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The episode begins with, Mom was sleepless thinking about the incident happened in engagement. She says I cant sit like this and see their life getting ruined. First, I have to see, what abhi is doing now??? And then, I should try to, talk to him and make him understand about the real fact. She goes to see abhi, in his room, but he was not there. Mom gets panic and searches, for him. She calls to abhi’s mobile. Its ringing….. She then realised that his mobile was in his room. She says Abhi’s mobile is here, then where he went???

Abhi and Pragya hugging each other. Pragya gets emotional and breaks the hug. She says, pinch me, as i was unable to believe what’s happening here. Abhi pinched her. She shouts awh… She says, so I am not in dream…which means you believed me and my dream didn’t get fulfilled. I feel like flying in air… Oh my god!!!. Abhi says, one minute…. Dream??? Now what dream you had??? She says I had a dream few days back, in which you are angry on me. You bashed at me saying, why you betrayed me??? Is our love is fake??? I was shattered. I must thank Ramji and babaji for not making this dream true… Abhi asks her, so for this only you asked me, on the other day, do I believe that our love is true?? And for this only, you looked worried for few days??? Pragya nods her head as yes. Abhi says, so you believe in your dream, not me and not in our love???

Pragya didn’t say anything for a while. Abhi says, I am asking you a question, open your mouth and answer me. She then says in a lower tone as I am sorry, as everything was against me, I thought you wont believe me. You too left me without saying a word about the controversy. Then what will I think???

Abhi holds her hand and says, even if the whole world is against you, I wont leave you at any situation. He continues, pragya this is just a contract, for this I cant lose my angel because I love you more than my life. I can earn money at point of my life, but if I loose my angel now, I cant get her back at any time. On hearing this, Pragya gets more emotional and hugs him saying, I am sorry, I feel like, I didn’t understand you well. I know that our love is true but I dint believe it, as you did. Now I realised my mistake. She continues, I thought once by looking at you and me, it seems as if we were worlds apart and like the banks of a river, who can only see each other, but never live together. There are more number of days which went in darkness, when suddenly sun started to shine, I couldn’t realize and live accordingly. She holds her ear and says, I am so sorry…. Will you forgive me???

Abhi smiles….and says, You are speaking more emotional, which is not my cup of tea… Pragya too smiles… Abhi says I am longing to see this smile… She says is that so??? Abhi nods his head.
Pragya says Its 4’o’ clock in the morning. So it will be better, if you return home now. Abhi asks, should I go now??? Pragya first nods her head as yes, then as no, then yes.. Abhi was confused, he says either nod as yes or as no. Don’t confuse me like this.. She smiles and asks, did maa… know that you are here??? Abhi says no.. Pragya says, she will be worried about you, so you leave now, we will meet later. Abhi says okay okay… and bids bye. He leaves from there unwillingly.

Mom gets sad and prays to Ramji, not to make this situation worse than this. I cant see them suffering… Suddenly someone hugged mom from her behind and says I am so lucky to have you as my maa… Mom says abhiii… Where were you??? I am searching you since long. I was scared about you. Abhi says maa… I went to see Pragya. Mom’s eyes got widened and says which means, you are not angry with her and you believed her too… Abhi says maaa… How can I be angry on her?? I know about her very well. When she doesn’t have interest on her own money and property, how she will be greedy on others money??? Mom couldn’t understand anything. She asks about what, you are speaking??? Abhi says FLASHBACK ( Guys this has happened after abhigya purchased their engagement ring, they saw Yash near by the shop ) Abhigya comes out of the shop. They sees yash nearby. Abhi asks Yash, what are you doing here?? Yash says, sir, my home is nearby. Abhi says, but today morning you said some other place…

Yash blinks for a while and says by stammering aw..aw..awh.. Sir, we can go by both directions. Abhi feels something is wrong.. Yash invites abhigya to his home. Pragya says, no we will come by another day. But Yash insists. Pragya says okay, abhi was not interested but pragya insist him. They goes to Yash home. Pragya standstill outside. She was about to faint but Abhi holds her. He says Pragya… Pragya…are you okay??? What happened??? Pragya points yash’s house and says, my house… Abhi look puzzled. She says, when I was kid, I lived here with my parents. After they died, I was brought up in orphanage. When I completed my studies, a trustee of the orphanage gave the documents of this house and all the properties papers to me. But what is the use of this property being with me, when my parents is no more?? So, I have transferred it to the orphanage name. That orphanage helped me to study, they helped me find my own identity, they gave me food to eat, when I needed it. For all this deeds, in turn, I have done this. I feel, it will be helpful to many people than being with me.

Yash says di, the same orphanage has rented this house to us. Pragya smiles.. She could remember each and every incident, that happened in her childhood days. She thinks about the happy days in her childhood. How her dad teaches to ride cycle. When she was sad, how her parents pacify her. How her mom used to feed her. How her dad helped her in doing home work. When she was hurt, while playing, how they cared for her. How they celebrated all occasions. Her eyes filled with tears. Abhi realised that her thought is somewhere. He shook her arm. She comes to sense.
Yash family members greets abhigya. Yash introduces his mom dad and sisters to abhigya. They had some happy moments there. Pragya was not interested to stay there for long. So they leaves from there. Abhi leaves Pragya in her hostel and returns home worriedly. Flashback ends.
Abhi asks mom, now tell me maa.. How can I doubt her???

