A Dream Episode – 35


Hi ? friends
Since last update was a smaller one thought to update another short one by today itself.
Okay lets get into the story
The episode begins with Pragya in hostel thinks, today the whole day, I didn’t see abhi. I missed him alot. She gets a message. Its abhi.. He texted her as, sry dr. Held in work. Pragya thinks, I wont reply him. But she is looking at her mobile.
Abhi texts her again as sry sweetheart… This time Pragya replies saying, okay, I will accept your sorry. How was your day???
Abhi texts her saying, ek dum perfect without you… She gets angry by reading it. She replies him saying, is that so??? Okay, herethen I wont come infront of you.. Tomorrow I am on leave to office…

Abhi smiles by reading her message. He called her but her mobile was switched off. He says, mad girl but this is also good. He then goes to sleep.
Its midnight 12 ‘o’ clock. Nikhil is sleeping in his room. Suddenly, someone shouted on his ears saying, happy birthday… Nikhil wakes up. He was scared and frightened to see someone standing near by his bed. He was sweating. He moves away from his bed. He shouts ghost…ghost… He then switches ON the lights. Its was Tanu. She shouts at him. Am I looking like a ghost??? I have come here to surprise you, but you are saying me as ghost…
Nikhil tells in his mind, sometimes truth will be bitter. He then says, oh my darling.. I so sorry dear… I don’t know its you. Thank you for the surprise. He hugs her, she too…
Tanu asks him to cut the cake. He does and feeds Tanu. Tanu too feeds Nikhil. Tanu says, enjoy your day. I will leave now. Meet you in the evening at the party. Bye and have a good day .
Nikhil thinks, good day!!!!! I have wakeup in your face, then how it will be a good day??? He says, nothing should go wrong. She has spoiled my mood…. If she is not abhi’s sister. I would’ve not turned to her side too. I feel only abhi’s love towards his sister can bring Mehra Industries down. Now I have only one option to play with the feeling. Okay Nikhil, come lets sleep for a while.
Next day morning, Pragya wakes up with her dream, abhi slapping Tanu. She says, oh no.. Not again. She thinks how all this will happen its baseless… She then says, today I wont go to office for sure.

In MM, abhi goes to mom and says, today I have most important work.. So bless me maa… Mom blesses him saying, all your work will be a successful one. He thinks to go to office soon..
Nikhil looks him home which was beautifully decorated. He feels that as if though he is in heaven.. He thinks to check all the arrangements..
In office, abhi looks at Pragya’s cabin. She was not there. He thinks, so she is really angry on me. He calls her but her mobile was switched off. He thinks, oh no, still she didn’t switch ON. He says, now how will I inform her about Nikhil’s birthday party. I didn’t speak about it to her before. Today evening, I want to take her to the party, but how??? He thinks, after finishing all the work in office, I will go and meet her.

As time passes,
In the evening, Tanu is getting ready for the party. She says, I must look special in the party. On the other hand, Nikhil is getting ready to the party. He says, this is the special day for me. So I have to look awesome. He wears black coat over white shirt. He combs his hair. Here Tanu too combs her hair and she is looking hot and stunning in her black outfits.
Abhi is dressed up in a formal white shirt and goes to see Pragya. She was sitting with her plants. She sees abhi and stands still… She thinks, for the first time when I saw abhi in my dream, he was exactly in this dress only.. Abhi waves his hand across her eyes. She comes to sense.

Pragya says, I was angry on you. Just go from here. Abhi says, we can fight tomorrow but, not today as we have to go to an important place now. Pragya says, I am not coming any where…. He comes closer to her. She says, Mr. Mehra, get away from me. He holds her cheek and says, please… please.. for me… I was just kidding you.. Don’t take it serious. Now come with me. Will you??? Pragya nods her head as yes.
Pragya goes to get ready. Abhi was waiting for her in the garden. She thinks to wear the red saree, as it was a special dress for me. She thinks, where abhi is going to take me???

In the garden, Abhi was asking the rose plants, why you are so special to my sweetheart ??? I think, more than me, my angel loves you…
Pragya smiles by seeing this. She comes infront of abhi. She is looking gorgeous. He is stunned by her beauty. He comes closer to her. She points its is hostel…. He smiles ( actually blushing)and Pragya too blushes. Abhi asks, shall we make a move??? Pragya nods her head as yes… They leaves to the birthday party…..
Guys, since last epic was shorter one. Updated one more today itself. And I will break all the surprises and suspense in next episode. Tomorrow I will be updating in the evening only…
Thank you all guys,
Varsha, I like the name Roli.. And Shona is my nick name kept by Manu… I will be revealing my identity only in the last episode… ??. I am sorry guys, if anyone feels I have cheated you all by this name. Actually I have done this with a reason. I will elaborate it in my last episode…
Really sorry guys if this hurts anyone..
Haritha, ya but next is a party episode so I will definitely break all the surprises and suspenses

Guys, Thursday evening only, I will be updating my next episode….

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  1. Hai roli…its not cheating and all yaar…its ok..i like roli name from sasural simar ka…today episode soo cute…

  2. thanks dear roil

  3. Awww Im still laughing shona dear..
    Hilarious epic???
    Loved abhigya’s text fight?
    & takhil’s fight? *i hv wakeup vth ur face..hw it vl b good day* hahaha???
    Eagerly waiting for the next part???
    Love always???


    So roli… your identity too suspense.. what is this yaar…. but I liked it… if you tell this before then I will try to file a case and started my detective work… to find your identity… and I will give a name to that case… too.. do you wish to knew what will be the name… I will tell you.. the girl behind the mask.. as you reveal th a suspense tomorrow my chance to find you… lost…

  5. it was like treat to me yr yippiiiieeeee ??????????? see my happiness and yup I am always in a same mood as much as I can read urs today I got my treat two episodes a day thank you so much ??

  6. Ohhhh god wat s tz yaar u know in.last episode na I felt it I want to wait 4 ur NXT part with much excitement actually I read it last one few minutes back only oce o saw u updated NXT episode today itself u don’t know how much I excited tat I thk now I vl sleep peacefully bt no u again dint reveal the party n suspence n secrets OK anyway wat to do only one thg I can do s waiting… Waiting without patience….

  7. good idea to upload shorter but nice

  8. NICE …please tell us about the girl ,,please ….cant wait … please update soon.

  9. Prathi

    Treat! Treat! Treat! 2 episodes at that same time.. Roli detective Roli waiting for all those suspenses and surprises..

  10. nice one dear

  11. Superrrr……… Egarly waiting for next episode…….

  12. Sandy

    Cute moments of abhigya??????. Thank you for treating us ?

  13. Superb

  14. superb ………

  15. Asmithaa

    superb yaar.. loved it..

  16. Saranya24

    Lovely my suspense queen???

  17. please upload next part dear

    1. Roli

      I have updated bro, it will be punished soon.

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