A Dream Episode – 5

Hi πŸ™‹ friends
The episode begins with pragya was about to enter abhi’s cabin. Abhi was confused about Nikhil’s deal. He see pragya behind the door. He says come in. Pragya enters in. Abhi asks her Miss. Arora, why you came here??? Pragya says sir, I want to tell you something…… Abhi interrupt and says Miss. Arora I am not ready to hear anything now. Please leave me alone for sometimes. He asks her to concentrate on her work given to her instead of roaming around the office. Pragya tries to say I am talking about the work only…. But he didn’t allow her to speak saying is your report ready?? Has your work been completed??? Pragya insist abhi to listen to me. He got angry and shouted at her saying do what I say. Don’t ever dare to order me. And there is nothing to speak with you. Pragya notices tanu standing at a distance and seeing at her. She thinks to leave now. Tanu thinks abhi wont believe chasmish at any cost. So I need not to worry about anything and she leaves from there. Pragya was about to leave abhi’s cabin but her leg got slipped in the mat. She falls down. Abhi says pragyaaaa…. He goes to help her. He stretches his hand towards her. Pragya too stretches her hand towards him. Abhi looks into pragya’s eye. Pragya’s heart started to beat faster. Abhi lost in her thoughts as
Udte patangon mein
Holi waale rangon mein
Jhoomenge phir se dono yaar
Waapas to aaja yaar
Seene se laga ja yaar
Dil to huey hain zaar-zaar
Ho apne roothein, paraaye roothein
Yaar roothe naa

Khwaab toote, waade toote
Dil yeh toote naa
Roothe toh khuda bhi roothe
Saath chhoote naa
O Allah waariyan
O main toh haariyan
O tooti yaariyan mila de oye!

Abhi’s PA knocks cabin door. They come to sense. Pragya gets up from the floor and goes to her cabin. She was sad that she was not able to tell anything to Mr.Mehra as tanu was eyeing her. She thinks tanu is spying on her round the clock. I should try some other way to tear her mask.
Pragya looks at abhi’s cabin. Abhi too sees her. He thinks looking at her, why I behaved like this to her?? Pragya thinks looking at him, why he is not hearing my words??? Abhi thinks pragya’s eyes has magic. Its so sharp and powerful. Pragya thinks for the first time since morning Mr. Mehra called me by my name. She blushes.
Abhi gets distracted by a call. Tanu comes to pragya’s cabin. She sits besides pragya. Tanu says I think you are something against me. If so I won’t leave you. Pragya stares at her and says whenever you speak like this to me its tempting me to see those files. I think you have done fraudulent in this office that’s why you are around me always. And I feel that you are afraid of me. Tanu asks her to mind your language else I will make your life hell. Pragya stares at herπŸ˜’. Tanu gets a call from Nikhil. So she leaves from there. Pragya thinks what type of character she is?? Why Mr. Mehra believes her?? She is ordering him and he is answering her politely. What relationship is there between tanu and Mr. Mehra???
Nikhil asks tanu to meet him at the cafeteria. Tanu says okay I will come by 8pm and disconnects the call.
Pragya thinks I have do something to stop tanu’s game. I can’t tell Mr.Mehra directly as tanu is spying me round the clock. And he too won’t believe me easily. I have to make Mr. Mehra, himself realize what’s happening around him. She sees the clock . It was about to strike 5pm. Pragya thinks to leave office. She sees the files are spread on the floor near rack. She thinks to keep the files from where she takes it. She thanks Ramji for tanu not seeing these files when she came here else my plan would have spoiled.
She arranges all the files in the rack neatly and was about to leave but stops after seeing abhi. Abhi steps forward, pragya goes 2 step backward. Abhi again steps forward and pragya goes backwards. Atlast she gets hit by rack. Abhi stops. Her heart started to beat fast. He says I came here to ask sorry to you. Pragya blinks and her eye got widened. She didn’t say anything. Abhi says I should not behaved like this with you. I was in confusion with some other work. With that confusion I took out anger on you. I am sorry for that. Tanu sees abhi on pragya’s cabin and gets hyper. She comes to pragya’s cabin. Abhi tries to ask pragya that Miss. Arora, you came to tell something to me right?? Tanu stops abhi and takes him away from there. Pragya thinks I was not able to predict Mr. Mehra.