Not because of this I believe her, I know maa, each and every moment when I see her eyes, its tells the amount of love she has for me. Her eyes are telling me that I can never and ever betray you in anything. Her eyes are saying, I live for you only for you. Then how can I maa…???? But I am happy maa.. that even you believed her. Mom says, she is like my daughter, abhi. Whenever she calls me maa.. I really feel the love of a daughter to her maa. Mom continues saying, Pragya is not like tanu..

Abhi says, Tanu has crossed all her limits by accusing Pragya. Still now I left her, thinking she is a small girl and my sister. But not anymore. I know pretty well that when and how to bring the truth out.

Mom asks him, not to think about her and spoil your mood. I think you would have not slept the whole night. So now you sleep well. Abhi says yes maa and leaves from there.
Mom thanks Ramji, for solving this issue and says my son has become matured. He now knows to find the difference between the right and the wrong. I feel happy and I don’t want to worry about him herethen..

Pragya in her hostel, flying in the air. She thinks all the problems has been solved in a fraction of seconds. I have done a mistake, I thought, the meaning of his silence is, he didn’t believe me. I was wrong and he did….. Thank you Ramji, today you have shown me, the meaning of my life.
Pragya then thinks, if the accusations against me is to believed, then a sum of 25 crores must be transferred to my account. How the amount has transferred without my knowledge??? And, who transferred it??? I have to check about it with the bank manager.

Abhi in his room, thinks the same….. He says I have to go to bank and find who is behind all this??? I have to clear Pragya’s name from this controversy..
As time passes, Pragya in bank, she goes to manger room and asks about the details of the transaction. Manager asks her to wait for few minutes.. She does. She was tensed.. Meanwhile abhi too reached bank. He sees Pragya in manager room. He goes there. He keeps his hand on her shoulder. She getsup. She says, I have came here to check the details about the transaction. Abhi says, I too….

Manager comes. He sees abhi and says, Mr. Mehra, without a notice, you have come here. Happy to see you here. Abhi smiles and asks him the details. Manager asks them to sit. They does.
Manager says Miss. Pragya Arora, a sum of 25 crore has been transferred from Mehra Industries to your account. Pragya was shattered and abhi too… Abhi asks how is that possible??? Manager says sir, your accountant has called us day before yesterday and said that they will send a staff from Mehra Industries, with a cheque, to transfer the amount, in this acount. Pragya was shattered. She says, I am the accountant of Mehra Industries and I didn’t do any such calls. I didn’t send anyone. She tells abhi, that office cheque book is always with me, then how can it happen???
Manager also says on the same day, 25 crores has been transferred to Mehra Industries account by one person.. Abhi looks puzzled.. and asks who has transferred it. Manager says Mr. Yash Gupta Singh…… Abhigya was shattered……..

Guys, today’s episode in the beginning was quite emotional. Its because, Pragya has suffered alot before abhi entering her life. So whenever we get into flashback of hers or seeing Pragya worried, it will be quite sentimental.

Thank you all guys, I have gone through your comments. But nowadays I was unable to reply you all due to some reasons. I will try to reply you all from today.

Haritha and nasima, thank you for your wishes, it has happened because of you all guys.
Without your support I could not reached this point. Today its 26th episode. I’m happy about it. But the credit for this is, I giving to all the regular readers of this ff.
Riyashri.. I am good, hope you too doing great. and im happy that you read all my updates. I feel honoured, that you beared Tanu’s screeching for me. And Tanu’s downfall has started. Abhigya has begined their mission. Lets see when they will complete their mission.

Durga, you are right. I too felt the same that misunderstandings between abhigya will leads to better understanding in future. That’s why I wantedly made 2 negative episodes. ??
Divya, its just a guess from your name. I thought the name Divya must be from Tamil Nadu and Chennai is my guess. It clicked right.??
Mokshi, I think, you have to wait for some more time for tanu’s exposure. Honestly Don’t know exactly when it will happen. As I didn’t complete the script. Its in half way but I am sure that it won’t happen as of now.
Parthi, yes now I am not going to end. Probably in the next week.. Don’t know for sure. I have a new plot. Have to cook stories in it.

Varsha, Jessie, Nannu, Rithu, Kaif, Saranya Suhani, Reshma Pradeep, Maha, Disha, Di, Abhigya, Sandy, Mukund raj, Rajesh, Nirmal. Thank you all for your sweet comments ??.
Guys still you have lots of twists and turns to come ahead, all these twist and turns will lead you to tanu’s exposure

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  19. So soo lovely episode shona dear..?
    The way u made trust on their (AbhiGya)love is so awesome.. Loved it to the core..❤❤❤
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