there should be something new!! At this point of time the serial should be stopped it has become that disgusting

  7. Does everyone except Ayesha have no brains..Smh
    What a tragedy this is ?
    Are they going to bring in the bro-fight track now ?

  8. Be positive…..:-P

  9. yup! DG ..
    this track gnna brothers fight…disgusting…

    1. It truly is horrible if they do that! Manav and Samar had such a nice bond.
      This isn’t where the show should be going, why don’t they focus on SaMi as actors and their life in the industry instead of rivalry-driven tracks with Ayesha.

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