A Dream Episode – 21


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The episode begins with abhi takes Pragya out in the evening. Pragya asks abhi, where we are going??? Abhi didn’t say anything. She looks at the mobile and thinks who has gifted it to me??? I think abhi is playing with me. Other than him, no one is there to gift me. Abhi tells her, most of the time you are in dreamland only. Pragya says, most of the time you are telling lie only. Abhi asks what do you mean??? Pragya says I know pretty well that you are the one who gave this mobile to me. You are telling lie as if though I don’t know anything. Abhi says, I swear, I didn’t… What is the need for me to tell lie??? Pragya looks confused.

Abhigya reached somewhere. Abhi gets down from car. Pragya asks, Mr. Mehra, what place is this??? Why you stopped the car here??? Abhi asks her to get down from car. He shows her a shop. Its a jewellery shop. Pragya says, this shop is very big… Mr. Mehra, What we are going to do here??? Abhi says, to buy our engagement ring. They goes inside the shop.
The manager in the shop sees abhi and says Mr. Mehra, we are glad to see you here. But if you called me, I would have brought the collections to your home. Abhi says that okay.. Manger asks him, what you like to see sir??? Abhi says ring. They goes to ring section. The salesman shows them, alot of collections. Pragya choses two simple rose flower design rings. Abhi says it looks good but its simple. Pragya says ya it is simple but beautiful than all. Abhi says, like you. Pragya blushes.

Abhi asks her to check whether it fits your finger or not. She wears it and shows it to abhi. He says it looks super good. She then tries to remove it, but couldn’t. She asks the salesman, now what to do?? He says mam show your hand, I will try to remove it. Pragya shows her hand. Salesman was about to touch her hand. Abhi gets irked. He shouts nooo.. All the people in the shop looks at him. He then asks sorry and says let me try to remove it. Pragya smiles and says I know why you did so.. Abhi says is that so ??? He holds her hand. She looks into his eyes. Pragya completely forgets what’s happening around her. She feels that the whole world stops at this moment. She thinks, I should not leave you at any point. Abhi looks into her eyes and thinks, I dream so many when I look into your eyes. I feel like loosing myself when you are nearer to me. Its a feel that I had never felt. Abhi slowly removes the ring from her finger but still they are looking at each other. Salesman shouts, thank God !! Abhigya comes to sense. They smiles at each other and then buys the ring and leaves the shop. Abhigya sees yash nearby the shop and gets puzzled.
In MM, mom instructs event manager. She lists him, what are the works has to be done. The manager says mam, everything will be done as per your wish. Mom prays to Ramji, help me in doing all this work. I have to do all this work perfectly.

Mom stands infront of abhi’s dad pic and says suniye, our son abhi, is going to get engaged to Pragya by day after tomorrow evening. I have selected Pragya as abhi’s better half. She is perfect to him. Abhi too loves her alot. Hope you will like my decision. Bless abhi and Pragya, they are going to start their new life. It should be filled with only happiness. Someone calls her. She smiles at abhi’s dad pic and leaves from there.

It was designers who called mom. She welcomes him. He shows lots of collections to mom, but she didn’t like anything. She tells him, I am sorry to say, there are lots of collections but I didn’t like it. This is my son Abhishek Mehra’s engagement, it should be a grand one. And Pragya, she is an angel. I have to select an oufit, in which she should resemble exactly like an angel. Mom asks him, have you got my point??? They says yes mam, we will meet you tomorrow with new collections. Mom says okay. They leaves from there.
Abhi reaches home. Mom says abhi, thank God!! you have come. I was waiting for you since long. Where were you??? I have called to your mobile, but you were not reachable. Then I called to office. They said you have left the office by 5 ‘o’ clock itself. Abhi standstill. His thought is somewhere. Mom shook his arm and asks where is your thought beta???? Abhi shows her the ring and says this is engagement ring, Pragya has selected it. Keep it safe with you. Mom sees it and says both the rings looks good. Abhi without saying anything leaves from there. Mom thinks why abhi is behaving weird??? She says, shall I speak to him now or leave him alone for sometimes.

