A Dream Episode – 8


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The episode begins with abhi asking Pragya, who is responsible for all this?? Pragya says Tanu…. Abhi was shattered. He asks her, what you said now??? Pragya says Tanu is responsible for all this. Abhi gets angry on hearing this. He forcibly holds Pragya’s arm. Pragya smirks her face in pain. She ask him to leave her hand as it is paining but he didn’t. He holds her arm tightly and says how dare are you to blame my sister??? Pragya was shattered by it . She asks him is Tanu your sister?? He says cousin sister. Pragya says leave my arm, I have enough proof to prove Tanu’s wrong deeds. Abhi was shocked and leaves her hand. She looks at her arm. There were marks of his finger. She then looks at him and says just wait for a minute sir I will be back now. She goes to her room. She then brings her laptop. Abhi asks what is this?? Pragya says that this is the answer for your question sir. Abhi was puzzled. She opens her laptop and shows him softcopy of the report. Abhi goes through it. He was completely shocked to see it. Pragya continues that yesterday in a hall I saw Tanu was speaking to one man( Nikhil, Pragya doesn’t know who Nikhil is) saying if this deal is finalise then slowly all the funds will be transferred to their company without your knowledge. And that man has given money to Tanu to finalise this deal. Abhi was shattered by it. Pragya continues by saying today while I was going by Tanu’s cabin side, I have heard Tanu speaking to someone that if you put abhi’s life in danger this evening then for sure we both will caught. I don’t know with whom she was speaking. Maybe she might have spoke with that man. Then I have got your address from PA bhaiya. Yesterday I came to tell you about that only but you didn’t hear my words and today too. I have prepared this report yesterday evening after you and Tanu left the office since Tanu has warned me not to do anything work. She says I cant prove you that Tanu was speaking to someone like this since I have no proof for that but I can prove that these many days Tanu has done fraudulent in this office. This report shows that only.I have no personal reasons to accuse Tanu. She says that I know it will be difficult to bear this accusations against your cousin but it is true. Abhi was shattered. He leaves from there without saying a word. Abhi drives the car rashly. Its raining hard.

Pragya was worried about abhi. She prays to Ramji to give him strength to bear this pain. Abhi’s mom in home by wandering here and there in living room thinks its getting very late why abhi didn’t reach home??? Where he went??? Its raining heavily too.

Abhi stops the car in an isolated area. He gets out of the car. Closes the door forcibly. He screams loudly. He kneeled on the ground. He thinks why this has happened to me??? Why why ??? Has tanu did all this ??He sits on the ground besides his car in rain. He thinks why Tanu did all this?? I have considered her as my own sister but she has betrayed me. He thinks about his childhood days with Tanu. He thinks about all the happy moments between them.

Abhi thinks who is playing with me?? Tanu Nikhil or Miss. Arora. Why Miss. Arora has to play with my feelings. She has done what I have asked to do. And I myself know that there was a big blunder in auditing. Since everything in the file was not clear I have hired an accountant. What Miss Arora will get by proving Tanu wrong.
I didn’t even think once that Tanu will be responsible for all this. For this only Tanu has insisted me to sign the deal??? Has she lowered to kill me for money??? If she has asked me I would’ve given her everything. I think for this only mom always used tok told me not to be attached with Tanu. Mom is right. I failed to identify difference between good and bad people.
Abhi’s mom calls PA and asks is abhi is there?? PA says from morning I didn’t see Abhi sir. Mom says okay and disconnects the call. She prays to Ramji that abhi should reach home safely.
Abhi stood up from ground and says I have decided what to do. He goes to home. He sees his mom was waiting for him till late night. Mom asks him why you drenched in rain??? Is everything fine??? Abhi says aw maa.. why you still await me. . I have told you many times to sleep soon in night. Mom says don’t try to change the topic. I know pretty well that something is wrong. Maa nothing happened to think this much. You go and sleep. I am also going to sleep as I am very tired. He leaves saying good night.
Mom thinks, abhi I am your maa. On seeing your face itself I will understand whether you are telling truth or lie. For sure something has happened. That’s why you look so worried. I will find out what it is….

Abhi had a sleepless night. He thinks about Tanu and her betrayal.
Next day morning Nikhil calls abhi and asks him shall we meet today in your office for the one last time. Abhi says yes and disconnects the call. Nikhil thinks this time you will sign my contract for sure. Abhi thinks to go to office soon.
Pragya still in bed thinking about her dream. Nowadays I am getting this dream daily. I don’t know where it is going to end. She goes to her rose plants and says have you seen Mr. Mehra yesterday?? She asks the plant what might have happened after Mr. Mehra leaves from here?? Now what is going to happen?? Did he believed me or not ???
Abhi reaches office, he looks at Pragya’s cabin. He held in her thoughts how she hugged him last night after seeing him. He thinks what she said ( I was worried about you) he says why Miss. Arora was worried about me??? Someone knock his cabin. Abhi says come in. Its Tanu.
Abhi gets angry on seeing her. But he didn’t show it. Tanu says bhai, today morning Nikhil told me what yesterday has happened. She asks him are you okay?? Abhi says im much better than before. Tanu smiles and asks about the Nikhil’s contract. Are you going to sign it ??? Abhi says maybe. She then says okay bhai, I have some work. So I will meet you after Nikhil comes. She leaves from there.

Abhi stands infront of his dad photo and says dad you have raised this business with hardwork and I wont let it go in vain. Tanu has betrayed us. I have considered her as my own sister and believed her blindly. I trusted her that she wont be wrong. For that trust she has given a return gift in the name of betrayal. Tanu will get her punishment for her wrong doings. I know pretty well how to handle her.

