A Dream Episode – 24


Hi ? friends
I can understand guys that most of you are disappointed. Okay… First we will get into the story.
The episode begins with abhigya exchanging rings. All looks happily. Yash prays, oh god please show me a beautiful girl in this party. I was searching for a girl since long. Just then Tanu enters MM. Yash sees Tanu and stands still. He gets happy on seeing her and goes nearer to her. Yash says hi beautiful, you are most welcome to this engagement, but you are late as the engagement rituals got over. Tanu says, I always give my entry at the right time as the real party is yet to begin. Tanu has a evil smile on her face. Yash smiles. He started to flirt with her.
Abhi sees Tanu and yash together. Abhi thinks, what Tanu is doing here??? And what yash is doing with her??? The way both are talking seems like, they know each other for years. Abhi is puzzled.
Abhi thinks, may be Tanu would’ve realised her mistake and returned to me as my sweet sister.
Tanu sees abhi and comes nearer to him and says congratulations bhai. I know, no one has invited me but still I feel that I have the right to attend my bhai’s engagement. Abhi didn’t say anything. Pragya, on hearing tanu’s speech thinks, I am happy that Tanu has returned to Mr. Mehra as his sister.
Mom says Tanu, we all will be happy, if you leave MM right now. Tanu says, just now I have entered..how can I leave so soon???? I have got a golden opportunity, how can I loose it??? Mom looks at her angrily( like starring). Mom feels that Tanu is going to create some problem. That’s why she is speaking like this.
Tanu says bhai, I have brought an engagement gift to you. Just a minute.. She takes some paper and gives it to him with a evil smile. Abhi has no idea to see it. But Tanu insists. Pragya thinks, what she is doing???
Abhi reads the papers and was shattered… Mom asks him, what is it??? Why you look worried??? Tanu says, aunti ji, this is photocopy of the contract paper which the investors has signed with Mr. Nikhil Arya’s company. Pragya couldn’t understand anything. Abhi thinks, how it is possible??? Its an important contract for Mehra Industries.. How it has happened??? Tanu says bhai, I know, what’s going on your mind right now. So let me explain you, how it has happened….
Tanu says, its all happened because of….. There was a absolute silence. Everyone was looking at tanu’s mouth by thinking what she is going to say??? Especially abhi…. Tanu says, Pragya…. Pragya was puzzled. She thinks why Tanu took my name??
Abhi shouts at Tanu saying, have you lost it??? Do you know what you said now??? How can Pragya do this??? What is the need for her to do it??? Moreover she doesn’t know about this contract itself. Then how can she do it ??? I thought you have come here as my sister but now I understood, that you have come here to take revenge on Pragya for helping me to know about your true colour.
Mom thinks, I know she has come here to create problems.
Tanu says relax bhai relax… She asks him, do you know why Pragya did so??? Just for money.. Mom shouts at Tanu.. She asks, do you have any sense??? She is not like you. Because of your greediness, you are staying away from your people. Tanu says aunti ji wait for some more time. You will get to know, who is like whom???
Tanu says, Pragya has done all this for money. Pragya says stop it Tanu… Don’t put false accusations on me. Tanu smiles and says its your work, not mine.
Tanu shows a letter which was signed by abhi. In that paper it is clearly written that,
To 27/7/2016
Mr. Aakash Chopra,
Chopra Industries.
Reg. Corporate park deal….
I am glad that you liked to sign the deal for corporate park with Mehra Industries, but due to certain issues, I cant make it. I regret for that. I will be glad that if you sign this deal with Mr. Nikhil Arya’s Company. If time permits we will meet with another better deal than this….
Abhishek Mehra
MD and CEO of Mehra Industries

Abhi looks shattered.. Pragya gets the letter from abhi. She was totally confused, she asks Tanu, have you lost it??? How can you accuse me with this letter??? Tanu says just wait for a minute my dear.
Mom gets tensed. She cant see the drama going ahead. Abhi says I didn’t sign this papers. Tanu says exactly bhai… but it has happened because of your pyari Pragya… She has made you to sign this without your knowledge.
Pragya says what non sense. What’s the need for me to do this??? Tanu says money…money. Pragya laughs and says money?? Good joke, continue… Tanu says is it look like a joke?? If so wait for a minute… She takes a file and asks Pragya, is this your account number??? Pragya says yes… Tanu shows abhi the statement, which shows yesterday, a sum of 25 crores has been transferred to her account. Here you have proof for that.. Tanu continues, you know bhai, Nikhil has even thank Pragya for doing this great job by presenting her one brand new mobile. Pragya was shattered and abhi too. Tanu says Pragya has got money and done this work. Here you have all the proof for it. Nikhil is my friend, so he shares about this to me. From that I was able to catch Pragya and her wrong deeds.
Abhi gets a call from investors, they says Mr. Mehra, you are a good business friend of us. So to give respect to our friendship, I have confirmed this deal with Mr. Nikhil Arya company. Actually, his company was in second place, next to your. If not you then its obviously him. Their proposal was also good. We have made all the arrangements in favour of you, but at the moment Miss. Pragya Arora, your accountant, came by day before yesterday evening and said about your wish. Abhi was shattered. The investors continues, Since you have no interest over it. We have decided not to pressurize you over it. Abhi drops his mobile down….. Pragya looks shattered….. Mom looks worried and yash blinks, he doesn’t know to take which side.

