A Dream Episode – 27


Hello friends.. The episode begins with manager telling abhigya, the sum of 25 crores has been transferred from Mr. Yash Gupta Singh’ account to Mehra Industries account. Abhigya was shattered. Pragya tells the manager, it cant be. Please check the details once again. Manager says, mam I have checked it twice.

Abhi thinks, from where Yash got 25 crores?? He is from a middle class family… Then how it is possible for him to transfer such a huge amount of money??? For sure, someone is behind yash..
Abhi asks manager, can you tell me, from where Yash got money??? Manager says, excuse me… Abhi says, I mean, has someone transferred to his account??? Or he, himself deposited the money in his account??? Can I know about it??? Manager says sorry sir, I cant let the details out without yash’s permission. Abhi insist manager, but he didn’t.
Abhigya leaves from there. Pragya says, its really confusing… Have you noticed one thing, manager said, the money has transferred from MI account to mine by day before yesterday. But day before yesterday, we were in gurudwara, and the beauty in it is, I didn’t even have mobile with me as I left it in hostel itself. Then how can I call the manager and ask him to transfer the money???
Abhi ask her where was the cheque book at that time?? Pragya says, Its in office, my cabin, inside a draw. Abhi says, 90% it must be yash behind this.

Pragya thinks about the moments which she spend with yash. She says, how can he do all this??? Abhi says there are more chances for him to… Pragya says what!!! Abhi says yes… Have you noticed one thing, manager said, accountant has called him and asks to transfer the money. And they will send a cheque through MI staff. Cheque book is always under your control and yash is always behind you. Not only that, I myself have seen Yash doing something with the gift box. So it might be yash, who brought that mobile to you from Nikhil. And I have spotted him 2 – 3 times with Tanu too… Each and every time when I ask him about it, he used to give weird answers. And no one can access his account other than him. Without his knowledge, how such a huge amount can be transferred from his account????

Pragya says, even I have doubted him once but my heart is telling that it cant be as such.. Abhi says, teek hai, lets join together and find who is the black sheep behind it? Abhi stretches his hand towards her. Pragya too. They holds each other hands and smiles.
Tanu and Nikhil enjoying their victory. Tanu says, everything has happened because of me. Nikhil asks her, what you did?? Its my plan. Tanu says, only plan is yours, but I am the one who executed it. Nikhil says, I have helped you to execute it and without me, you couldn’t get this victory. Tanu says, this is not my victory, its my revenge on Pragya. My true victory is on the day, when I enter into Mehra Industries again. Nikhil says, that will also happen one day.

Someone called Nikhil and informs him about abhigya’s presence in the bank. They said, sir abhigya came to bank and enquires the details of the transaction with manager. Nikhil cuts the call and says, our plan has failed, Abhi is still with Pragya. Tanu says, I know pretty well that you will always make flop plans.. Nikhil in an harsh tone says,what you said now??? Before few seconds, you said that you are the one responsible for what has happened. After knowing the plan has failed, you are blaming me??? Tanu smirks, she thinks, my fate I am with you at this moment. If everything has changed like before, you will see the real me. Tanu says, whatever… But one thing is sure, Pragya cant clear her name from this controversy. Wherever she goes, the proofs will be against her. Its going to be like a spider web. She can’t get out of this trap easily. She has a evil smile on her face.

Pragya goes to Ramji temple. She tells HIM, I knew that you were with me each and every moment. Everything is against me. What should I do now?? I am sure, there must be some loop holes in these proofs. Please show me that. There is no need to prove my innocence as abhi believes me. I must be grateful to him. I feel if someone else in his place, then it will be a question mark, whether they will trust me or not… I just want to find the person who is behind all this, I want to save him from all bad deeds. Give me strength to find out the truth.
Suddenly, someone asked her, is your prayers are over??? She turns to the other side and gets surprised to see abhi. She asks him, when you came here?? Abhi says just now to see you. Pragya says, but how you know that I am here?? Abhi says I have seen in horoscope. She gets irked. He says either you will be in your room on with rose plants. If not in either of these, then obviously, you will be with your Ramji. Pragya smiles. He asks her, if your prayers are over, then we will go out. Pragya says wait for a minute, till day I didn’t get a chance to introduce you to my Ramji. But today I have… So you come with me.

Pragya holds abhi’s hand and goes near Ramji and says, Ramji, this is Mr. Mehra… Abhi looks at her… She says no… no… Abhishek Mehra…. His eyes got widened. She smiles and says he is abhi… I am going to marry him in the upcoming days. Bless us for our new life. Abhi prays, please keep away all the problems from us. Pandit blesses both.
Pragya then tries to strike the temple bell but she couldn’t as she is short. She says I am trying to strike this bell for days but I didn’t succeed even once. Abhi holds around her waist and lifts her up. He says now strike it. You can. She does by looking at his eyes. He sees happiness in her eyes. They lost in each other. Abhi feels someone is calling him. He looses balance, as a result both of them feel down and laughs by looking at each other.