Pragya sees abhi and tanu leaving office. She thinks if tanu is in office, then I can’t do anything as she is behind me round the clock. I have to make use of this opportunity. The time has passed 5. Now everyone would leave office. So I can collect enough proof against tanu now. She again goes near the rack and takes the files. She starts to prepare the report which abhi asked for. She thinks only this report can tear tanu’s mask. She was about to complete her work. At that time she hear foot step sound. She hurries to arrange all files back to the rack. Someone is nearing pragya’s cabin. She keeps the report secretly in a draw and locks it with a key. Someone asks pragya, who are you?? what are you doing here?? She gets frightened.

Abhi reaches his home. He goes to see his mom. He was lying on his mom’s lap. Mom asked him how was your day??? Abhi says okay…… It was a up and down day. Mom asked abhi, is there any problem??? Abhi replies maa, nothing like that. You relax. I was little worried that I have scolded a girl for no reason. Mom smiles and says, we will show our anger and love, only to our beloved ones. Mom asked abhi is that girl is your special one??? Abhi was puzzled. He says maa keep your philosophy with you itself. I have some work so I will meet you later. He leaves from his mom’s room.

In abhi’s office, someone asks pragya, who are you?? What are you doing here?? Pragya turns to see who it is. It was security. Pragya thank Ramji. She says I have left my mobile so came to take it back. I got it. So now I am leaving home. Security says okay leave soon. He goes to check other side of the office. Pragya holds the key of the draw in her hand and thinks tanu your count down has started.

Tanu and Nikhil is in a cafeteria. Nikhil tells tanu, darling abhi has given us one week time. Within that we have to do something. Nikhil asks tanu darling have you spoke to abhi after meeting?? Tanu says no, he was not in a mood to speak. But nothing to worry he will sign the papers. Just then tanu gets a call from abhi. Tanu gets excited. She tells Nikhil that abhi is calling. Nikhil asks her to pick the call. She does. Abhi asks tanu to send the details of Mr.Nikhil Arya once again as I was not impressed by the deal. I want to crosscheck the data. I will look into it again for you. Tanu says bhai, thank you so much. You are the sweetest bhai in the world… I will send you the datas in a while and disconnects the call. Tanu thinks that she has a chance to manipulate abhi. Tanu tells Nikhil that our work will be done easily as the ball is in our court now. She sends the details to abhi. Nikhil and tanu leaves from cafeteria.
Abhi goes through it and thinks that the details tanu has send didn’t match with the data he has. His confusion gets bigger. He thinks did tanu send him wrong data ?? Or the data which I has about Mr. Nikhil Arya and his company are wrong?? If tanu sends me wrong data why she did so?? Wait a minute…. The data which I has about Mr. Nikhil Arya is also send by tanu 2 days back. Then why she has send a different data now??? He thinks to put a full stop to this confusion by dealing with Mr. Nikhil Arya directly. He calls Nikhil. Abhi tells Nikhil to meet him at a restaurant by tomorrow evening 7 ‘o’ clock as he wants to discuss about the contract. Nikhil tells its great to hear from you. Sure I will be there. He then disconnects the call. With this confusion abhi goes to bed.
Abhi thinks about his mom’s word that we will show anger and love only to our beloved ones. He thinks about pragya. Pragya in her hostel about to sleep thinks about abhi. She thinks sometimes Mr. Mehra saves me, sometimes he shouts at me, sometimes he speaks nicely to me. Hey Ramji today only I saw him in dream and today itself you have showed him to me in real too. What will happen next Ramji?? Im very much puzzled about it. Abhi thinks that Miss. Arora’s eye has some magic. Her eyes was like fire. He thinks about all the incident that has happened between them. They both think about each other as
Mujhko barsaat bana lo
Ik lammbi raat bana lo
Apne jazbaat bana lo jaana
Mujhko alfaaz bana lo
Dil ki awaaz bana lo
Gehra sa raaz bana lo jaana
Nasha hoon main behakne do
Mere qatil mujhe jeene ka haq toh do
Mujhko alfaaz bana lo
Dil ki awaaz bana lo
Gehra sa raaz bana lo jaana
song plays as they sleeps.

