A Dream Episode – 37


Hi ? friends
Guys, this is the last episode of this story… So I am dedicating this episode to all the readers who reads this ff ( including silent readers ) and to all writers who are writing ff here in this forum..
Guys, I have said that in my last episode, I will reveal my identity.. I will tell at the end of this episode… For that now itself don’t go and see at the last ??. First you guys read the story….

Okay… okay…, lets get into the story.

The episode begins with, policemen arresting Tanu and Nikhil. Abhi looks worried by seeing this. He thinks, what will I say to mom. All the guests leaves the party.

Zoya goes nearer to Pragya and says, I am sorry di..because of me, you were accused. But, I swear di.. I didn’t do anything deliberately. Pragya says, I can understand Zoya. If there is someone else in your place, they to would’ve done the same. So don’t be sorry..

Pragya then goes nearer to yash and says, I am sorry yash, I have doubted you once.. I thought…. Yash interrupts and says, di…you should not be sorry to me. Infact I am glad that, after seeing all the proofs against me also, you didn’t slap me like sir did…. Pragya smiles and says, I happy to have you as my chotu.

PA says to Pragya, finally all the problems are solved. My best wishes for you to begin a happy life. Pragya smiles and says thank you bhaiya..

Zoya tells yash, I am sorry bhai.. Yash says, oh my god!!!! Choti, are you asking sorry to me ??? Oh no… Don’t be sorry dear… I am really proud to be as your bhai. Today only I have come to know that you will go to any extend for me. I am soo happy dear.. They hugs …. Yash says, shall we cut the Nikhil’s birthday cake and enjoy this moment??? Zoya taps on his hand… They smiles…

Pragya then sees abhi, sitting sadly in a sofa. Pragya goes nearer to him. Zoya, Yash and PA leaves Nikhil Mansion leaving abhigya alone.

Pragya knees down infront of him. She keeps her hand on his and says, I can understand, what you are going through now… Abhi’s eyes filled with tears. He says, I am not a good bhai, I have send my sister to jail.. I have done a mistake..
Pragya says, don’t think like that. You have done nothing wrong. She has done a mistake knowingly or unknowingly.. Lets forget about it.. As time passes, she will realise her mistake and come to you as your loving sister. By worrying about it, things wont change. On hearing her words, he hugged her. She pacified him as
Itni mohabbat karo na
Main doob na jaaun kahin
Waapas kinaare pe aana
Main bhool na jaaun kahin
Dekha jabse chehra tera
Main toh hafton se soya nahin
Bol do na zara
Dil mein jo hai chhipa
Main kisi se kahunga nahi
Main kisi se kahunga nahi
Mujhe neend aati nahi hai akele
Khawabon mein aaya karo
Nahi chal sakunga tumhare bina main
Mera tum sahara bano
Ik tumhe chahne ke alaawa
Aur kuch humse hoga nahi… Song plays….

Pragya breaks the hug and says, okay Mr. Mehra, where is my surprise?? You told me that I have one surprise for you in the party.. What it is?? Abhi says, not one, I have two surprises for you.. Pragya says, 2 surprises ??? Abhi, nods his head and says, yes, One is the drama, which has happened few minutes back ( Tanu and Nikhil exposure ). And to know the other one, come with me. He says, I don’t know whether its a surprise or not but, you will definitely like it… Pragya smiles.. They goes out of Nikhil’s Mansion. Pragya thinks, I too have a surprise for you, but don’t know, whether its a surprise or not.. And I even don’t know, whether you will like it or not…

As time passes,
Abhi takes her to a lonely house.. Abhigya gets in. Pragya wonders about the house. She says, it seems no one stays here but, still how it is so clean ??? Abhi says, care taker is there to keep this home neat … He continues, in this house only, I have born. At that time we have stayed here for rent but, I have brought this home, few years back…

Abhi asks her to remove her specs. Pragya says, if I remove it, I cant see anything… Abhi says, that’s okay, I am there with you. Then, he himself, removes her specs. She says, Mr. Mehra, what are you doing??? He ties a piece of cloth across her eyes. She waves her hand in air, as she couldn’t see anything..

Abhi then lifts her and takes her to the garden of the house. He leaves Pragya down and untie the cloth. Pragya couldn’t see anything clearly. Abhi makes her to wear her specs. She standstill for a moment. She sees lots of rose plants. The garden was beautifully decorated. She says, I have no words to describe this place.

Abhi says, I used to think in my childhood days, that one day, I will bring the most beautiful girl in this world here, who I love the most… Since, this place is close to my heart… It has seen all my happiness and sorrows.

Abhi touches her shoulder, she runs from there with a smile. Abhi too runs behind her.. She stops at one point. He hugs her, from behind. Pragya standstill. She was flustered. He leaves her. She blushes and has a hidden smile in her face. Abhi notices it. He comes closer to her and moves away her hair from her shoulder. He nuzzles her neck. Pragya turns to his side, with a blushing smile as
Udte patangon mein
Holi waale rangon mein
Jhoomenge phir se dono yaar…
Udte patangon mein
Holi waale rangon mein
Jhoomenge phir se dono yaar…
Wapas to aaja yaar
Seene se laga ja yaar
Dil to huey hain zaar-zaar…… Song plays….

