A Dream Episode – 30


Hi ? friends
Nannu, I am clearing your doubts..
1. Abhi slapped the security and asks for the details, which means, abhi showed the video to the security and asks about it… I have wrote it in short since I thought u guys will understand… I feel that I am stretching the same point… Sry dear here after I will be clear…
2. And i have mentioned thatOne side of the girl in visble in video and her face is not visible properly, Which means one side of her face is also visible but it is not enough to predict who it can be. It doesn’t gives a clear image to say who it is… If anyone tries to predict also they will say, its Pragya…. because of her dressing style, her accessories resembles like Pragya….

I hope Nannu, you have got my point now…
Okay now lets get into the story..
The episode begins with abhi telling Pragya, you have caught in a well planned trap. Pragya says, I think its difficult to get out of this trap… Abhi says, its not that much difficult, if we got just one clue, its enough to find the whole planning.
Abhi says, its getting late. Come, I will drop you in hostel. Abhigya gets into the car. Abhi keeps his laptop and mobile aside and tries to start the car, but it didn’t start. Pragya says, your car is also like you, cheater cock… Abhi asks, what !!!! I’m am a cheater cock??? Pragya says, yes… You are…
Pragya then gets down from the car. Abhi too. He asks her, why you said so.. Pragya says, its because, I know why you spoke harshly to me in the morning. Since, you don’t want me to resign this job. She continues, you cant fake me.. Abhi gives a reaction as if though a thief is caught. He says, I have no other way to stop you other than to speak like that.. She smiles.. He then asks her, shall we walk for a while. Pragya nods her head. He locks his car and they started to walk.

Pragya says, don’t know why I cant believe security’s word. I think, Yash is not involved in it.. Abhi asks her, why you think so? Pragya says because this incident has happened on the day we went to purchase our engagement ring. When we came out of the shop, we saw yash standing nearby the shop. Then yash invited us to his home and we too went along with him. Do you remember all this??? Abhi says, yes I remember pretty well about it. Pragya asks, then how can he drop some girl in the office???
Abhi says, there is one more point to be noted from security’s statement.. Pragya asks, what it is ?? Abhi says security said, yash left the office immediately after he left the girl here.. He didn’t wait for the girl to come out… Maybe, after leaving the girl here, he would’ve come to meet us, inorder to divert our attention.. Pragya ask him, how do yash know that we are in the jewellery shop ??? And you didn’t even tell me, that we are going to buy our engagement ring. Then, how yash knows that we will be there??? Abhi thinks for a while and says, your questions can be answered only by yash….
By speaking, abhigya reached a sea shore. Pragya sits down in the sand and abhi too sits besides her. Pragya says, its like a spider web, cant identify which is the starting point and which is ending. Its confusing to the core. What ever proofs we are getting, its only against me. I have got trapped in a net. Don’t know, how to come out of it.

Abhi keeps his hand on hers and says, you don’t worry about it. Until I am with you, I wont let anything bad happens to you. I will be your saviour and protect you from all problems.
Pragya then keep another hand on abhi’s hand and asks him, why you trust me this much ??? Abhi looks into pragya’s eyes and says, because I Love My Angel….. Pragya feels the whole world is stopped for a while. She was sitting like a idol, by looking at him..as
Sanam re, sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re
Sanam re, sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re
Karam re, karam re
Tera mujhpe karam hua re
Abhi waves his hand across her eyes.. She comes to sense.

In MM, mom sees the time. It was around 1’o’ clock. She thinks, why abhi didn’t reach home from office??? If he is, in an important meeting also, he used to inform me that, maa.. I will be late today. But what happened to him today??? She thinks to call him. She does.. Abhi’s mobile is ringing ( mobile is in his car )…… She says, why abhi is not picking my call??? Is he in some problem??? She then thinks to call Pragya, but stops as its late night. She says I should not make her worried by calling her now. Mom is tensed very much. She is wandering here and there….

Abhi says, I remember one thing. Pragya asks, what??? He says, in our engagement, I got a call from Mr. Aakash Chopra ( investors ) saying, you have met him and gave a letter signed by me to him regarding the contract . Which was also happened on the same day. It means, the girl, whom we saw in the video must have met him as my accountant ( that is as you ) and should have gave that letter to him. She should have spoke about the contract to Mr. Chopra too.
Pragya says, if so, from where she got the letter?? Abhi says, maybe, it would have been in the file which security gave to her in the video. Abhi continues, wait I will do one thing, he searches for his mobile. He says, oh no… I have left my mobile in car itself. Give your mobile, I have to make an important call… Pragya says, I don’t have mobile.. Abhi asks her, don’t have means??? Pragya says, I broke it, in anger. Abhi laughs, he says, why you broke it?? It was a gift from your…..he pauses for a while and says friend.. Pragya is in hyper where as abhi is enjoying it…