Abhi gets up from the floor. Pragya was unable to. He tries to lift her but Pragya stops him saying no…no… You will again put me down. She holds his hand and gets up. She finds difficult to walk but holds his arm and starts to walk towards hostel. She says whenever, you are with me, I wont feel sad. When I rest on your shoulder, I forgot all the problems going around me. Whenever I hold your arm, I feel your are my world. She then finds, abhi’s thought is somewhere. She asks him, where is your thought??? Abhi says, no just thinking about yash… They reached hostel. Pragya says sleep well, don’t think about anything now. We will talk about it tomorrow morning. Abhi smiles and says yes and bids good night.
Pragya goes to her room. She peeps through her window. But abhi was not there. She was little disappointed and takes 2 steps back. She finds him hiding near a trees. She smiles and says cheater cock. She waves bye to him. He then comes from there and waves his hand. Pragya was flying in happiness but was afraid to smile as she thinks, what if again something bad happens and makes me cry. She then goes to bed.

Next day morning, mom was thinking, shall I plan wedding for abhigya now or should I do it after few days??? She goes to Ramji and says you itself tell now. What should I do now??? Abhi sees his mom. He says maa.. Pragya and you are absolutely behaving like a kid infront of Ramji. Mom says, in harder times, no one was with us. We strive hard each and every day. In all the situation, whether its happy or sad, only Ramji was with us else it will be very difficult for us to reach this point. Abhi smiles and says, yes maa.. I remember everything.
Mom asks him, when should I start to plan for your wedding??? Abhi says, after some days maa.. as an important work is yet to start. He asks maa.. to bless him that, I should be successful. Mom blesses him. Abhi then leaves to office.

Pragya sitting nearby her rose plants and says, I am going to resign this job. I am going to give resignation letter to Mr. Mehra.
Abhi in office, looks at Pragya’s cabin and thinks whether she will come to office or not??? He says, I know how to retain her in this job. It will be quite hurtful. But I wont let my angel to be sad or hurt. He then sees Yash doing some work in Pragya’s cabin. Abhi asks PA to keep an eye on yash, in my absence. PA says, yes sir and leaves from there.

Abhi feels Pragya’s presence. He gets happy. He looks at his cabin door. Pragya opens the door. She comes nearer to him and give resignation letter to him. Abhi thinks, I expect this. He then says Miss. Arora. She stops and turns to his side. Abhi tears the letter into pieces… He says, you have 2 options infront of you.. One is clear your name from fraudulent, second is pay a sum of 10 L to office before resigning the job as you have signed a bond while joining this company. Hope you remember Miss. Arora. So choose, either of this. You cant leave from here as you wish…. Pragya looks on………..
Guys, who called Nikhil and informed about abhigya’s presence in bank, is a suspense. You will come to know about it in the upcoming episodes. Till then stay tuned as lots of twists and turns are waiting for you all.

Durga, yesterday I was so happy after reading your comment. To be honest, I was waiting from the first episode, whether i will get appreciation for mom’s character or not. Atlast it has happened. So im happy. Thank you Durga.
Thank you all guys ??

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  1. As always u r unique roli…nice episode wonderful bonding between four oh them ( prags, abhi, abhi’s maa, and ramji)….waiting for the revelation of suspense….

    1. Roli

      Thank you Varsha, it will take some time to reveal it, keep reading continuously

  2. Nice episode …waiting for episode 28

    1. Roli

      Thank you Jessie, keep reading continuously

  3. nice one

    1. Roli

      Thank you mukund raj, keep reading continuously

  4. Superb!! Waiting for the next episode!

    1. Roli

      Thank you abhigya, keep reading continuously

  5. Really nice episode n thn actually yeah it’s true na abhi’s mom really soooo sweet actually I thk no one can love their future dil lk tz coz @lst sometimes thy vl doubt on their dil during certain circumstances bt here all things r against pragya even though she believed her… Thn today’s episode s too interesting I’m super excited for future episode…let’s c wat twist s waiting for us…

    1. Roli

      Yes Durga, you are right. I just want to make mom/ pragya’s susuma character as the best. That’s why.
      Thank you for your compliments. Keep reading continuously

  6. Very lovely epi

    1. Roli

      Thank you rithu. Keep reading continuously

  7. really cool epi n lovely

    1. Roli

      Thank you di. Keep reading continuously

  8. Nice one roli

    1. Roli

      Thank you Kaif. Keep reading continuously

  9. Saranya24

    U r thoughts r always diff dear loved it love u loads????

    1. Roli

      ?? I think next episode will be different than this ? . Thank you Saranya. Keep reading continuously

  10. very nice wwill abhi let pragya go

    1. Roli

      That you will know tomorrow iswarya. Thank you reading continuously

  11. Super….

    1. Roli

      Thank you sugan. Keep reading continuously

  12. Asmithaa

    wonderful….. i can’t wait for the next episode…

    1. Roli

      Nice dp asmithaa. Thank you. Keep reading continuously

  13. superb yaar u r just amazing………….

    1. Roli

      Thank you Divya for your compliments. Keep reading continuously

  14. LakshmiSiva

    roli super awesome epic… too many twist & suspense.

  15. LakshmiSiva

    roli super awesome epic… too many twist & suspense. abhi’s mom really great….

    1. Roli

      Thank you Lakshmi Siva. Keep reading continuously

  16. Wonderful iam waiting for next episode di

    1. Roli

      Thank you Shanu. Keep reading continuously

  17. Superrr ya… I loved it. Waiting for next episode.

    1. Roli

      Thank you maha, keep reading continuously

  18. Loved it..❤Fabulous epic as always Shona dear???
    U r rockingrocking
    I too love that abhi’s mom character?so touching?

  19. Nice episode yaar….

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