A Dream Episode – 23


Hi ? friends.
The episode begins with abhigya returns home from gurudwara. Its their engagement day. Mom welcomes Pragya. Mom asks her how do you feel now??? Pragya looks puzzled. Mom says beta, I know that you are worried, that’s why I asked abhi to pick you to gurudwara. Pragya smiles and hugs mom.

Yash thinks today is Pragya di’s engagement. So I have to go to the function for sure.
Abhi was surprised to see his room as his maa has changed the interiors. He thinks mom has changed this room like heaven. He says mom is very much attached to Pragya than me. Really you are the best maa in this whole world. I love you sooo much maa.. No one in this world can be like you…
Mom was doing some arrangements. Pragya goes to help her, but she didn’t allow her saying today is your engagement, so you sit here and watch what’s going on. Pragya insist but mom didn’t. She has no other go, other than to sit simply. She wonders why I didn’t get dream today morning. She thinks, maybe babaji would’ve cleared all my problems. She says thank you babaji, thank you Ramji.
Pragya then thinks to wander around MM. She was walking towards abhi’s room. Abhi sees her coming towards his room. She was passing his room. He pulls her in. She asks Mr. Mehra, what are you doing??? He didn’t say anything. He comes closer to her. She is going backward. She says Mr. Mehra stop there, but abhi didn’t listen to her. She stops as she has no ways to go from there. Abhi is coming closer to her. She suddenly says “statue”. Abhi stands still. Pragya laughs and goes out of his room and says now try to catch me. She then says “move” and leaves from there. Abhi smiles and says lets see for how many days you are going to escape from me. Oops…, I think Pragya didn’t give notice to this interiors.

PA comes to MM, abhi signs certain files and tells him to keep an eye on the investors, as its most important deal for Mehra Industries. PA says yes sir and leaves from there.
As time passes, mom calls Pragya and gives her engagement dress. She asks her to get ready soon. Pragya with a smile says okay maa. Mom leaves from there.
After few minutes, abhi comes to guest room to see Pragya. She asks him, what are you doing here??? Abhi says I have brought something for you. Pragya looks puzzled. Abhi gives her a gift box. He asks her to open and see it. Pragya does. She was surprised to see it. It was an earing. She asks him, is it your selection??? Abhi nods his head and says my gift for our engagement. She hugs him and says thank you. Abhi too hugs her. He asks, are you going to hug me like this or going to get ready for the function??? Pragya breaks the hug. Abhi smiles and leaves from there. Pragya looks at the earing and smiles. She thinks to get ready soon. Abhi is very happy that they are going to engaged in few hours.
Guest started to come one by one, mom welcomes them.

Abhi dressed in white imperial sherwani and comes out of his room. Mom sees him and says you look handsome beta. Abhi says, I am your son maa… So I will be… Mom taps on his cheek and smiles.
Guest congratulates abhi. But his thoughts was somewhere. He was looking at his watch and then on the guest room door. He was eagerly waiting to see Pragya.
Yash enters MM, he was dazzled by the decorations. He feels as if though he is in heaven. He looks all the arrangements and became speechless.
Pragya in guest room, gets ready for the function. She gets shy by seeing herself in the mirror. She then thinks about her mom and dad… She says maa…papa… If you are here at this moment, my happiness would’ve been doubled. Abhi’s mom hears all this. She goes near Pragya and says beta… I can understand. But don’t worry I am here at the place of your parents. Will you accept me as your maa..??? Pragya gets emotional and hugs mom. Mom says its time to be happy not sad. She continues, you look very pretty in this outfits. Mom keeps kala teeka for her. Pragya takes mom’s blessings. Mom says always live happily. She gives Pragya one bangle saying this is Mehra parivar’s bangle, which will be given to daughter in law of Mehra parivar inorder to save the respect of her family. Mom herself, puts it on pragya’s hand. Pragya says, you have given me a huge responsibility and I will conserve it maa…
Mom then takes Pragya down. Abhi senses pragya’s presence. He feels the whole world has stopped for a second. He looks at her and completely immersed in her beauty. He winked at her and she gets shy.

Pragya goes nearer to abhi. He slowly says in her ears, you really look like an angel today. Pragya says, which means these many days I didn’t…. He says not like that… You are always my angel. She smiles.
Yash comes there and says di.. You look awesome. Abhi looks at him ( actually like starring ). Yash says, sir you too look great. Abhi asks him, when you came here??? Yash says, on time sir. Abhi stares at him. Yash continues, actually I came quite early, since I am searching for a beautiful girl here. Pragya smiles and taps on his head. He too smiles.
Guests praises pragya’s beauty to mom. They says abhigya looks like Radha Krishna.
Yash announces that abhigya is going to perform. Pragya says, I cant. But abhi insist as well as yash. Abhi stretches his hand towards her. Pragya too gives her hand to him.
Abhigya goes to the dance floor. Pragya gets shy. They started to dance for
Janam janam janam saath chalna yunhi
Kasam tumhe kasam aake milna yahin
Ek jaan hai bhale do badan ho judaa
Meri hoke humesha hi rehna
Kabhi na kehna alvida
Meri subah ho tumhi aur tumhi shaam ho
Tum dard ho tum hi aaraam ho
Meri duaaon se aati hai bas ye sadaa
Meri hoke humesha hi rehna
Kabhi na kehna alvida
Aha ha ha o…
Meri hoke humesha hi rehna
Kabhi na kehna Alvida…
Abhi looks at her eyes and says your eyes are killing me like anything. Pragya looks at his eyes and says I love you….. Everyone claps hand and praises that they are the perfect jodi, when the song ends. Abhigya comes to sense. Pragya blushes.
Yash thinks, cha…. If I have a jodi, then I can also dance with her like this. Ufff… My fate, I cant find a girl, even in this party.
Mom calls them to do engagement rituals. Pragya and abhi sits on the couch. Mom puts shawl on pragya’s head. Abhi has a broad smile on his face. Mom gives ring for them to exchange. Abhi picks the ring and looks at Pragya’s eyes for a while. Yash says, if you are looking like this, then after one week only this function will come to an end. Pragya blushes. Abhi too. He holds her hand and puts ring on her finger. All claps hands. Pragya picks the ring. She looks at him with a cute smile. She then holds his hand and puts ring on his finger. All claps hands. Abhigya smiles by looking at each other.
Mom gets emotional in happiness and thinks, this smile should be in their face for life long. Evil eyes should not fall in their happiness……

Guys its time to reveal the negative twist, positive twists and all the suspenses, as this ff is nearing its climax. Most probably by this Sunday. I know, usually I wont update on Saturday and Sunday. since you will be having one or two episodes after Friday, I have decided to wrap up the story by this weekend itself.
Thank you for your lovely compliments on yesterday’s epic. I am sorry that I was unable to reply you all.
Shanu choti, there is nothing great to tell about myself. I have completed my degree and right now I used to assist my mom in her business. When I have no work to do, I like to draw, and writing…no…no…scribbling something like this…?? I’m friendly but wont mingle easily with others??. Always like to be alone in a dreamland?? And most of time, I used to watch tv only ??., I am from Tamil Nadu, Chennai.

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    1. Telugu??? I’m telugu girl from hyd?

  11. thanks di…… this episode nice i love it….. but dont end story in this week continue to next week also please di……… and iam shahenaaz and iam studying inter1st year ,and iam living in AP ongole ok iam waiting for next episode

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  14. Reshma Pradeep


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