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The Episode starts with Samar asking Laxmi to open the door. She cries. He hears her crying and says he did not wish to hurt her heart, whatever happened in office, it was…. Stop crying, I m sorry, I agree its my mistake. She says you can’t understand, I have seen dream girl dreams since childhood, I lied to dad, I have burden on heart, I m trying my best. She opens the door and says if she loses by her weakness, she will feel she have 100%, if she loses by someone else, she can’t bear this.

He gets thinking and leaves. He goes to the balcony and says Laxmi is right, all this happened because of me. He sees her pics and smiles. He says she did not give me chance to say sorry, I will not let her dreams break. He calls Ayesha. She smiles and thinks his heart broke. She asks is he fine, she

came to know what happened in navrang, why did he not say he is Samar Sareen. He says I m fine, I want to talk about Laxmi.

She says Laxmi would have scolded you, its not her mistake, her AV got spoiled. He says its because of me, so I called you, I need a favor. She says say. He tells her plan and she is shocked. She says sure. He thanks her. She says he is still after Laxmi, he became true lover. She thinks to do something big. Its morning, Ayesha meets Karan and asks him to do something, today Laxmi will be giving her answer to Samar, if he makes her AV, she will come close to him. She says she is trying to make them apart, and he is not even using this. She tells her plan and says she loves him, she can’t see him hurt. He says you are afraid that Laxmi will become Dream girl and Sareen bahu, that’s why you are doing this, I can do anything. He leaves. She gets angry on him.

Laxmi gets ready and sees Samar sleeping on the chair. She tells Bua ji that she is going. Bua ji says stop, Raj made this CD, check it. Laxmi says later. Samar wakes up and says he will play it, 2mins. Bua ji insists and takes Laxmi to see the CD. Samar plays the CD and shows her. Laxmi gets stunned seeing the AV Samar made for her.

Laxmi smiles and sees her dad’s, Bua ji and her best friend Raj Samosewala statement in the video too. He says she taught him to live life. She hugs Bua ji and asks how did this happen. Bua ji says Raj made it at night, he spoke to Karthik and did recording of your dad and mine too. Laxmi asks Raj how did he get this footage. He says he has contacts in Navrang, he rectified his mistake. Samar says make this story complete, no one can stop you from becoming dream girl. She thanks and hugs him. Bua ji smiles. Laxmi hugs Bua ji and leaves with the CD. Bua ji hugs Raj.

Karan sees the CD, and Laxmi waits for his reply. She asks is AV fine, will this be submitted. He says yes. She says thanks, you know Raj made this working whole night, he has supported me. Karan says she can just see this at home, its good for home video, but not good at professional level. She says but you said you can submit this. He says I meant AV can be submitted, she is looking good in this, nothing like dream girl material.

He shows Sania’s AV and asks her to become glamorous dream girl, where is style, emotions, excitement. He says your video does not show your progress. Karan says he will add few things and make the best video. She says but… He says I m director, my job is to show anything beautiful, do your work, get going. She thinks Karan is doing a lot, but she can’t tell Raj that his hardwork got waste. He calls Ayesha and says he got the CD in his hands.

Karan tells Laxmi that she will need strong support. He asks her to come in his house warming party and he wants her answer. Samar tells Laxmi that he will wait for her answer. Karan says today our dreams will be true Laxmi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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