Nikhil comes to abhi’s office. He goes to meet Tanu . He says that I think abhi will sign the contract. Abhi sees Tanu and Nikhil speaking at a distance. Abhi looks at Pragya’s cabin, she was not there. He then sees his watch, time was 11’o’ clock.
Tanu and Nikhil comes to abhi’s cabin. Abhi greets Nikhil. He asks him to sit. Nikhil says we have already spoke a lot about this deal so its time to take the decision. Abhi asks Nikhil to leave the contract paper here and he will sign tomorrow after going through it. Nikhil has no choice other than to say yes and leave from there. Tanu says bhai you have decided to sign the deal then why you are postponing it for tomorrow?? Abhi says its because each and every work has a time to do it. Tanu says okay bhai as your wish and leaves from there.
Pragya comes to office in noon. While entering in she sees Nikhil and Tanu speaking. Tanu says its finger crossed whether he will sign in it or not.
Pragya goes to meet abhi. He asks her, what happened Miss. Arora??? She signs?? with a smile. Abhi thinks in his mind that “The ball is in my court” .

Guys in today episode why Pragya came to office in noon and why Pragya signed ?? like this and why abhi thinks that the ball is in my court is suspense. You will get to know about it as the story proceeds

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  1. Super n sema happy , roli dear u made my day with happy n thanks yaaaaa,,, epi nice

    1. Roli

      Thank you di for your compliments.
      Keep reading continuously.

  2. super suspence… nice going.. i loved it.. it’s interesting day by day roli…

    1. Roli

      Thank you Vidhya for your compliments. Keep reading continuously and comment

      1. Vidhya

        sure roli.. ll try to cmt daily…

  3. Feeling pity for abhi i just loved to the core ???? lovely episode soon reveal the suspense????keep rocking waiting for ur nxt epi ?

    1. Roli

      Yes mokshi, I too felt pity for abhi. And yes suspense will be revealed soon.
      Thank you for reading and commenting. Keep reading continuously

  4. Superbbbbbb yaar…..waiting for d reveal of d suspence…☺☺☺…….

    1. Roli

      Thank rose for reading and commenting. I am also waiting for the suspense to revealed ??. Keep reading.

  5. super Roli….. moving very intresting….

    1. Roli

      Thank you Lakshmi for commenting. Keep reading continuously.

  6. Great episode ….eagerly waiting for Abhi and Pragya love story starts…Please update soon episode 9 …

    1. Roli

      Thank you Jessie for commenting I am also eagerly waiting for the love story of abhigya to begin. Lets wait and see when it happens ??. Keep reading continuously.

  7. Wow super..

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      Thank you for reading and commenting. Keep reading continuously.

  8. Nice episode very exiting

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      Thank you smiley reading continuously.

  9. Superb superb superb dear??????????
    Eagerly waiting for next epi…? Loved ur story shona…
    Update next part asap???

    1. Roli

      Manu I am glad that you loved my story ??

  10. Awesome…… Loved it ?❤️

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      Thank you abhigya for your comments keep reading continuously

  11. Superrrrrrrr nysshhhh twist ????

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  12. Awesome and interesting day by day.. iam eagerly waiting for next episode di..

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      Thank you for your compliments Shanu. Keep reading continuously.

  13. superb !!!!!!!!!! waiting for next epic!!!!!! now both abhi and pragya will prove that tanu and nikil very very mush excited dear!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Roli

      May be or may not be Divya. Pragya may signed like that for different reason too. Thank you for your compliments keep reading continuously

  14. Excellent…keep going…make it as takil caught by abi…give them hard punishment infront of office staff…eagerly waiting to c next ff…abi wil find out…pragya she is one his trustworthy person….

    1. Roli

      Thank you Rajesh . Tanu and Nikhil’s punishment will be given at the right time. And thank you for your suggestions I will keep it in mind while writing. Keep reading continuously.

  15. atkeast tanu truth comes out in your ff.
    please upload big episode yaar.

    1. Roli

      Mukund raj thank you for your comments. In next episode, I will try to make it as big one . Keep reading continuously.

  16. Nice episode really interesting n 4m my side ??? 4 2day’s episode it’s really superb n eagerly waiting for next part

    1. Roli

      Thank you Durga sooo sweet of you. Keep reading continuously.

  17. Superb episode… So abhi believed our Pragya… And he is planning something along with Pragya… Waiting for the suspense….

    1. Roli

      Yes nirmal, abhi believed Pragya. And I don’t know whether he is planning something along with Pragya or not. That will be known in upcoming episodes.
      Thank you for commenting. Keep reading continuously.

  18. Yr superb episode. really very interesting.wow Abhi came to know abt real face of tanu??very excited to see the victory of Abhigya’s plan.enjoying ur story completely ,keep up the good work.

    1. Roli

      Thank you for your compliments rosy. Keep reading continuously. Yes abhi has come to knw abt tanu.

  19. Saranya24

    Great going darlu loved it a lot waiting fr tat superb suspense????

    1. Roli

      Thank you Saranya for your compliments . Keep reading continuously.

  20. Silent reader 33 Kristy

    Awesome episode. I guess they both made a plan

    1. Roli

      Hi silent reader kristy. It will be known in the upcoming episodes whether they have planned something or they have not planned anything. So until then keep reading continuously ?

  21. Asmithaa

    I loved it to the core it was wonderful…???????????

  22. strong story nice line interesting

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