Pragya in Ramji’s temple. She tells Ramji, day after tomorrow is my engagement. You are my dad, my mom, my friend, my guide, my philosopher, my everything. So I hope you will be with me, on the big day of my life. I am worried about my dream. I don’t know where it is going to lead me?? She continues, still now I didn’t get any clues to find out why Mr. Mehra is going to be angry on me??? Will love turn into hatred???

Abhi is sitting in the garden with his laptop. He thinks, I have told the investors, that I will signing the deal by today, then why they changed the schedule. What will be their decision after 2 days??? It is the most important contract, I should not let it go out of my hands. There was pleasant air in the atmosphere. He remainds, how he proposed Pragya here. He says still few days only, after that 24/7, I will be with you.

Pragya, on seeing her mobile thinks, if not Mr. Mehra then who it is?? She says calm down Pragya, calm down. Think peacefully, else mind won’t work properly. She takes a deep breath. She thinks, this mobile was in my table before I go there. Which means, someone should have come to office before me and kept it on my table. Today I was quite early to office. I saw only Mr. Mehra and yash in office at that time. Rest all have come after me. So if Mr. Mehra didn’t, then it must be yash. If it is to be believed, why yash didn’t tell me about this?? What is the need for him to hide this from me?? Why he wants to gift me?? Shall I call him and ask directly?? She takes the mobile. She feels its late night and says I will talk to him tomorrow morning in office.
Mom comes to garden. She sees abhi sleeping by sitting on the chair. Mom keeps her hand in his hair. She caress him. He wakes up. She asks why you are sleeping here??? Abhi says maa.. I was just seeing some files. Don’t know when I slept. Mom smiles. Abhi asks her, why you came here maa?? And why you didn’t sleep still now??? Mom says beta.. I want to talk to you for few minutes. Shall I??? Abhi says maa.. Are you asking permission to me?? You can talk to me at any time. You have the right to… and you know pretty well that in this whole world you are the most important person to me. Mom says, stop it… Stop it…… this is enough. She asks him, tomorrow do you have any important work??? Abhi says tomorrow…tomorrow… I am free only maa.. What’s the matter ???Mom says Tomorrow I have decided to go to gurudwara along with you and Pragya. Abhi says, maa for this only you came here?? You just order me maa.. I will come along with you. Mom taps on his cheeks and says go to your room and sleep else you will catch cold. Abhi says okay maa.. I am leaving now.

Mom thinks to call Pragya and ask her whether she is coming or not. Awh its quite late in night. Mom calls Pragya. She picks the call. Mom says sorry beta… for calling at this time. Pragya says maa.. you can call me at anytime. Mom says beta, I have called you because I have planned to go to gurudwara tomorrow morning. Will you accompany us ?? Pragya says bilkul maa… I will come maa… Mom says teek hai, we will meet tomorrow…..

Guys, why abhi looks weird???
Why abhigya looks puzzled after seeing yash ??
And who gifted mobile to Pragya is still in confusion.
All this suspenses will be revealed in the upcoming episodes.??. Still then stay tuned…

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  1. Nice epi yaar…again confusion and tensed hope nothing worry happen….

    1. Roli

      Yes varsha, even I am confused how to take the story further ??. Thank you keep reading continuously.

  2. Super yaa reallyyyyyy interesting …..

    1. Roli

      Thank you sugan keep reading continuously

  3. Yash only gifted this to pragya…i thought…because yash is sent from takhil to trap pragya..i thought…make it takhil never win…

    1. Roli

      Ha ha it is yet to confirm who gifted Pragya, just stay tuned to know what’s going to come further. Thank you keep reading continuously

  4. Riyashri

    No Sorry For Not Commenting in your Previous Wonderful Updates !!?
    Believe Me I read all of them regularly … And As usual U had Rocked it ! Superbbbbbbbbb Updates !???? I Enjoyed it Sooo Much ! ?Actually I am Love with The AbhiGya of your Story ! It’s Totally Different and I am Loving it !!??? Each & Every Update brings a Silent Twist and Suspense …. And I end Up scolding u for stopping it like wise !? Today too !! Lots of Suspense Is Danger To My Mind !!? So paitently Waiting for your next update ! And I hav a request if Possible do give Short updates in the weekends !! Think about it … Not a compulsion !
    I would comment like this once in a Bloom Moon Day ! Hope U don’t forget this Silent Reader & Fan of Yours ! And I know U wouldn’t too !
    Love U Shona Dear ! ?
    Happy Independence Day to u too !!??

