A Dream Episode – 32


Hi ? friends
Thank you for all your comments. Nannu, thank you for your honest reviews.. I am sry dear for dragging, actually that episode is needed…there are some hidden facts in previous episode, which you will come to know in this weekend. Going to end this ff. Maybe within middle of next week.. I have got a new plot but unable to concentrate on it because of this ff. So planning to end it soon.. Will be back with it…
I am really sorry guys for giving such a boring episode.
Mukund raj, I am sry bro, yesterday unable to give a big epic, since my fingers are paining like someone is poking with needle while typing in mobile. So I was unable to type. Herethen, I will try to give you all big episode as well as interesting one..
I am Sry guys…
Okay lets get into the story…
The episode begins with, abhi calling someone (like higher official than the bank manager) and speaks about it. After 5 minutes, the bank manager calls abhi and says, sorry sir…and then gives the details. He continues saying, the money has transferred from Mr. Nikhil Arya’s personal account to yash’s account.. Abhi says, thank you for the information. It would have been better if you gave it before itself. He then disconnects the call.
Abhi looks at yash and thinks, I will end this game as soon as possible, after meeting Mr. Aakash Chopra..
Someone calls Nikhil, and informs that manager has given the information to abhi. Nikhil says, okay, I will see to it..
In the evening, after all left the office, abhigya inserts chip to the clock. Now both the clock and the camera has started to work as normal. Abhi drops Pragya in her hostel and says I have an important work, if I leave it now, I cant do it again.. Pragya says, okay all the best for your work to get succeed. Abhi leaves from there. He thinks, this time I wont fail…
Pragya gets into hostel… Receptionist informs Pragya, someone has come to meet you and she is waiting for you in the garden. Pragya wonders, who it can be???
Pragya goes to garden. she see mom sitting besides her plants. Pragya says maa.. Mom turns to her side. She takes mom’s blessings. She says if you called me, I would’ve come to home. Why, you…. Mom interrupts and says, which means I should not come here??? Pragya says, no maa.. I didn’t mean like that. It will be difficult for you to be in this place as it is not like…. Mom says, beta we have begined our ( mom and abhi’s dad) life in a small house… There are times we struggled hard to meet our daily needs. Then somehow, we have satarted a Mehra industries as a small company. Abhi has born.. With his ( abhi’s dad) hardwork, the company runs with some profit. We lived a peaceful life…
As days passes, abhi has grown up and our company too.. But not very successful one..
Tanu’s mom, is my sister. She is a single parent. Tanu and my sister also lived with us.. My sister is independent, she used to work in office.
Everything went perfect but one day…( mom filled with tears). She continues, one day he has went to sign a deal with foreign company. Before leaving, he said, this deal is very important for our company, which will take Mehra Industries to the next level and I will return soon. Take care of abhi.. Deal has been finalised successfully, but he didn’t return home… He died in plane crash…..
Abhi was 19yrs old when his dad passed away. He was broken completely as he always says my dad is my inspiration, my role model, my supporter, my energy, my everything.. Somehow abhi, consoles himself and took charge of MI. Side by side, he has completed his studies too.

Tanu’s mom is the one who look after the foreign deal, after abhi’s dad left us.. With that, she settled in Canada itself. Tanu stayed with us, until she completes her studies and then started to assist abhi in his business. She said, she wants to live alone and enjoy the life to the fullest. I allowed her to be.. I know, she likes money but I don’t know she is greedy of it. And I didn’t expect, she will stoop low to accuse you..
Pragya says maa.. That’s okay. You are believing me, that’s enough. All the problems has a solution and every puzzle will be answered.
Pragya points her rose plants and says, have you ever noticed these plants. The life of a flower is just 7days but, within these 7 days, it spreads lot of happiness around it. Likewise maa…life is short and we have to be happy with what we have.. The plants never bothered, if a life of a flower comes to an end. Because, it knews every end is the beginning of the new one. So don’t worry maa… What ever Tanu wants to do… Let her do it.. Very soon, she will be paid for it.

