A Dream Episode – 33

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The episode begins with, in office, abhi asks Pragya to come with him. She asks, where??? Abhi says, to Chopra Industries. She asks, why??? Abhi says, you will come to know about it once we reach there..
Nikhil sitting alone thinks, I should do something to become a no.1 businessman. For that I have to push Mehra Industries down. It can be done by only Tanu. That’s why, I am still with her. Think Nikhil think, you can.. Search for a way…
Abhigya reached Chopra Industries. Mr. Chopra, greets abhigya. Abhi says, I have come here to introduce my accountant to you. Mr. Chopra says, but I have already seen her. Abhi says, where did you saw her??? Mr. Chopra says, here in this office and in this cabin. He continues, you said, you are going to introduce her to me, if I know her already, what is the use of introducing her to me???

Abhi says, its because after seeing her also, you were not able to identify her. That’s why.
Mr. Chopra says, sorry Mr. Mehra, I cant get you. Abhi points Pragya and says, she is my accountant. Mr. Chopra wonders. He asks abhi, why you always appoint accountant like that??? I mean, that girl also wears saree, and this girl too. Both of them are having same hairstyle, both wears spects. The only difference between the two is their face. First I thought, the girl who came on the other day only has come with you now. Later on seeing her face only I come to know that both are different.
Abhi asks him, so if I show you that girl can you identify her??? Mr. Chopra says, bilkul Mr. Mehra, I think you know about me, that I can recognise a person pretty well, if I meet them once. Abhi says, I know Mr. Chopra, for that reason only, I have planned to see you.
Mr. Chopra asks, but why do you want me to identify her??? Abhi says, its because, the girl who came on that day is not my accountant. He points Pragya and says she is the one and only accountant of Mehra Industries. Mr. Chopra says, what!!!! Which means, who came on that day??? Abhi says, you only have to say about it..
Mr. Chopra says, how do I know??? She showed me her ID card, in which it was written Pragya Arora, Accountant, Mehra Industries. Abhi points Pragya and says, that is her name. She is Miss. Pragya Arora.
Mr. Chopra was confused. He says, then show me that girl. I will identify her. Abhi says, I don’t know who she is.. Have to find out hereafter only. Mr Chopra says, what Mr. Mehra…. Why are you confusing me like this??? What is your point??? Tell me clearly…
Abhi says, my point is the girl who came on that day is not my accountant and I don’t know who she is…. Abhi continues, you have said that, she has given some papers, signed by me. Can I see that??? Do you have it with you now??? Mr. Chopra says, yes Mr. Mehra. It was here only. Just give me 2minutes.
Pragya asks abhi, is there CCTV surveillance in this office like ours??? If so she would have caught definitely in the camera. With that we can easily find out who she is ….
Abhi says, you are right. But, why you are giving importance to that girl?? Pragya gets puzzled by this question. She says, why are you asking like this??? If we find the girl only we can bring the whole truth out.
Abhi says, that girl has done what she was ordered to be.. I think, she has no role to play in it. Instead of wasting time in finding the girl, if we concentrate on the person, who has send her, then it will be easy to find who the girl is???
Pragya says, what!!!! What are you saying??? Why you are confusing like this??? Do you want to find the girl or not??? Abhi says, I want to but, not like this.. Pragya says, which means???
Abhi says, listen carefully, if we watch any flim from backward, we cant understand the story. That’s what we are doing now. If we place the girl as our initial target, then we cant find out who she is?? And who has send her??? Offcourse its Tanu and Nikhil but, all the proofs are against you. So to catch them redhanded, we must target Tanu and Nikhil not the girl. Ya its important to find the girl, since she has done a crime by using your identity as hers but, if we trap Tanu and Nikhil, then the girl too will automatically fall on the trap.. I am just waiting for such a trap….
Mr. Chopra comes. He shows abhi, the letter. Abhi reads it. It was written as
Mr. Aakash Chopra,
Chopra Industries,
Reg. Corporate park deal…
I am glad that, you liked to sign the deal for corporate park with Mehra Industries but, due to certain issues, I cant make it. I regret for that. I will be glad that if you sign this deal with Mr. Nikhil Arya’s company. If time permits we will meet with another better deal than this…
Abhishek Mehra
MD and CEO of Mehra Industries

