A Dream Episode – 31


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The episode begins with Nikhil telling Tanu, I have decided to go to Mehra Industries to know what’s happening there exactly since, we are not getting the exact information from anyone. Now abhi has started to search for proof. If we have left any clues then, everything will turn upside down. We can’t sit and watch patiently all this. Tanu says what if bhai gets angry on seeing you there??? How will you handle that??? Nikhil says, I know how to handle the situation, you don’t worry about it darling. Tanu looks on…
In MM, mom sees abhi’s car and thinks, abhi said car was breakdown but it didn’t look so… I think, abhi is hiding something from me…. What it can be??? Is he is in some problem???
Abhi in his room, calls Mr. Aakash Chopra ( investors). Abhi says, Mr. Chopra, I want to meet you. Its not official as well as not personal but still it is important. Mr. Chopra says, Mr. Mehra, why you are so formal??? We can meet at any time at anywhere but, not today since, I am out of mumbai. Will be back by tomorrow morning. Shall we meet in the evening in a restaurant??? Abhi says, no..no, I want to meet you in your office after office hours. Mr. Chopra says, as your wish Mr. Mehra. Abhi says, and don’t inform anyone about this meeting. Let it be a secret one. Mr. Chopra says, okay Mr. Mehra, you don’t worry about it.. Abhi says thank you and then disconnects the call..

Abhi thinks, for sure I will get to know something there. He says, what will I do, if I get proof against Pragya there??? No abhi no, think positive.. Till yesterday, it was said that Pragya is behind money transaction from MI account. But, now its clear that, its some other girl, not Pragya. Today, I don’t know, who that girl is??? Maybe, tomorrow I will come to know. So, I should not loose my hope.

Pragya in Ramji temple, she says, today I didn’t come here to ask you anything.. I have just come here to tell you onething. You are with me in all my happiness and in all my problems. Now Mr. Mehra too with me in all my problems and happiness. I know you will definitely get me out of this. So, I am not going to worried about anything. Okay bye, I will meet you in the evening or by tomorrow morning. Now I am going to office..byee..
Pragya goes out of the temple. She sees abhi there. He ask her to get into car. She does. She ask him, why you didn’t come into temple??? Abhi says, I know you would have prayed for me too.. Pragya smiles.. He ask her to close her eyes. She asks why?? Abhi says, don’t ask questions, do what I say.. Pragya says, yes sir… She then closes her eyes. Abhi holds her hand, open her eyes. Abhi says, oye.. She closes her eyes. He then places a mobile in her hand. He asks her to open her eyes.. She does. She sees a mobile in her hand and asks him, is this for me??? He says no… Its for your Ramji… She gets irked and keeps the mobile down. Abhi says, I have bought it for you only. She smiles and says, thank you abhi… Abhi too smiles.

Mom was thinking to meet Pragya in the evening. I didn’t see her after she was accused by Tanu. I have done a big mistake. I told her, I am like your maa.. But I didn’t act so.. I didn’t stand with her. I didn’t give her strength when she needed it. I should spend sometime with her.

Abhigya reached office. Abhi says, I will park the car and come. You go in.. Pragya nods her head and gets down from the car. She goes in. She then sees yash and Nikhil are speaking something in her cabin. She then goes to her cabin.
Nikhil greets Pragya… He says, I am waiting for you only.. Pragya didn’t say anything. She was staring at him. Nikhil says, Pragya ji don’t see me like that, I am getting scared.. I think, this is the first time we are meeting but I know you pretty well. He continues, actually, I have come here to meet Mr. Mehra since I have got a new contract. I thought that Mr. Mehra, is only responsible for that.. But, Tanu said, you are also one of the reason for it. So thank you, for you too Miss. Pragya Arora..
Pragya is in hyper. She asks him to leave from her cabin right now. Nikhil says, my work is over Pragya ji so, I am leaving now. He was about to leave but stops, after seeing the clock.
Nikhil says, the clock looks beautiful but, why the clock is showing wrong time??? Yash says, it was working yesterday..what happened??? Why suddenly the clock has stopped working???
Pragya looks at the clock. It shows 6:30. She thinks, oh no.. The clock has stopped working.. But why??? Is it because of that chip???
Nikhil walks towards the clock. Pragya thinks, no, what will happen if he comes to know about the clock??? No, somehow I have to stop him. Nikhil is getting nearer to the clock.. Pragya is getting frightened.. She says, battery… Nikhil turns to her side and says what!!!! Pragya says, maybe its battery would’ve gone. Nikhil says, maybe…
Nikhil sees abhi entering the office. Abhi too sees Nikhil standing in Pragya’s cabin. Abhi fumes but didn’t show it. He greets Nikhil. They then goes to abhi’s cabin.
Abhi asks the reason for his visit.. Nikhil says, just to say thank you. Abhi says, thank you!!!!! But why??? Nikhil says, I have heard from Mr. Chopra, you have suggested my company for corporate park deal.. Abhi says, this is just a beginning, so don’t get excited Mr. Nikhil Arya.. Nikhil says, that’s so sweet of you. Okay its time to leave. We will meet under better circumstances. Nikhil leaves from abhi’s cabin.

Nikhil sees Pragya stands like an idol by looking at the clock. He thinks, why she is seeing the clock like this… He then leaves the office..
Yash waves his hand across pragya’s eyes. She comes to sense. He asks di… What happened to you??? Pragya didn’t say anything. Only bank manager’s words and security’s words are echoing in her ears. Pragya thinks, I cant identify what is truth and what is lie??? Yash says, dii.. Pragya asks him, what you were doing with Nikhil? Yash thinks for a while and says, awh.. vo..vo.. Pragya leaves from there. She goes to abhi’s cabin and tells him, clock is not working. Abhi says what!!! She says yes, the clock has stopped to work by yesterday evening 6:30. that is, after we removed the chip. Abhi says, which means we have to insert the chip to the clock. He continues, i think, camera too wont work. Pragya says, we should have placed the chip yesterday itself. If we would’ve done so, now we could have found out what Nikhil and yash was speaking. Abhi asks, when it has happened???
Pragya says, when I entered office, I saw both were talking in the cabin.. Abhi sees yash, from his cabin. Abhi says, what he is doing??? Pragya says, he is standing near the clock. Oh no.. We have to stop him.. Pragya goes.

Yash stands on a bench to remove the clock from the wall. He was about to touch the clock. Pragya shouts yashhhh… He gets frightened.. He looses his balance and falls down from bench.
Pragya asks him, what are you doing??? Yash ( still on the floor) says dii.. Is this is the way to call me…?? I was scared.. Pragya says, only the person who is doing wrong deeds used to be scared. Yash looks on… He says, I had a battery, thought to put it in the clock. Is it wrong??? Pragya gets battery from him and says, you do your work, that’s highly enough for us. Yash then gets up from the floor and says ok di okkk hereafter I wont do all these works. He goes to his chair by hopping. He says, doing good falls under wrong deed category….
Abhi looks all this from his cabin. He thinks, day by day my doubt on yash is increasing. Its time to find bring out his true face.

Abhi calls bank manager and says, this is abhi from Mehra Industries. Manager says, yes Mr. Mehra, what can I do for you?? Abhi says, I need to know immediately, how yash has got 25crore rupees?? Has anyone transferred to his account or he himself deposited in his account??? Manager says, Mr. Mehra, on that day itself , I have clearly said that I wont give any information about it. Abhi says, I am Abhishek Mehra and I know, how to get information from you… Get ready Mr. Manager, to face the consequences….. The screen freezes on abhi’s anger face…

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