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Next day morning pragya wakes up. She thinks for a while. She says Ramji today also I had the same dream. Mr. Mehra is proposing me. What drama you are going to do with me??? Is Mr. Mehra is my destiny??? Why this is happening to me?? There is no possible way for my dream to become true. Ramji, I leave this to you. You take care of my dream. Now I will go and water my dear plants. She goes to water rose plants. She talks with the plant. She says I have seen my charming prince yesterday. I felt so happy. You know why I am saying this to you??? Because in the whole world I have only you and Ramji to share my feelings. She gets emotional and leaves from there.
She thinks today I have to go to office soon. I have to bring out tanu’s truth in front of Mr. Mehra. She goes to get ready to office.
Abhi was in deep sleep. Tanu is calling to his mobile repeatedly. Since his mobile was in silent and he is sleeping, he was not able to pick her call. Tanu thinks why abhi is not picking my call. I thought to brain wash him today morning but I was not able to. Is abhi is angry on me?? Since he was not satisfied with the deal. Oh no I have to do something now.
Pragya dressed up with olive green colour saree and goes to temple to get Ramji’s blessings. She says I have a negative feelings Ramji, please help me to bring out the truth. She then leave temple and goes to office.

When she entered office gate, she sees the security smiling at her. She thinks why he is smiling at me?? She feels weird. She gets in. Abhi’s PA asks her what she has done ?? Pragya says I can’t understand. I didn’t do anything. Why you are asking like this?? PA replies tanu is searching something in your cabin. Pragya gets shocked. She goes to her cabin. She sees all things in the cabin was scattered. Pragya asks tanu what are you doing here?? Tanu asks her what you were doing here yesterday evening??? Pragya says I didn’t do anything. Don’t tell lie security told me everything that you were here till late evening. Tanu asks her where is this draw key??? What is inside this draw??? Pragya says there is nothing inside it. Tanu says I know how to get it. She grabs her bag. Pragya says what are you doing?? Tanu says now the truth will come out. She checks her bag. Pragya says how dare you are to check my bag. Tanu doesn’t react to it. She finds a key in her bag. Pragya says tanu give the key to me. Tanu tries to open the draw. Pragya was tensed and says tanu listen to me, there is nothing inside the draw. Believe me. But tanu didn’t. She opens the draw. Pragya was shocked and tanu too shocked. Tanu takes a file from the draw. Tanu stares at pragya. She says how dare are you to do this??? I asked you not to do anything. But what you have done?? Tanu open the file. She was shattered as the file contains pragya’s appointment letter. Pragya smiles ????. She says I have told you that there is nothing in the draw. But you didn’t believe me. I hope at least hereafter you will. Tanu again searches the draw but she couldn’t find anything. Pragya tells tanu, you are so scared that I will do something against you which clearly shows that you are a cheat, lier, fraud and a cheap character. Tanu throws the file in anger and leaves the cabin. Pragya smiles. A flashback? shown, after security leaves to the other side of the office, pragya exchanges the report with appointment letter in the file. She then leaves to her hostel with the report. In her hostel she prepares a soft copy of the report and saves in pen drive. She then tears the report and puts on dustbin. Flashback ends.

Pragya smiles and thinks so this security is tanu’s men. I had a doubt that if I keep the report in office, then it will reach tanu’s hand easily since I don’t know who are all tanu’s people in this office. She thanks Ramji for all this.
Tanu thinks this chasmish is dangerous. She asks the security are you telling the truth??? Security says yes mam. I am telling truth only. I saw pragya mam keeping something in the draw. Tanu bashed at the security. What the hell !!!! You mean, you didn’t see her working with the files. Security says No mam. She shouts oh god ! Get out of my sight. She thinks maybe pragya might not seen the files. If she does then for sure I will be in jail. Oh no I can’t take it granted.
Pragya thinks now I can easily win this game. She looks at abhi’s cabin but abhi was not there. She sees the clock it was about to 10. She thinks why Mr. Mehra didn’t come?? Once he comes I will give this pen drive to him. If this pen drive reaches tanu’s hand also no problem as I have saved a copy in my laptop and in my email too.
She thinks am I doing anything wrong?? Why I am playing hide and seek game with tanu?? Is it right to do??? She then thinks Mr. Mehra is my boss and I am doing work according to his order. So there is nothing wrong in it. Aw I am playing hide and seek game with tanu but if she comes to know that I am acting against her then she will not leave me. So I have to do this. And will Mr. Mehra believe me ??? Since he trusts tanu blindly who is not worth for it. She then says nothing to worry I have proof in my hand and the real game begins now Miss. Tanushree Metha.
Pragya sees the clock it was 11 ‘o’ clock. She thinks why Mr. Mehra didn’t come to office??? She goes out of her cabin. She sees abhi’s PA busily doing some work. She thinks to ask him about Mr. Mehra. She goes to him asks why Mr. Mehra didn’t come to office??? PA replies he is on leave. Pragya gets shocked. What !!!! She then thanks him and leaves from there.
Tanu gets a call from Nikhil. Tanu tells him about pragya. Nikhil asks her to kick pragya out of Mehra Industries. Tanu says I cant do it since she has been appointed under the control of abhi. Only abhi can take decisions about it.

