A Dream Episode – 2


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The episode begins with abhi tries to see pragya but couldn’t see her. He thinks where she might have went?? Then he goes to pray to God. He says that in this whole world my mom is everything to me. I want her to live long, healthily and happily. God please be with her each and every second and protect her from everything. The pandit blesses him. Abhi leaves from temple. Tanu calls him when he was about to start the car. She says bhai, where are you?? I am waiting for you since long. Abhi says I am on the way to office and will reach in a while. Tanu says okay bhai and disconnects the call.
Pragya reaches office. Its her first day work in abhi’s office. She goes to reception and shows her appointment letter to receptionist. The receptionist sees the letter and asks her to meet Miss. Tanushree Metha. She directs pragya to tanu’s cabin. Pragya knocks tanu’s cabin. Tanu asks her to come in. Pragya shows her appointment letter to tanu. Tanu sees it and says so its you Miss. Pragya Arora. She says there are certain terms and conditions to work in this office. She tells pragya that this office boss is Mr. Mehra but everyone works on my order. First thing to be noted is you have no right to see the accounts file deeply even if you was asked to do so by Mr Mehra. Tanu continues, without my permission you are not supposed to see auditing files and you have to do what I say. You should not speak about auditing to Mr. Mehra. Your work in this office is just to sign files and nothing more than that. If you do so your job will be permanent and you will not have any troubles. Pragya didn’t say anything. She starred at tanu and think in her my mind at any stage I won’t be disloyal to my profession. As I have signed bond papers I can’t quit this job now else I have to pay a sum of 10L which I can’t. I have to think and make a move. Tanu says hello miss …. where is your thought?? She says hope you would have understood what I said. Tanu calls abhi’s PA. He comes to tanu’s cabin. Tanu asks him to show pragya, her cabin. They leave from tanu’s cabin.

Abhi’s PA tells pragya that don’t ever hear tanu’s words. She is not a good human. Pragya didn’t say anything. PA shows pragya, her cabin. The cabin looked so neat. The files were neatly arranged in the rack. Pragya says to abhi’s PA that the cabin looks very neat and she likes it very much. He wishes her luck for this job. Pragya says thank you to him.
Abhi reaches office. He enters in. All the staff members wishes him good morning. Abhi nods his head. While crossing pragya’s cabin, he sees a girl in baby pink saree inside the cabin. He didn’t see her face. He thinks, is she the same girl whom I saw in temple this morning. He gets into his cabin. He sits on his chair. He was able to see pragya from his cabin but couldn’t see her face as she turned other side.
Abhi calls his PA and asks about the girl. PA replies her name is Miss Pragya Arora. She has been appointed as a new accountant. Abhi says oh is that so and disconnects the call. Abhi calls pragya and says Miss. Arora come to my cabin and disconnects the call. Pragya wonders who it is?? Where should I go now?? She goes out of her cabin and blinking where to go. She sees PA and tells him that I have got a call now saying come to my cabin, who is it?? and where should I go now?? PA replies it was Mr. Abhishek Mehra, our MD. He directs pragya. She says thank you to him and goes to abhi’s cabin. She knocks abhi’s cabin door. Abhi says come in. When pragya opens the door, there was a cool breeze in the cabin. She closes her eyes for a second. Her hair slightly moved in air. When she opened her eyes she was shocked. She was standing like a statue and thinking how it is possible?? Is he the same one whom I have seen in my dream?? Oh my god!!! what’s happening ??? Am I again in dreamland ?? Abhi was busy with some work. He realized that pragya has not entered in. So he looks up by her side. He was dazzled by her beauty. He didn’t even moved his eyes. He thinks, is she is the one whom I saw in temple?? Both of them was speechless and looks at each other for a while as
Saiyaara main, saiyaara tu saiyaara,
Sitaaron ke jahaan Mein milenga abb yaara
song plays the screen freezes on abhi’s face.
PRECAP : pragya stands on a bench to take a file from top shelf as abhi looks on.

Guys if u r getting bored with my story please let me know through ur comments. I will change the script.

Credit to: Roli Aka Shona

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  1. RiyaDcruz

    Soooooperbbbb yaar luved it………

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  2. really a awesome epic… update regularly yaar… keep rocking….

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  3. really a wonderful epic… update regularly yaar… keep rocking….

  4. Superbbbb………superb……..superbbbbb..pizza continue yaar…….i m really waiting

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  5. superb story line please continue yaar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  7. Nice yaar its really awesome thn previous episode I felt tat tanu vl play +ve role bt no I’m wrong she always -ve role…oh god anyway I’m eagerly waiting for next part

    1. Roli aka Shona

      yup tanu is a negative character in this story.
      thank you for your reviews durga keep reading and commenting

  8. Nice ???

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  9. wow super waiting 4 next 1 pls

    update long epi pls………….

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  10. Vaishali

    awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee no way yaar chanceless superb episode no words to say dear it was amazing one loved it a lot

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    Wonderful… Waiting for next part…

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  13. Not at all dear its lovely????

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  14. Nice yr.I thought tanu is a positive character as she called Abhi as bhai but how can I forget she is the great Tanushree who only knows to spoil others life especially Abhi, so obviously she should play negative role right!.waiting for the nxt update!!

    1. Roli aka Shona

      Yup u r right rosy. Tanu can never play a positive role even in fan fiction ?.
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  15. Really interesting yaar… Waiting for the next part..

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  16. Awesome epi shona… Seriously its very very interesting dear.. Can’t wait to read next epi???

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