A Dream Episode – 36


Hi ? friends
1000’s of sorry guys ?????. I will tell after completing this episode. I am sorry guys…
Okay Lets get into the story.
The episode begins with Pragya asking abhi, where are we going?? Abhi says, to a party…. Pragya says, party !!!! What party??? She continues, Mr. Mehra, I am not interested in any party. Lets get back… Abhi says, we are going to an important birthday party. I have a surprise for you in the party. Pragya thinks, Mr. Mehra, even I have a surprise for you, in the end of this day…

Nikhil in his mansion, welcomes the guests. He sees Tanu coming. He hugs her and says, you are looking stunning. She smiles and asks, have bhai reached??? Nikhil says, no… Tanu says, I feel bhai wont come as he is angry on you. Nikhil says, we will talk about it later.. Now shall we enjoy the party??? Tanu nods her head as yes.

Abhigya reached Nikhil’s mansion. Mom calls abhi, she asks him, when you will be back to home?? Abhi says, maa.. I am in a birthday party nearby…. He says some place… Will be back later in night… Mom says, okay, come soon to home. She then disconnects the call.

Pragya holds abhi’s arm and enters in. Abhigya sees Nikhil enjoying the party to the most. He sings, dances… He thinks, I am so happy today. I will be even more happy, if I see Mr. Mehra now. Nikhil then dances with Tanu too…

Pragya thinks, we have come to Nikhil’s birthday party.. Tanu is also here.. Is my dream is going to become true tonight???
The next moment Nikhil sees abhigya, he comes nearer to them. Abhi gives bouquet to Nikhil and wishes him, happy birthday with a cunning smile. Nikhil too has a cunning smile in his face. He gets the bouquet from him by saying, thank you. Nikhil asks abhigya to enjoy the party as we will start to cut the cake after 5 mins. He then goes to see his other friends.

Waiter gives juice to abhigya. Abhi takes it but, the glass gets slipped from his hand. He then leaves from there as the juice gets spilled on his hands…

Pragya was sitting alone. She looks around the home and thinks, decorations looks good. She sees Tanu is enjoying the party. She says, I think Tanu is yet to see me. I don’t want her to see me and create problems here. Abhi comes there and asks, what are you thinking ?? Pragya says, nothing…

Nikhil stands on the stage and says, your attention please, Abhigya, Tanu and all the guests gathered near the stage. He says, I have an important announcement before cutting the cake. He continues, today is my birthday, so on this day, I have decided to go to the next stage of my life… Yes, I have decided to get married. All claps hand. Abhigya looks each other. One of his friend asks him, who was the lucky girl??? Nikhil thinks, lucky girl eh??? With a blank smile he points Pragya.. Abhi was shocked. Pragya’s eyes got widened. She couldn’t understand anything for a moment.

Nikhil says, Arey Pragya ji…. Aap nahi ( not you ). The girl who is standing behind you. Pragya thinks, Thank God… She then looks at her behind and was shocked. Abhi was shattered. It was Tanu.. Tanu herself was shocked by this announcement.. Nikhil asks Tanu, to come forward. Tanu goes to him and hugs him. She whispered in his ears, have you lost it??? Nikhil says, be patient and watch the drama..

Abhi thinks, why Tanu is doing like this??? Why she chose Nikhil?? He is not a good man… Though I am angry on her, I cant see her life getting ruined like this. Pragya thinks, I know Mr. Mehra will be worried by hearing this… Nikhil thinks, now what will you do Mr. Mehra?? I know you are attached to Tanu very much. You cant bear all this… By making you emotionally weak, I will let you down.. How was my surprise to you Mr. Mehra??? Abhi looks more worried…

Tanu says, shall we cut the cake??? Nikhil says, offcourse darling… There was a big choco cherry cake. Tanu lights the candles. She asks him to blow off. Nikhil does. He takes the knife to cut the cake but, stops by seeing a girl ( the girl shown in video ). He was shocked to see her. Tanu was shattered. Pragya looks at Tanu and Nikhil and thinks, why are they looking like this??? She turns to the other side and stands still.. She points the girl to abhi and says, what she is doing here???

The girl comes towards Nikhil. There was a absolute silence…. Nikhil is blinking.. The girl comes nearer to Nikhil. She gave a tight slap to Nikhil. Tanu was shocked. Pragya was puzzled. She thinks, this girl should have done everything by Nikhil and Tanu’s order. Then why she slapped him??? The girl again slapped him and says, this slap is for making me to do conspiracy against Pragya..
Pragya is blinking. She thinks, why she is talking in favour of me??
The girl again slapped Nikhil and says, this slap is for blackmailing me. She says, how dare are you?? If you are not a coward, kill my bhai now..