    1. Roli

      Hi Riya, I know dear? even if you didn’t comments you are reading regularly. Yup suspense will break our head but I feel it will be interesting to know what’s going to come further ??
      Saturday and Sunday I can update, but I am not doing it is because I used to write the script for the entire week on Saturday and Sunday only ? and moreover my mom doesn’t like me writing stories that’s why I wont touch mobile on Saturday and Sunday.?? And on weekdays I wont touch paper and pen ?? so I was unable to fulfil your wish ☹☹ .
      And I wont forget you don’t worry. I know you are reading continuously and commenting on my ff right from Tanu exposure, love is in the air and now in dream too.?
      Love you dear ????
      Happy independence day ?

  5. Welcome back ….nice episode . Yash is a problem maker for Abhigya . Hope Abhigya will find out soon . Waiting for episode 22 . Please update soon.

    1. Roli

      Hmm I am also waiting for the moment when abhigya will come about all the conspiracy going against them. Lets see what happens in the upcoming episodes. Stay tuned. Thank you and Keep reading continuously.

  6. Sry 4 not commenting in last 2 updates??And today epi lovely cute??Reveal the suspenses soonnnnn??

    1. Roli

      No sorry yaar, I can understand u guys are busy. Ya suspense will be revealed by Thursday or Friday. Thank you and Keep reading continuously

  7. Saranya24

    Superb dear waiting fr all suspenses???

    1. Roli

      Thank you Saranya. I will reveal it soon may be on Thursday or Friday ??. Keep reading continuously

  8. superbb yarr……………………………..but today twist are more…………………plz clear them fast

    1. Roli

      Yup I will clear soon to the max with in this week. Thank you Nannu keep reading continuously


    Wow… kithana romantic abhi… but I think both were in tension about that yash… anyways I am waiting for your suspense and twists

    1. Roli

      Don’t know exactly whether they are tensed or not. Soon I will let you all know about it. Thank you haritha . Keep reading continuously

  10. Reshma Pradeep


    1. Roli

      Thank you Reshma Pradeep. Keep reading continuously

  11. nice episode

    1. Roli

      Thank you mukund raj. Keep reading continuously

  12. superb yaar waiting for the suspence to reveal dear

    1. Roli

      Thank you Divya. I will reveal it soon to the max by this Friday. Keep reading continuously

  13. Monesha

    Hi di happy independence day. Today episode was awesome and suspense also I like abhi tells most of the time you are in dream land, Pragya says most of the time you will tell lie. It was awesome di and when abhi shouts in shop it is also super. Loved it to the core

    1. Roli

      Monesha thank you . Keep reading continuously. Reg suspense you will get to know on Friday ?

  14. Asmithaa

    Wonderful yaar…

    1. Roli

      Thank you asmithaa keep reading continuously

  15. Awesome!

    1. Roli

      Thank you abhigya. Keep reading continuously


    1. Roli

      Thank you elinor. I’m glad that you read all the episodes. Keep reading continuously

  17. Hi di happy independence day and nice episode and iam thinking about suspense please clear it in next episode ???????????

    1. Roli

      Shanu just wait for 2 to 3 days I will clear it ? thank you and keep reading continuously

  18. super epic Roli.. waiting for upcoming updates

    1. Roli

      Thank you Lakshmi. Keep reading continuously

  19. nice episode

    1. Roli

      Thank you Kaif keep reading continuously

  20. Really superb n interesting episode full of suspense eagerly waiting for next part

    1. Roli

      Thank you Durga keep reading continuously

  21. lovely n cool epi…………

    1. Roli

      Thank you di keep reading continuously

  22. wow..very nice intrstng…suprb..

    1. Roli

      Thank you nasima. Keep reading continuously

  23. Omg… Shona dear ur story is just awesome with fill of twits & suspenses
    Hope abhigya will live happily
    In love with ur story dear???

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