Pragya asks him to close his eyes. He asks, why ??? Pragya says, Mr. Mehra, I have done, what you said, now its my turn. Abhi says, okay madam!!!. He closes his eyes.
Pragya leaves from there. Abhi opens his eyes and sees, no one was there. He shouts, Pragyaa….. She says, one minute. Then she comes and looks at him. She holds his hand and removes his watch. He asks her, what are you doing??? She says, wait, you will come to know. She ties him the watch, which she has thought to give it to him. He opens his eyes.

Pragya says, its a voice recorder watch. You can record (audio) anything in this watch and set as a remainder. She continues, whenever you see this watch, you should feel that I am with you each and every second…

Pragya says, this watch is my dad’s. Why I gave you this watch is because,
The moment you pacify me, whenever I am sad. I see my dad in you.
Whenever I feel the care you have for me, I see my mom in you.
Whenever you stand with me, in all problems, I see my friend in you. On the whole, you are my everything. I Love You Abhi…as
Tere kareeb jo hone laga hoon
To toote saare bharam re
Sanam re, sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re
Sanam re, sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re…. song plays…

Abhi pulls her closer to him and says, I love you too. He kissed her forehead and on the cheeks. He lifts her up. She frees her hands in her. She enjoys the moment with him as
Saiyaara main saiyaara, Saiyaara tu saiyaara
Sitaaron ke jahaan mein milenge abb yaara
Saiyaara main saiyaara, Saiyaara tu saiyaara
Sitaaron ke jahaan mein milenge abb yaara ……song plays…

Abhi leaves her down. She blushes and moves away from there.

Pragya sits with nearby the plants. She touches the plants with her hands and feels happy with it. Abhi too sits besides her. He says, when I saw you for the first time, I feel that I am meeting someone after years but, I don’t know that, I will fall for you, I will be mad on you. But now, I feel that I cant, live without you even a second since, you are my soul. She gets emotional and holds his arm and rest her head on his shoulder.
Pragya asks him, abhi, when are you going to marry me??? She continues, I cant wait anymore. I want to live with you each and every second. Abhi says, at any time… He says, I will talk about it to mom. He then looks at Pragya, she was sleeping. He smiles and make her to rest on his lap. He caress her hair. Pragya holds abhi’s other hand.. Abhi too feels sleepy..

Pragya is in deep sleep. She had a dream. In her dream, Mehra Mansion is decorated beautifully. Pragya is dressed up in magenta colour lehenga.. Abhi in red sherwani…

One girl is putting mehandi on her hands. She asks Pragya, what name should I write in your hand??? Pragya with a blushing smile says abhi… Abhi smiles by looking at this.

The next moment Pragya in her dream could see, some people are dancing. Abhi stretches his hand towards Pragya and asks her, will you dance with me??? Pragya gives her hand to him and they dances for
Chhuteya na chhute mose
Rang tera dholna
Ik tere baajo dooja
Mera koi mol na
Bolna mahi bolna
Bolna mahi bolna
Hmm a…
Tere liye aaya main toh
Tere sang jaana
Dholna ve tere naal
Jindri bitavaan
Kabi naiyo chhodna
Ishq di dor na
Saare chhad jaayen maahi
Tu na chhodna
Bolna mahi bolna
Bolna mahi bolna……

The next moment Pragya in her dream could see, pandit calling abhi ( Guys, I am sorry, I really don’t know, how marriage will happen in South India and North India. So please please don’t mind it, if there is any mistake ). Abhi, sits in mandap. Pandit says some mantra.. He then calls Pragya. She sits besides abhi as
Janam janam janam saath chalna yunhi
Kasam tumhe kasam aake milna yahin
Ek jaan hai bhale do badan ho judaa
Meri hoke humesha hi rehna
Kabhi na kehna alvida
Meri subah ho tumhi aur tumhi shaam ho
Tum dard ho tum hi aaraam ho
Meri duaaon se aati hai bas ye sadaa
Meri hoke humesha hi rehna
Kabhi na kehna alvida
Aha ha ha o…
Meri hoke humesha hi rehna
Kabhi na kehna Alvida…
Teri baahon mein hai mere dono jahaan
Tu rahe jidhar meri jannat wahin
Jal rahi agan hai jo ye do tarfa
Na bujhe kabhi meri mannat yahi
Tu meri aarzu, main teri aashiqui
Tu meri shayari, main teri mausiqi
Talab talab talab bas teri hai mujhe
Nason mein tu nasha banke ghulna yunhi
Meri mohabbat ka karna tu haq ye adaa
Meri hoke hamesha hi rehna
Kabhi na kehna Alvida…
While the song plays…yash parents does kanyadan for Pragya. Zoya ties bhandan, pandit ji asks abhigya to take 7 phera. They does. Then abhi ties mangalsutr on her neck. Pandit ji asks abhi to keep kumkum on pragya’s forehead. Abhi takes kumkum and looks at her eyes. Pragya too looks at him. He says, I have fallen for this eyes….I Love You a lot.. Yash says, sir, you can love my di.. after keeping kumkum too. See how long she is waiting for you. Abhi smiles and keeps kumkum on her forehead and the song ends….