All the guest are puzzled, they couldn’t understand what’s going on….

Tanu says, mind your language.. Why do Nikhil wants to kill your bhai??? First of all, who are you?? Who has invited you to the party??? There is no place for street dogs here.. The girl slapped Tanu hard and says, I hope now, you remember, who am I…. Tanu tries to confront her but the girl says, if you open your mouth, you cant see a worst person than me. She continues, I think you both have forgotten me.. So let me introduce myself. All are looking the girls mouth eagerly…especially Pragya..

The girl says, my name is Zoya. I am an assistant manager in XYZ bank. Pragya thinks, yaa… I have seen her while going to bank with Mr. Mehra.. But, I have seen her in someother place too..

Zoya says, bhai….. All the guest and the Pragya looks at the entry door. A guy comes from the dark. When he comes nearer, Pragya was shattered. As the guy is Yash..

Zoya points Yash and says, he is my bhai. Pragya then remembers that, she has seen the girl in a pic at yash home… Zoya then says, Nikhil has blackmailled me saying, if i didnt transfer a sum of ruppes 25 crore from his account to yash and then yash to MI and then MI to Pragya, he will kill yash. She continues, pragya ji please forgive me.. I didn’t do anything deliberately… Yash, himself doesn’t know anything about it.. Nikhil, further asked me to give a letter to Mr. Chopra. He asked me to inform Mr. Chopra that Mr. Mehra, was not interested in the deal.. I am so sorry Pragya ji… Because of me, you were accused..

Zoya holds yash’s arm and grabs him infront of Nikhil and says, now my bhai is infront of you only, if you have courage kill him……

Abhi claps his hand. Pragya was puzzled by his activities. Abhi says, you know Nikhil, you are thinking yourself as a genius… But, the reality is, you are a biggest fool..

Abhi continues, wherever I go, will end up proofs against Pragya and yash. I know pretty well that my Angel cant do all this at any cost. Once I even thought that, you have used yash for all this… but, later I understood that like Pragya, yash too was trapped..

Tanu has told me in my engagement party, Nikhil has transferred a sum of 25 crores to pragya’s account but, when I cross checked it, I have come to know the whole truth.

Now Nikhil, tell me one thing…. What is the need to transfer money from your account to yash and then yash to MI, then from MI to Pragya’s account??? If you want to give her money, you could have given it directly. But, you didn’t do so…. From this itself, I have understood that yash has been trapped and my doubt has been confirmed, when you came to my office 2 days back to meet me. And you deliberately spoke to yash on that day. The reason behind your presence is just to create doubt in my mind on yash…

Nikhil confronts abhi saying, your doubts and your lectures and baseless. You are putting false accusations on me. I don’t understand what’s going on..

Abhi says, have patience for sometimes, I will make you understand everything…. He asks yash to brings his laptop from his car…

Mr. Nikhil Arya first point is, Tanu told me in my engagement party, that Pragya, has handed the letter to Mr. Chopra. But, fortunately or unfortunately, Pragya was with me at that time. We were buying ring for our engagement. And then, we went to yash home, so there is no chance for her to meet Mr. Chopra. I even have proof to prove it.
Yash shows the video to all, which abhi has got from Mr. Chopra’s office. The video clearly shows that Zoya is the one who spoke about the deal with Mr. Chopra…
Nikhil says, why are you linking me in this??? I am seeing the girl for the first time…

Abhi laughs??? and says, is that so??? He continues, in Mr. Chopra’s office, while we were watching the video, Mr. Chopra asked the staff to show it from 7’o’ clock, at that time only Zoya entered the office exactly. But, when I asked for the copy of the footage, the staff gave me the footage of whole day.
Yash then, rewinds the video and shows it. The video shows, Tanu, Nikhil and Zoya getting down from the car near the entry gate. And Tanu, Nikhil are ordering Zoya.
Nikhil was shocked to see it. Abhi asks, now how will you prove that this is wrong???