Pragya beats( like tapping ) him. She gets up and tries to leave. But Abhi, holds her hand and pulls her to his side. She falls on him. She looks into his eyes. Her heart started to beat faster. He caress her hair. There was a cool breeze around the sea shore. They lost in each other thoughts as
Saiyaara main saiyaara, Saiyaara tu saiyaara
Sitaaron ke jahaan mein milenge abb yaara

She comes to sense. She gets up from him and sits besides him. Abhi says, I was just kidding you.
Pragya points the moon and says it looks beautiful, which is making me to forget all the problems. Pragya asks abhi, have you ever admired moon by sitting like this??? Abhi nods his head as no.. He says, when you are with me how can I admire moon??? Pragya says, is that so??? I know, what you are upto.. I wont fall in your trap… Abhi says, you have already fallen in my trap. Pragya says what!!!! Abhi says yes, car wasn’t breakdown… Pragya says, you cheater cock….. See, the name suits you well. She asks, why you did so???

Abhi says, I thought to spend sometime with you under the moon light…as you are worried.. On hearing this, Pragya holds his arm, and says I Love You so much… You care for me alot, I don’t know what I am going to do in return for this?? Abhi asks her, will you do whatever I say??? Pragya nods her head as yes. Abhi says, I want your smile to be in your face always…. Pragya smiles..
As time passes, Pragya feels sleepy and she rest on his lap… Abhi caress her hair. He says, just few days, I will somehow try to clear all the puzzles infront of us.. He too sleeps, by resting on the sand..
Next day morning, abhigya wakes up. They walks back to office. Abhi then drops Pragya in her hostel and he returned home
Mom is sleeping in sofa. Abhi sees her and goes to wake up her. She says, abhi where were you the whole night?? I was worried. Abhi thinks, its not right to tell mom what has happened yesterday. Mom shook abhi’s arm and says I am asking to you only…. Abhi says, awh maa.. Car got breakdown. Mom asks, why you didn’t call me ?? Abhi says, no charge in mobile maa…

Mom says, abhi why you are still attached to that car, When it is causing trouble to you always??? Abhi says, maa… Do you remember??? Dad loves this car very much. Once I asked him, the reason behind it??? Dad said, it was the first car, i bought after gaining profit in my first contract. So its special to me… Abhi says, I feel dad is with me, when I am in that car… Mom smiles… She asks him to get fresh up… Abhi leaves from there…
Mom thinks about the past incidents with abhi’s dad.
Nikhil asks Tanu, darling what happened to you??? The moment when I came here, you looked worried… Tanu says, I am not worried. I am thinking…. Nikhil asks, what are you thinking so seriously??? Tanu says, how bhai has got video, when all the cameras are switched off??? Nikhil thinks for a while and says, there must be a camera under his control… Tanu looks puzzled. She says, but I haven’t known about it before… What all would be recorded in that video??? Will there be any clues for bhai to find in favour of Pragya???

Guys, I know this episode is not that much good. I thought something but I have done someother thing. I will try to give better episode on monday. And try to reveal one by one suspense from next week….?
And guys, regarding the girl, I may reveal, little later. Since, she has some more roles to play ?
Thank you guys for each and every compliments on yesterday’s epic. I felt really happy to read your comments since I spend nearly 10 -11 hrs to complete previous episode. It has a huge role to play in further epic, that’s why…
Varsha, don’t worry, I wont make Pragya as negative, in the name of twist ??. Its Tanu and Nikhil’s plan… Right now, Pragya is caught in their trap. She will get out of it soon. I think so…?? . Lets see…

And guys as usual I am going to take 2days ( Saturday and Sunday ) break..? so meet you all on Monday morning ??
Happy weekend to all ??

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      Thank you aditi Roy. I’m glad that you read all my episodes. Keep reading continuously ?

  2. Hai roli don’t say its not good….it’s tooooo good…moon light, dads memory….cheater cook, as usual tanu… Superb today…..love it….???

    1. Roli

      Thank you Varsha for your compliments. Keep reading continuously. Okay hereafter I wont say like that ?

  3. nice episode

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      Thank you Kaif. Keep reading continuously

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      Thank you mokshi for your compliments. Keep reading continuously.

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    1. Roli

      Wow my sweetheart ? I happy that you like it ….
      Happy weekend ?

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    I like your writing episodes
    It’s so interesting I hope that you will write more interesting things

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      Thank you Shalini .. I glad that you liked it..I will try my best to write the episodes interestingly further. Thank you for your compliments. Keep reading continuously…

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      Sure Durga. From monday one by one suspense , I will be revealing. Keep reading continuously. Thank you.

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