A Dream Episode – 3


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The episode begins with abhi and pragya looking at each other. Suddenly someone tapped on pragya’s shoulder. Pragya comes to sense. Abhi wonders what’s happening to me!!! For a moment I feel like my heart has stopped to beat. Its tanu who tapped on pragya’s shoulder. She asks pragya what are you doing here?? Why are you standing like a wax statue near the door?? That too near MD’s cabin. I have asked you not to interfere in anything, but you… Pragya interrupt and says Mr Mehra has called me. Tanu stares at pragya and thinks oh god !! How I m going to tolerate this chasmish in this office ??? Then both tanu and pragya enters the cabin. Pragya’s heart started to beat faster. She was little nervous. Abhi asks tanu why you have come here?? Tanu says I came to remind you about the client meeting with Mr. Nikhil Arya . Its very important meeting to us. Abhi says aw I remember pretty well. Still we have time for the meeting and I am looking those files only. You need not worry about it. I will handle it. Tanu says okay then I will leave. Pragya thinks in her mind tanu is ordering Mr. Mehra and he too answering her humbly. Abhi sees pragya and says Miss. Arora, welcome to Mehra Industries. I expect that you will be determined in your work. Pragya says I will give my best sir. He says that’s good Miss. Arora, here you have certain important files. I want you to go through it and submit a report within 2days. The related files of this is available in your cabin. If you have any doubts refer it. Abhi continues, this is your first day and your first work in this office. Hope you will be sincere punctual and dedicated to your work. Pragya nods her head. Abhi asks her to leave.

Tanu calls Nikhil and asks where are you?? Nikhil says Darling, I am on the way. Will reach office in a while. Tanu says this is an important meeting for us. Just a sign will decide Mr Abhishek Mehra’s destiny. Nikhil says darling you don’t worry about anything. I will handle him and I have heard that abhi has appointment an accountant. Is that true?? Tanu says yes, he has. I don’t think that chasmish will be an obstacle for us. I have warned her not to interfere in anything. Nikhil says well done darling. But we should not underestimate anyone. Keep an eye on that girl. If abhi gets to know anything then we will caught. Tanu says I know how to manage abhi and yes you are right and I will take care of that, you come to office soon then she disconnects the call.
Pragya comes to her cabin. She thinks about tanu’s words, she said I was not supposed to see these flies. She then think about abhi, he is asking me to be sincere and punctual. Hey Ramji what is this?? Now what should I do?? She thinks for a while and says I have decided what to do now. I don’t care about tanu. I will be honest to my job. I should not caught on tanu’s eyes while seeing this file. Mr. Mehra said that this is an important file so I have to be loyal. She sees abhi from her cabin. She thanks Ramji for showing abhi to me. She thinks how will abhi propose me?? How it is possible?? She says he is sky and I am earth, how can sky and earth be together?? Will my dream be always a dream?? Why I am thinking like this?? He is my boss that’s it. I should not think more than that. She then thinks to put all these thoughts aside and concentrate on her work.

Abhi sees pragya from his cabin. He thinks first I has to ensure that Miss Arora is loyal to her job. I know that there is a blunder in the file but I don’t know who is responsible for that. Within in 2 days I will get to know about it. Now what I have to think is whether I should believe Miss. Arora in this or not. Lets wait and see.

Pragya thinks I have less time to complete my work. She goes through the file. She couldn’t understand anything. It was like Greek and Latin. She thinks what should I do now?? Hey Ramji please help me. I couldn’t understand anything. Show me a way to come out of it. She remembers that Mr. Mehra said reference files are in my cabin. She looks around the cabin. She finds the files are neatly arranged in one corner of the room. She thanks Ramji. She goes nearby the rack and searches for file but couldn’t find it. She calms her mind and again searches for the file. She realizes that the file she was searching for, is in the top shelf. She tries to take the file but couldn’t get it. She thinks what to do now?? She then sees a bench nearby.