Pragya gets the letter and says, this is the same letter which Tanu showed us in the engagement function. She asks Mr. Chopra, sir, is there any possibility for the girl to be Tanu…… Mr. Chopra says, mam, Mr. Mehra and myself are friends right from the day, he has entered into business world and Tanu too… Its not Tanu, who came on the other day.
Abhi asks Mr. Chopra, why you didn’t inform me about this??? Why you didn’t confirm with me??? Hope you remember, I have assured you in the meeting held in my office, that I will sign the deal by next day. Then how can you take this decision without asking me???
Mr. Chopra says, your accountant….sry, that girl said, Mr. Mehra is not interested to talk about it further. That’s why I didn’t ask you anything. Abhi says, Mr. Chopra, if I want to say something, I would’ve told directly to you. Why should I send someone as an mediator???
Mr. Chopra says, a big blunder has happened. I am sorry Mr. Mehra..
Abhi gets a call from Nikhil, he picks it. Nikhil says, Mr. Mehra, I am inviting you for my birthday party after 2days. I will be awaiting your presence with your hone wali biwi, Pragya. I am having a surprise for you in the party.. Abhi, didn’t say anything. Nikhil then disconnects the call. Tanu taunts Nikhil saying, are you mad??? Why the hell you have invited bhai to the party??? Oh my sweet darling, don’t be angry dear… I have invited him with a reason… Tanu says again flop plans… This time our target wont be missed, because this surprise will directly poke Mr. Mehra’s heart… Abhi too says, this time my target wont be missed. Just 2 days…
Mr. Chopra says, I am also responsible this blunder. Now tell me what should I do??? How can I help you???
Pragya says, is your office is under CCTV surveillance ??? Mr. Chopra says, the whole office is under surveillance. Pragya says, then for what we are waiting for??? If we see the video we will easily get to know who that girl is??? Mr. Chopra asks, but on what day she came here???
Abhi says, it should be 2days before our engagement.. Mr. Chopra says, which means you are going to marry this girl??? Abhi nods his head. Mr Chopra wishes them luck. He says, now continue.. Abhi says, it must be on August 15th.
Mr. Chopra says, independence day… Ya ya, she came on that day only.. He continues, come lets go to surveillance room to find the culprit.
They all goes to surveillance room. Mr. Chopra asks a staff to show the video of august 15th evening after 7’o’ clock. The staff says, yes sir. He searches for it and shows. They sees the video. Mr. Chopra, abhi and Pragya are eager to see who that girl is..

In the entry camera video, the girl has covered her face with saree pallu. Abhigya gets disappointed. Mr. Chopra asks the staff to zoom the video. They sees ID card of the girl. It was written Pragya Arora, accountant, Mehra Industries. Pragya says, how she got my ID Card??? Abhi says, its duplicate one. Pragya asks, how you know that??? Because there is no printed signature of mine in the card… Pragya says, awh yes. Its not there. Then, Mr Chopra asks the staff to show reception camera video. Abhi says, after office hours, what is the use to see reception area camera??? Mr. Chopra says, we will get to know whether its useful or not after seeing the video. They sees the video. Only one part of the girl is visible in the video. Pragya says, in this also, only one part of the girl is visible. Mr. Chopra says, I think she didn’t notice the camera there. Abhi says, she is very intelligent. Don’t underestimate her.
Mr Chopra says, play the video of my cabin. The staff asks him, there are 4 cameras in your cabin, which to play. Mr. Chopra says, play all the 4.
The staff plays, Pragya prays to Ramji, atleast in this video her face should be shown. Please Ramji, help me…
The first camera, points only Mr. Chopra and the girl from behind. Pragya was disappointed.
In the Second camera, only one side of the girl is visible. Again Pragya gets disappointed.
In the third camera shows, other side of the girl. Pragya says, now only one more camera is left. Will it show the girls face????
In the fourth camera, the girls face is shown slowly. Mr. Chopra asks to zoom it. Abhigya looks on… And the screen freezes partly on abhigya’s puzzled reaction and on the girls face.
Thank you guys for all your comments, I am sorry I was unable to reply you all, since my fingers are paining badly while typing. I am planning to end it because of that only.. I can take a break and continue. But, if I do so, no one can understand head and tail of this story. Since each and every episode has a hidden facts. That’s why I used to update regularly as possible. And I will be back soon with a fresh story.
Sandy, I will post the teasers, but not now. After ending this ff. Since right now I have just thought about the characters and their role. Still I need to work on it. After that I will post.
Kaif and maha, sry guys for planning to end it. I have no intention to drag and spoil the charm of this story???. I will be back with a better plot ( if possible ) than this.??? I too like plants and flowers very much. That’s why I always include it the story.
In the new ff, I will fulfil sugan’s request. Sugan has requested me to add some character with comic roles in it but I was unable to do it. I will fulfil it in next ff.
Haritha, I was laughing yaar by the name detective roli???. Actually I love stories of plotting, and attempting to find the truth. That’s why, my story is like this. But next ff will be a different one.
Manu, if I highlight the loop holes there is no need of surprises and suspense ???? don’t worry dear. Wait till Nikhil’s birthday party. Because in that I will break all the suspense and surprises…
Divya, Durga, varsha, di I wont say herethen that the ff is boring ?????
And thank you all Reshma, Nannu, abhigya, nirmal, asmithaa, rithu,sugan for your love and support.
Tomorrow I will post ff late in afternoon. And most importantly I will break all the suspense and surprises in the birthday party of Nikhil’s…

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