Abhigya goes to take blessings from abhi’s mom. She blesses them saying live together happily… And then, they worships abhi’s dad pic. Abhigya gets blessings from yash’s parents too. Pragya feels that her mom and dad are blessing them.
PA says, congratulations to abhigya. Both Yash and PA says, sir keep our sister happily, I should not see a drop of tear from her eyes, else..we will not leave you.. All smiles..

Pragya wakes up from her dream. She sees abhi sleeping besides her, by holding her hand. She looks at her watch. It was early morning 5:30. She thinks did I had a dream??? She then closed her eyes for few seconds. She could visualize her dream, marriage rituals with abhi. She says, will this dream, become true or not???

Pragya looks at abhi and says, this time, I will believe on you, not on my dream…..
Abhi wakes up. He asks her, why you are looking at me like this?? Pragya with a cute smile nods her head as no.. They had a eye lock. They lost in each other thoughts as
Musqilon mein ye daale
Jo bhi chaahe kara le
Badle ye dilo’n ke faisle
Mann ka mauji isq to ji
Albeli si raho’n pe le chale Musqilon mein ye daale
Jo bhi chaahe kara le
Badle ye dilo’n ke faisle
Mann ka mauji isq to ji
Albeli si raho’n pe le chale
Koi peechhe na aage hai
Phir bhi jaane kyun bhaage hai
Maare isqe ka isqe ka dil mera
Iske uske ye hisse mein
Tere mere ye qisse mein
Maula seekhe bin seekhe bin de sikha
Kaisa ye isq hai, ajab sa risk hai
Kaisa ye isq hai, ajab sa risk hai..

While the song plays as abhigya thinks about, how they met first, how abhi puts bandage to her hand, when she was hurt, how abhi realised his love for Pragya. How abhi proposed Pragya, how he pacified her, when she was sad. How they spend a night in road, gurudwara, under moonlight, in the rain..their happy moments in kitchen and their last night happy moments….song ends…..

Voiceover : Will Pragya’s dream become true or not??? Will their happiness be like this forever or not ???? The answer for this question will remain a suspense forever…..

Moral Of The Story : A dream can become true or may not be.. But, love is always true. If you believe in it, whatever maybe the obstacle you can overcome easily..
Guys, I am really very very sad ??? to finish this ff since, this ff is very close to my heart… I can stretch the story with new track, but, I feel, if I do so, the story will loose its charm. I really don’t know whether I can write another ff like this or not.. But I have some ideas.. I will try my best. After completing the story, I will post the teasers…. The name of next ff is HIDDEN LOVE. But, I will be back after sometimes only.. ?

Okay okay, its time to say who am I ??? My name is SHOBANA, I am quite familiar in KKB written update, comment section.. I am from Chennai. Roli, is the name, which I like most. And Shona is my nick name…
I am really sorry guys, if you all feel that I have cheated you with some name..????? . I thought to reveal my name, only the day, when I feel that I have done a good story..????? . That’s why didn’t reveal so long…

Surbhi, ya its me, the same Shobu, actually I have lied you saying, I don’t read any ff, but the truth, few days back, I have started to read haritha’s and saranya ‘s.. Sometimes, urs too.? but, all the ff, I have started to read in middle only??. I have come to know in your 46th episode, that you too used to write ff. So I was waiting when you will post ur 50th episode and took a chance to wish you too. Sorry Surbhi, for such a big lie????? . I have done it purposely. And thank you for reading continuously..????

Guys, through this ff I have got lots of friends.. With your love and support only, I reached this point. Your comments only explored me.. I am thankful for you guys….
Riya, Riyadcruz, haritha, Saranya, Lakshmi, varsha, Jessie, Durga, Divya, abhigya, asmithaa, sandy, mukund raj, nirmal, Kaif, maha, monesha, mokshi, Reshma, di, parthi, rithu, sugan, shanu, reji, nassima, elinor, Rajesh, disha, Nannu, Aditi Roy, sweety, Shalini, rose, rosy, Sonika, pinky,sharaya, vaishali, cutie achu, Kristy, tori, Vidhya, tisha, zari, smiley, shirti Deepika, Aishwarya, sabeenia, akshaya kannan, anjali, yogi, sasti, prasan, somiya, lavanya, ammu, vaishu, kavi, Lakshmisiva, divchan, salmar, aaushi jain..
U guys made my each and every day in these 7 weeks with ur comments. Thank you all ??? for reading my story continuously even in ur busy schedule too…????.
A big thank you to silent readers ????
And, one of my close friend in my college is also a silent reader of this ff. I am happy Vaish, that you read the story and supported me continuously.. Thank you dear..????

Manu, i am really happy that you read all the episodes. And supported me continuously. Sweetheart, i know I shouldn’t say thank you.. So I giving ??? to you. I don’t know what to say dear ???.

I will try to come back soon ??
Missing you all??.

Wishing all a happy Vinayak Chadhurthi to you and to your family.????

Bye friends ??

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