Here pragya thinks hey Ramji, why you did this ??? If Mr. Mehra is on leave then how will I tell him the truth. With great difficulty I have prepared this report. I can’t let it go in vain and I can’t wait till tomorrow to tell the truth as anything can happen within that. She thinks I should do something right now.
Nikhil tells tanu, abhi has called him yesterday night and asks to meet at a restaurant to talk about the deal. Tanu says I think he might have called you to finalize the deal. Pragya accidentally hears it. She thinks, about what deal tanu is talking about?? Nikhil tells tanu that if the deal is not fixed then I will put abhi’s life in danger and will fix the deal. Tanu was shocked to hear it. She says are you mad??? If you put abhi’s life in danger this evening, then for sure we both will caught. Nikhil says im not ready to hear anything and disconnects the call.
Pragya was shattered to hear it. She leaves from there. She thinks oh no what’s happening is Mr. Mehra’s life is in danger?? Am I heard right?? With whom she was talking??? Maybe with the same person with whom she was speaking yesterday in conference room. Why tanu and that man goes so low for money???
Now what to do ?? Mr. Mehra was not in office. How will I inform him about it. Ramji please please show me a way. I had to do something immediately. At that time a staff passes pragya. He was speaking with someone in mobile saying after going home I will talk about it. She hears it. She thanks Ramji and says now I know what to do. She thinks to go to abhi’s home and inform him about it. But where is Mr. Mehra’s house ???

Pragya was sad I thought something but some other thing is happening. She thinks to get to know about it from PA as he is the only one helping me in this office.. She goes to him and asks about abhi’s house. PA tells the details to pragya. PA asks for the reason. Pragya says nothing just thought to know about it.
Lunch break comes. Pragya thinks to go to abhi’s home.

In abhi’s house, mom asks abhi, why you didn’t go to office today??? Abhi says maa I have important work in the evening so I am checking those files. That’s why I didn’t go. Mom says okay you carryon your work. Mom leaves from there.

Mom goes to home temple. She prays to Ramji. I know very well that from yesterday abhi is sad and confused. He didn’t say anything to me but I can understand his pain. There is some problem going on in his mind. Please help him to solve the problem. Send an angel soon to bring happiness in abhi’s life.
Pragya reaches abhi’s home. She tries to enter but security stops her. He asks her who are you??? Why you came here?? She says I am working in Mr. Mehra’s office. I want to meet him now. She shows her id card to the security. He asks her to wait for a minute. He goes in to inform mom, about pragya. She asks him to send her in.
Pragya goes in. When she steps in, abhi’s mom senses something good is going to happen. She turns to see who has come. She sees a pretty girl dressed up in olive green colour saree. Mom welcomes her. Mom politely asks pragya, who are you?? She replies I am pragya… Pragya Arora, newly appointed staff. I want to speak to Mr. Mehra regarding office work. Mom smiles and says I am abhi’s maa… Pragya takes her blessings. Abhi’s mom says long live beta. She tells pragya, you sit here and wait for a minute, I will inform abhi about your presence. Mom asks servants to bring juice for pragya. Abhi’s mom goes to inform abhi about pragya’s presence. He says maa I will come in a minute. Meanwhile servant bring juice for pragya. She takes it and says thank you. Abhi was puzzled, he thinks Miss Arora, why she came here?? How she knows my home???

There was a cool breeze in the living room. Pragya senses abhi’s presence. She sees abhi coming down in stairs. Pragya stood up from sofa. Abhi too see pragya. He stops there in stairs and looking at her. He completely lost his thought in her beauty. Pragya too lost her thought. Both of them were looking at each other as

Chhuteya na chhute mose
Rang tera dholna
Ik tere baajo dooja
Mera koi mol na
Bolna mahi bolna
Bolna mahi bolna
Hmm… aa…
Tere liye aaya main toh
Tere sang jaana
Dholna ve tere naal
Jindri bitavaan
Kabi naiyo chhodna
Ishq di dor na
Saare chhad jaayen maahi
Tu na chhodna
Bolna mahi bolna
Bolna mahi bolna

song plays… Suddenly the glass in pragya’s hand falls down. They comes to sense. Pragya bends down to take the broken glass pieces. Her finger gets hurt. It starts bleeding. Abhi’s mom comes. Abhi rushes to her. He yells at her, are you mad ??? What is need to take broken glass pieces. He shouts the servants to bring first aid box. Abhi is tensed. Pragya is admiring abhi. She thinks will this moment come back in my life??? For the first time I am getting care from a person. She gets emotional. Servant brings first aid box. Abhi touches her hand. She closes her eyes. He cleans the blood in her finger with cotton. Pragya smirks her face in pain. Abhi looks into her eyes. Pragya’s heart started to beat faster. She gets into dreamland as
Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte

Tere bina kya wajood mera
Tujhse juda gar ho jaayenge
Toh khud se hi ho jaayenge judaa
Kyunki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho

song plays. Abhi’s mom silently watches everything. She comes nearer to pragya. She touches pragya’s head and says beta hereafter be careful with glasses. Abhi’s mom speaks politely and affectionately to her. Pragya lost in thoughts. She thinks if my mom is here , then is she too would’ve done the same??? Is this is mom’s love??? Her eyes filled with tears. Abhi’s mom says take care beta and leaves from there.

Abhi asks pragya the reason for her visit??? Pragya asks abhi, do you have any work in the evening??? Abhi says are you questioning me??? Pragya says no sir. I didn’t mean in that way. Abhi says, Then what do you mean Miss. Arora??? Pragya says I mean if you have any work in the evening just avoid it. Abhi says excuse me… You are ordering me what to do and what not to ???? Pragya says sir why don’t you understand if you go out this evening then your life will be in danger.. Abhi says What!!!! The screen freezes on abhi’s face.

PRECAP : Abhi asks pragya who is responsible for this????

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