PRECAP : Pragya tells abhi that why don’t you understand your life is in danger. Abhi says What!!!!!

Guys, I know most of you will be disappointed that pragya didn’t say anything to abhi. I ensure you all that I won’t let the evil tanu to win over abhigya. I will expose her soon infront of abhi.
Am I dragging the story ??? If so please let me know through your comments.
Friends, I have decided to give a break of 2 days (Saturday and Sunday). Thought to continue it from Monday. What is your suggestions regarding it ???
Thank you so much friends for your support. I hope everyone will support me continuously.
Happy weekend 😊 😊

Credit to: Roli Aka Shona


  1. Lakshmi

    Really nice epic… it’s not at all dragging… and don’t take break for two days…. update tomorrow and take break on Sunday…. will u….

    • Roli


      |Registered Member

      Thank you Lakshmi
      I will try to update tomorrow morning but if I was not able to then I am really sorry. Keep reading and support me

  2. rajesh

    Ur story is too gud….always evil wil lose..create it lyk this way…take sunday for ur break time…really frankly want to say….no break…update regularly but i think u also have some personal work…u can take sunday for breaktime…this is my suggestion…

  3. Silent reader 33 Kristy

    What!! 2 day break. Now I have to wait for ur ff.

    Well I guess u need a break as well so I can’t wait for your ff.

  4. Roli


    |Registered Member

    Guys its me Roli aka Shona
    I have registered today since telly update won’t accept article for unregistered members from august 1 it seems

  5. Rosy

    Superb episode.I like Abhi very much in this story coz here atleast he is using his own brain to doubt on takhil.If u ask me abt taking a break ,obviously I’ll ask u to update everyday coz I love ur story very much.but u may also hav busy schedules right? So if u feel difficult to update everyday then u can take a break on Sunday.but I’ll be very happy if u give me the pleasure of reading ur story everyday!!! waiting for the nxt update!!!

    • Roli


      |Registered Member

      Thank you rosy for your compliment
      I will try my best to update tomorrow morning.
      To be honest I have to work on story further. That’s why I am taking 2 day break. 😜

  6. Tori

    Very amazing yaar …..
    U really have talent
    This episode was so nice n if u can plz make updates longer plsss

  7. Roli


    |Registered Member

    Friends, to be honest I have first thought to write this story as OS and when I tried to update , unfortunately telly update server was down. This story was a bit long for OS since I don’t have a backup copy. I felt lazy to type again 😜😝 so I have rewritten as episode. Now i Have to rewrite the story further . That’s why asking break. I hope you all don’t mind itπŸ˜‚. But sure I will update by Monday if I didn’t on Saturday and Sunday. 😊

    • Lakshmi

      Ok Roli if u can’t means it’s really ok… but come with interesting epic… I really love this ff…

  8. durga

    Nice n interesting episode yaar n it’s not tat much dragging… It’s really interesting one thn plzzzz don’t take two days brk yaar plzzzz update on sat n sun if not possible take sun brk bt plzzzz update @least sat yaar

  9. divya

    superb epic it not dragging!!!!!!!!!!! u cant take break on sunday please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Saranya

    Dear its not dragging really awesome waiting fr nxt part loved it😍😘😘😘

  11. Nirmal

    Nice episode…. It’s not boring or dragging…. Everything has a time.. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š

    • Roli


      |Registered Member

      Hi Mukund raj
      My story is under development
      I will definitely post on Monday. I m really sorry for this delay. Due to certain issues I was not able to. But I will be on Monday for sure

  12. vidhya

    nice plot and good going.. and atleast u make tanu get exposed before abhi atleast in ff.. we’ll not able to see tat in real kkb.. and just make it a weekly schedule.. and if u get time make it on saturday too… once again.. nice episode…

  13. Manu

    I just addicted to ur storyline shona.. Can’t wait for the next part..
    Amazing episodeπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
    Keep rocking dear✌

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