Abhi continues, My second point is, Zoya has come to my office and the security has given her a signed check and a file.
Abhi asks yash, to show the video, which he has got from the chip. On seeing it, Nikhil says, only security is visible in this video. Which means, Zoya didn’t come to your office and in Mr. Chopra’s office we didn’t speak about the deal…. Everything is false accusations…

Abhi says, oh my god!!!! Nikhil, take a breath man, if you continuously speak like this, truth cant become a lie…. Abhi says, wait a minute…
Yash shows the scene where, Zoya enters Pragya’s cabin. Nikhil says, how can you say it is Zoya??? Her face is not properly shown..
Abhi says, why are you in hurry??? I asked you to have some patience…. Abhi asks yash to zoom the video, while Zoya is getting the file from security. In video, Zoya stretches her hand to get the file from the security. Abhi asks yash to pause it. Yash does. In the video, Abhi points a ‘ Z ‘ tattoo in Zoya’s arm. Abhi then ask, zoya to show her hand. The Tattoo was there….
Abhi says, from this it is proved that, it is zoya who came to my office and then went to Mr. Chopra’s office. She has acted according to your tune..
Abhi continues, then, on the next day, Zoya was the one, who has called the bank manager and spoked as MI accountant, to transfer the money from MI account to pragya’s. And Zoya was the one who has transferred money from yash account to MI account, without yash’s knowledge. Not only this, Zoya has informed you about my presence in the bank. For which I even have her mobile bill statement. In Which it is clearly shown, when and how many times Zoya has called you…
Abhi asks Nikhil, how can you say that all these are all fake??? When you came to my office 2 days back, I have decided to talk with Yash about this mess.
FLASHBACK ( EPISODE: 32 abhi leaving pragya in hostel and says I am having an important work). After that abhi goes to Yash home to meet him. He asks Yash to come to terrace. Yash says, yes sir, in a minute.. Abhi goes. Yash comes to terrace after a minute. He sees abhi waiting for him. Abhi too sees Yash. He slaps him hard. Yash was shocked. He couldn’t understand anything. Abhi says, how dare are you to act against MI???, you always used to call pragya as di…di… ( abhi holds his collar and asks) how can you blame pragya for all your wrong deeds??? Yash says, sir you have misunderstood something…. Abhi shouts at him. He again slapped him hard.
Yash confronts him saying, I didn’t do anything… Please sir, believe me once. Abhi was confused. By looking at his eyes abhi thinks, yash would’ve not done all this. From that point abhi and yash joined together to search proofs against Tanu Nikhil. FLASHBACK ENDS…

Abhi tells tanu and Nikhil after all this, I have got this video from Mr. Chopra’s office. On seeing this video, I have come to know that Yash has nothing to do with it. Its all your plans..
But that girl, zoya. I was thinking about her repeatedly. Later I come to know that, I have seen her in a pic at Yash home. So yesterday I took leave to office and went to meet Zoya. She told me the remaining stories…
Pragya was shocked to know all this..

Abhi says, my third point is , security told me that, Yash has dropped Zoya in my office. But, when I enquired Zoya yesterday, I have come to know that yash didn’t do so…. And I also trust that, since at that time myself Pragya and yash was in yash’s house… So it was you, who have brought Zoya to my office in your car and dropped her in Mr. Chopra’s office. We have already seen that in the video. So on that day, security lied me, by taking yash’s name.. And this is also a lie that, yash asked the security to keep mobile in Pragya’s table. It was Nikhil, who asked the security to do so…. Since, Yash reached the office after security placed mobile in her table…
Pragya was shocked to hear all this…

Tanu interrupts and asks him, if all is to be believed….who has got your signature, in the letter???
Abhi remains silent for a minute. Tanu says, open your mouth and speak bhai…
Abhi says Pragya…..
On hearing this Pragya was shattered..
Tanu says, which means Pragya has joined hands with Nikhil and done this. In each and every crime, she too has connection. For money she has done everything…
Abhi shouts, shut up Tanu… Only you can do so… For you only, money is important… Tanu says, for pragya’s mistake, why the hell are you taunting me???
Abhi says, Pragya’s mistake eh??? You have done this Tanu…its you and Pragya, has nothing to do with it. Abhi says, you know one thing, the video, which I have got from our office has recorded what all happened in the last one month. Since, you asked, I am showing this to you now..
Abhi asks yash to rewind the video and shows.. ( Guys, this has happened in EPISODE – 10 ?? ). The video shows, PA entering pragya’s cabin and gives her certain files. He asks her to clear those files and submit it on sir’s table. She says, okay bhaiya. I will complete the work but, you submit it in on sir’s table. PA says, I am now going out of office due to some work. That’s why I am asking you to do it. Pragya says, okay bhaiya, I will manage it. Then PA and Pragya held in some conversations…after that PA leaves her cabin..
Pragya goes through the files. Once she completes it. She goes in search of PA, whether he returned to office or not. At that time, Tanu comes into pragya’s cabin and keeps that letter inbetween other papers in the file. After that Tanu goes out of the cabin. Then Pragya comes in and takes the file and goes out.. VIDEO ENDS. Tanu was shocked to see the video…..