Meanwhile abhi in his cabin was searching his file for meeting. He thinks few mins back I saw that file in this table. How can it disappear from here suddenly?? He thinks maybe i have mistakenly gave it to pragya along with other files. He thinks to go to her cabin and get the file back as it is confidential. Here pragya was standing on the bench to take the file from the top shelf. The legs of the bench was shaking. Abhi comes to pragya’s cabin. He sees that pragya was not in her chair. He looks around the cabin. He sees pragya was standing on the bench. He notices the legs of the bench was shaking. Suddenly pragya slips from the bench. Abhi rushes to hold her. He holds pragya on his hands. Pragya was surprised to see abhi. Her eyes got widen. She has a cute smile on her face. Abhi looks on her as
Musqilon mein ye daale
Jo bhi chaahe kara le
Badle ye dilo’n ke faisle
Mann ka mauji isq to ji
Albeli si raho’n pe le chale
Koi peechhe na aage hai
Phir bhi jaane kyun bhaage hai
Maare isqe ka isqe ka dil mera
Iske uske ye hisse mein
Tere mere ye qisse mein
Maula seekhe bin seekhe bin de sikha
Kaisa ye isq hai, ajab sa risk hai
Kaisa ye isq hai, ajab sa risk hai
song plays and the screen freezes on abhi’s face.

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Credit to: Roli Aka Shona

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  1. its really cute, plz continue , dont have negative thoughts ,

    1. Roli aka Shona

      Thank you Divya for your valuable comments. I will continue. U too read and support me continuously

  2. ur ff is too gudd…Make it as tanu caught by abi…her wrong thing abi want to know…abi impressed by pragya activity..

    1. Roli aka Shona

      Thank you Rajesh for ur suggestions. I will try to do so in the upcoming episodes. Keep reading and continuously support me.

  3. Suha

    I really love this.. it made my day.thanx
    simple & lovely

    1. Roli aka Shona

      Thank you suha for this complement.
      Keep reading and support me through your comments

  4. It’s really nice yaar…go-ahead I m waiting for d nxt part….plzzz upload it sooon yaar….

    1. Roli aka Shona

      Thank you rose for your compliment. Keep reading and support me

    1. Roli aka Shona

      Thank you sethidisha . Keep reading and commenting

  5. Superb dr.I thought that pragya did not see Abhi’s face in his dream??Anyways I love this track don’t worry ,its very interesting yr so plz continue this great job!!waiting for the nxt update!!

    1. Roli aka Shona

      Thank rosy for your compliment.
      Yup pragya saw abhi’s face in her dream. Keep reading and support me continuously

  6. Reshma Pradeep


    1. Roli aka Shona

      Thank you Reshma Pradeep. Keep reading and commenting

  7. really nice pls cont roil

    1. Roli aka Shona

      Thank you di I will be continuing. Keep reading and support me through your comment.

  8. It’s really nice n interesting yaar eagerly waiting for next part

    1. Roli aka Shona

      Thank you durga for your compliment. Keep reading and comment

  9. Awesome……

    1. Roli aka Shona

      Thank you abhigya
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    1. Roli aka Shona

      Thank you pinky
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  10. Dear pls stop thinkimg like tat its really wonderful?????

    1. Roli aka Shona

      Thank you Saranya for your comments.
      Hmm hereafter I won’t think like that ?

  11. Asmithaa

    Wonderful… There is nothing negative to tell…

    1. Roli aka Shona

      Thank you asmithaa for your review keep reading and comment

  12. superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Roli aka Shona

      Thank you Divya
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  13. Hey no one can tell negative comments it is really awesome I love ur ff so much.

    1. Roli aka Shona

      Thank you for your compliment monesha . Support me continuously

  14. Very nice…

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  15. Really nice episode….

  16. Roli aka Shona

    Thank you Nirmal
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  17. Not yet all… Its really an amazing story dear..
    U r rocking with ur wonderful storyline..keep gng shona??????

  18. nice story line interesting

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