Dream Girl 10th November 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Sareen family mourning over Samar and Manav’s death. The reporter covers it and tells about Ayesha being in shock of Manav’s death, and doubts Navrang’s future. Sona cries for Manav and Samar. Bua goes to Laxmi. Laxmi does not believe Samar’s death and says he told me he will come, I got ready for Samar, we married and you are removing my jewelry. Bua asks her to understand, two days passed. Laxmi shuts door and cries. Bua asks her to open the door. Laxmi breaks down. Prem and Karan sit in shock.

Ayesha comes there and cries seeing Manav’s pic. The pandit asks Prem to do rituals. Ayesha takes it and says nothing happened to Manav, we will not do this. Karan says its for Manav’s peace. Ayesha says nothing happened to him. The pandit says this is necessary

for dead people. Ayesha shouts on pandit and says Manav is fine, he is not dead. Karan consoles her.

She says she can’t stay without Manav. She asks Manav to come back and runs from there. Karan runs after her. The ladies think Ayesha really loves Manav, so she is ready to die, that’s why they got golden couple award. Ayesha takes some tablets. Karan asks her to open mouth to spit tablets. Prem stops media. Ayesha faints. Karan calls the doctor. The doctor checks Ayesha and says she is out of danger.

Karan tells Prem that Ayesha will get fine. Prem says she behaved bad with Manav, I did not know she will react like this after his death. He cries and says both my sons left me. Prem asks Karan to talk to Laxmi, and make her express her pain. And even Aarti is sitting in her room in this shock, how to talk to her. Karan consoles him.

Aarti recalls Manav. FB shows Aarti apologizing to Manav. Manav gets angry and asks why, you are Ayesha’s slave, you do what Ayesha says, stop crying, I don’t like this. He tells about Karan, who worries for her, and what Ayesha did, she made her mad and ruined her self-respect and even then Aarti obeys Ayesha. Ayesha called you a donkey who obeys by getting a kick, I had hope from you, you ruined all my hope. You will cry all your life, nothing can happen. She holds his hand and cries. He leaves angrily. FB ends. Aarti sits in his death’s shock.

Karan gets food for Aarti and tells about Manav. He says Ayesha always hurt him, and Manav used to support him, but he is gone now. He does not wish to come here now, we will go far, where no one will tie us, you wanted this too, Manav used to stop you and make you away from Ayesha, but you did not wish that, now Manav has gone, he will not come now. They cry. Karan says its all because of me, I was driving, I should have not overtaken their car. Manav and Samar would have been here, what shall I answer them and Laxmi, who is still waiting for Samar. Aarti wipes his tears and hugs him. Everyone try to talk to Laxmi. Laxmi sits crying. Aarti wipes her tears and hugs her.

Gupta tells Prem about Ayesha getting everything on her name. Prem shouts and says Ayesha has stolen our signatures.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why cvs kild manav .manav nd aarti Wld hv bn a gd pair.vry sad.cannt digest manavs death.vry bad script .did they shw their deadbodies?

  2. What’s the hurry to kill Samar and Manav? They didn’t even have time to get the bodies home? Wow! So pathetic!

  3. Rajkumari Mathelli

    They didn’t shoe samar’s dead body…. Is it a chance of his returning???

  4. What ddd heck iz this
    If manav n samar really dies serial will must flopppesttt
    Nif they bring a twist dts grtesttt

  5. Manav and samar are dead. Till now I was only reading written updates. I stopped watching it long time back. Now, I don’t even feel like reading these written updates as well. Total disappointment

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