Mom caress her hair and says, I came here to give you strength but you are giving it to me… I am so glad of you… Pragya smiles and says I really feel my mom’s love in your presence. How can I see you worried??? Both mom and Pragya gets emotional and hugs each other.
Abhi sees this and smiles. Mom sees abhi and asks him, when you came here??? Abhi says, just now maa. Went to home, few minutes back, but I came to know that you are here.. So I too.. Mom says, just to see Pragya, I have come here. Now shall we go home??? Abhi says, awh…vo…vo…haa.. Maa… I have some work with Pragya.
Pragya smiles… Mom too smiles and says, I know beta I know, that’s why I asked so… Mom then leaves from hotel.
Pragya asks abhi, has your work over??? Abhi says, almost over.. Pragya looks on.. Abhi says come.. we will go out.. Pragya says I will keep my bag in my room and come. Abhi says okay, I will wait for you. Pragya keeps her stuffs in the room and gets freshup. She then goes out of the hostel. She sees abhi was doing something with his mobile. She goes and stands infront of him.
Abhi noticed that her bhindi is not placed right. He says your bhindi… Pragya says, what for that??? She places her hand in her forehead and searches for it. Abhi says, little right.. Pragya searches in extreme right.. He says ufff.. You cant even place bhindi right. Then, he himself place it right. She smiles and says in her mind, I know it, I wantedly did so.. Because I wanted you to…. Abhi says me to… complete the sentence. Pragya gets shy and blushes. Abhi too smiles and says, now who is cheater cock???
Pragya is blushing.. It started to rain. Pragya sees an ice cream shop in the roadside. She says, come lets go and have ice cream. Abhi says, here??? That too while raining??? Why you always like roadside food??? She holds his hand and grabs him to the shop to have ice cream.
Pragya asks shopkeeper, bhaiya 2 icecream. Abhi says, one is enough. She says, both are for me…not for you… Abhi gets irked. He then asks the shopkeeper, give one for me too. Shopkeeper says, Sorry sir, I had only 2 and i gave it to her.
Pragya smiles and gives one to him. He gets it unwillingly. Pragya started to have ice cream. Abhi admires her. He sees ice cream is in her nose. He gets nearer to her. She says, Mr. Mehra, what are you doing??? She goes backward.. He further gets closer. She goes backward and hits on the tree bark. He comes closer to her. She gets nervous. She closes her eyes. Her heart is beating faster. He cleans ice cream from her nose and moves away. She opens her eyes and looks at him. He laughs at her. Her eyes gets widened. She tries to hit him. He runs from there in rain. She chases him. She couldn’t catch him. So she does a fake drama by slipping in water. Abhi sees it and comes towards her. He says, are you okay??? She pinched his ear and says, now i caught you… Abhi says, you cheater cock….. Pragya smiles at him. He too smiles. They gets drenched in rain and the screen freezes on the happy face of abhigya…
I can understand guys, all wanted me to reveal the suspense, but before revealing it, I have to create loop holes for that. That’s what I am doing it now.. Previous episode has lot of loop holes, lucky no one noticed it.. That’s great…
Please have some patience, anyhow within this week, you come to know everything..as I am going to end this by next week…
And where abhi went, and for what he went and all is again a suspense… I can say only one thing now.. That its a trap for Tanu and Nikhil. Lets see how tanik is getting into the abhi’s trap..
And I am sorry guys, for yet another boring episode. Why I included the past life story is because abhi knows everything about Pragya, but still now Pragya doesn’t know anything about abhi’s personal life. That’s why…
From tomorrow I will reveal one by one suspense. guys… I am sry…. sry for disappointing…..

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  1. not boring it’s interesting yaaaaaaaaaa

    nice story line

    when it end that make miss it badly………

    come with new story abhigya??????????????


    roli….why are you thinking that its boring…you can take many days to make a lots of loop holes…so that we can get this story little more days…because we love this…we love your writting…and waiting for the trap..dectective roli…

  3. superb yaar it is not at all boring instead it keep on increasing curiosity to see where the story goes and for any story it take some time to reveal any secret and i like the way u r describing each and every character soo dont be sorry keep going and keep rocking

  4. Reshma Pradeep


  5. Sandy

    Hey dude ?thanks for uploading regularly Its not boring yaarr but interesting if you wanna close this u can. Am sure u will do it with a bang ?
    Am really happpiie to hear that ur gonna start a new plot #cantwait #lookingforward ??☺☺
    Probably or possibly can u give us a teaser of the new ff ??

  6. Again u r saying boring and all…i said na its tooo good….pls don’t ever say like this….

  7. Its ok dear nice episode

  8. superbb yarrrr

  9. Asmithaa

    superb yaar…

  10. Super yaaaaa….

  11. Nice… Please continue this ff… Don’t stop.. I loved it to the core….?????

  12. It’s not boring yaar it’s superb!

  13. Nice episode yaar…

  14. Amazing epi dear..???
    If u say boring again then I won’t excuse u???
    I didn’t get that loop holes???
    Waiting for the revelation of suspenses?
    And also another amazing new ffff???

  15. Very nice

  16. No worry keep dragging we like it because we got effected by TV track of kkb and by the way I like that plant and flowers keep continue and ever dare to stop your ff till 150 episodes keep writing like this

  17. It’s superb yaar n it’s not @ all boring y u r thinking lk tz plzzzz don’t don’t underestimate the power of ur ff I know it’s a cinema dialogue bt it’s suit na….that’s y…

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