Abhi holds her arm and asks, is this is enough for you??? Each and every second I used to think of you, whether you ate or not??? Whether you slept or not??? I have took care of you by keeping you in my eyes. But, today you have fallen down. I have fulfilled your each and every needs by looking at your face.. I thought you will realize your mistake and will return to me one day…. But, you didn’t… For all my deeds, you have done betrayal to me… You have cheated me…

Now for this betrayal I am going to punish you. Tanu tries to say something… The moment Tanu open her mouth, abhi slapped her hard… He says, even if you open your mouth, you cant see a worst person than me..
Pragya thinks, oh no… My dream has become true…

Abhi then points the door, Tanu was shocked to see policemen.
( after the Waiter gives juice to abhigya. Abhi takes it but, the glass gets slipped from his hand. He then leaves from there as the juice gets spilled on his hands…) then abhi goes to call the policemen. He asks the police to reach Nikhil Mansion, after an hour….

The policemen was about to arrest Tanu, Pragya says, stop it.. She tells abhi, ask them not to do it… Abhi says, if I have send her to jail, on your birthday party, then all this would’ve not happened.. On that day, maa… has stopped me and today you are… Sorry Pragya, I cant let her to play anymore… She has to be punished…
Abhi tells Tanu, you thought to ruin her , but she is thinking to save you….. Atleast now you try to change. He then asks the police to arrest Tanu and Nikhil..
Pragya asks him not to do so, but abhi didn’t hear her words….

Policemen was about to arrest Zoya, but abhi stops it and says, if Zoya was not there, we could have not proved their guilt. Whatever Zoya has done, is only to save her brother yash. Since Nikhil has blackmailed her saying, if she didn’t do as per his orders. He will kill yash. Under helplessness, Zoya has done all this, so leave her sir… Abhi gives the proofs to policemen and they arrested Tanu and Nikhil..
Yash says, Nikhil bhai, now celebrate your birthday, wedding, and honeymoon in your in sasural ( in laws house) ( jail ) with your hone wali biwi Tanu ji …
Nikhil stares at him… Tanu too..
PA comes to Nikhil’s home, while policemen arresting Tanu and Nikhil. PA tells tanu, this is a good lesson for you.
Abhi asks PA, what are you doing here??? PA says sir, Corporate park deal has finalised to our company… Mr. Chopra has cancelled the deal with Mr. Nikhil Arya’s company. And Mr. Chopra has send the official papers to our office in the evening. I have called you, but your mobile was unreachable. Then, I went to home, aunti ji has said that you are here, that’s why came to tell this good news to you……
Guys, still Pragya has some surprise for abhi…so to know it stay tuned….
Now coming to the point, I am really sorry guys, for making you all to wait for 2 days, ?????. I was held in work on Thursday, added to it heavy rain and power cut has messed up everything?????. Then it took lots of time for me to type this on Friday… So sorry guys, I didn’t do anything wantedly.. It has happened…
Riyashri, I was really speechless after reading your comments. Now also I don’t know what to say.. I feel blessed… And I liked the name, Mydenaa.??. But the way, what is the meaning of Mydenaa???

Lakshmi, good guess, but on abhigya’s engagement party, yash was wandering around Tanu. He was flirting with here only?. Thank you dear for reading this ff in your busy schedule ??.
Durga, I am really sorry dear?, I know you will be waiting for my ff but, due to the above resons, I was unable to.. Thank you for waiting without patiently? ??
Varsha, I will let you all know my name in the last episode ? Thank you. And ya, I took the name roli, from sasural aur simar ka only ??
Haritha, nice name yar, girl behind mask. Most of the time, your comments bring smile on my face. Thank you dear..??
Saranya, you too dear, suspense queen..??. Thank you ?
Surbhi, I hope you enjoyed this episode. Please read till my episode as I am having some surprises for you in it ???
Thank you all guys ??
Divya, abhigya, di, Reshma, sandy, asmithaa, rithu, Shanu, Kaif, mokshi, aditi Roy, elinor, mukund raj, salmar, Jessie, parthi, maha thank you so much for reading….???
And Manu,? I have only this for you.? ????

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