Guys, ready start 1..2..3.. All can throw rotten egg, tomato and stones on this episode. All are welcome whole heartedly??. Its an disappointing episode. I am sorry for wasting your time by this episode. This is the negative twist of this ff. Its full of dam Tanu’s screeching. I think, for one minute all would’ve visualized real kkb??. But unlike kkb, here you have lots of twists to come ahead. And guys, how Tanu has created all this proofs against Pragya is a suspense again ??. Which you will know in the final episode most probably by next week.??

Guys coming to the point, I know I have disappointed you all by saying that I am going to end this ff in this weekend. Now I have changed my decision because of your love and affection towards this ff dream and towards me. But not more than a week since I have started to search for a better plot than this with a much more interesting tracks.
Thank you guys for all your support, love and affection. I would’ve wrapped up this ff before 10 episodes itself but your support and suggestions made me to reach this point. Keep supporting me….
I’m happy to see lot of Chennai people here Lakshmi, Saranya, Riyadcruz, varsha, parthi. I think Durga and Divya is also from Chennai.
And Riya, im glad to find someone in my nature. Enjoy your days in France.??
Saranya, if god wishes then we can meet ??
Shanu, happy to know about you.??
Haritha, sorry for disappointing?
And all you guys mokshi, monesha, sugan, di, Jessie, Riyashri, Rajesh, nirmal, mukund raj, Kaif, abhigya, asmithaa, rithu, zari, maha, nannu a very big thank you for all your wonderful comments.
Actually I cant say thank you to one person, its Manu. She is my inspiration to write stories. Because of her only I have started to write. Else i would have stop writing after Tanu Exposure OS and she is the reason behind Love Is In The Air OS. I, myself would’ve not known that I can do this much. I know sweetheart if I say thank you, u will kill me. Since I cant, I am giving all the credit of this ff Dream to you.????
I must be thankful to kkb and telly updates because of that only Manu and all you guys came in my life and lighted each and every day.
Thank you to all my silent readers too??

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  1. nice …………………………..but don’t make that dream come true plzzzzzz

  2. So sad…just want to know abhi reactions…did he believe Tanu??…pls update soon..

  3. Roli

    Guys I have posted early morning itself but telly updates have published now only ☹ I’m sorry for this delay

    1. Come on dear you don’t feel bad.
      Good to hear that you have planned a new track for us ?
      Coming to this episode I like it not every time good wins. ?☺.

  4. Ho my dear cute roli…what an epi yaar…ellarukum hero heroine than romba pidikum..and ippalam villains kuda nerya peruku pidikuthu…but enna tanu va pidichathuku karanam ne than…what a character she is….as I always said..ne nala analysis paniruka tanu va…..love it…soooooo superb….and I am from Salem….

  5. Unexpected twist
    Waiting for the nxt one. Dnt say sry its not ur fault

  6. This s too much totally disappointed??? oh god abhi shouldn’t believe this and he wil not believe ????but this will prove their love and trust towards each other to us ❤??iam somewat happy that u will come with another one but this ff is one of my fav i will miss to the core ❤❤❤❤❤soon reveal the suspense ????waiting 4 ur nxt epi ????keep rocking??

  7. ya roli i am also from chennai(ponamallee) and coming to episode it is quiet drama but should happen to see abhigya love bonding and plz dont sorry dear it is not u r mistake and i am happy that u r continuing this ff and thank for that and eagerly waiting for next episode dear(ie waiting for nice slap for tanu)

  8. Reshma Pradeep

    Quite Interestingggggg!

  9. sad epi dear

  10. sorry to say but this is not right and i dont know how abhi react please make abhi beleave on pragya please and give some big episode it is too short

  11. Asmithaa

    No problem roli… By the way it was a nice episode… But I am waiting for the positive twist..,

  12. Prathi

    It’s ok dear! One hard slap across Tanu’s face is sufficient for us! Right guys?? ?

  13. Awwww… Shona I’m freaking happy??
    & cmng to episode all vl disappoint bcz we have already bared alot with tanu’s drama in real kkb? but Im sure next episode u will rock it❤
    Can’t wait for that

  14. I also must say kkb &telly updates for gvng me bestie i.e my shona dlng???

  15. hey plz continue ur ff..i’m from coimbatore

  16. hey plz continue ur ff..i’m from coimbatore…
    and i’m ur silent reader

  17. Roli really I am going to miss there is no doubt in that…. but come with another intresting ff. we al wil b waiting for u….
    and ya very sad episode. waiting for next update.

  18. Ur ryt…i don’t lyk it…plze change the track…evil never win always…i think that P.A did this….

  19. Superb superb superb superb twist yaar really sema twist @ unexpected time thn yeah it’s really sooooo sad abt pragya’s condition bt one negative thg shd happen by an evil mind people thn only our hero n heroine love vl grow more than the beginning so by tz evil eye their happiness n love vl double no no no 10 times more thn now… Thn I HV full confident u vl do lk real kkb.. Thn im 4m chennai only yaar…

  20. nice story but you stopping this keep continues

  21. RiyaDcruz

    I thnk , in the last Epi abhi had signed a paper na its tht 1 which tanu has forged……

  22. Really unexpected twist yaar….. So sad… I think that PA took abhi’s sign and Tanu is the one who went there as abhi’s accountant instead of Pragya…

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