Her Dream for him (Episode 2)

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Himat kese hui teri,meri beti ko hath lagane ki…….Itna sab kuch kar ke bhi tera Mann ni bhara jo ab tu meri beti ko chot pohchana chahta hai….. ; Dev who had gripped Vicky’s collar roared like a hungry lion who is ready to hunt it’s prey.His anger has reached at it’s higher level seeing his little daughter in pain. Vicky flutter in his suffocating hold to grab some air. Dev flew his another hand up to punch on vicky’s face.

Soha frightened at her place seeing her father’s anger and wrapped her hands tightly around sonakshi’s frame,squeezing her eyes shut. Golu shrink aloud but before dev could punch vicky Saurav stops him and held his hand in mid air. Dev gave a regeous glare to Saurav for stopping him in between. He push Vicky away and then banged his fist into the near by wall and closes his eyes trying to absorb his growing rage.

DEV…….. ; Sonakshi yelled at him. Hearing her yells dev snapped his head towards her and there he saw his princess who was clinging on her mother with full force.

Hum…..Hum Abhi Doctor ke yha jaa rahe hai chalon yha se…… ; Dev says going towards them and tries to take soha in his arms but seeing him approaching she tighten her grip over sona’s frame. She was fearing of him.

They left bose house in a haste. Sonakshi tried her best to protest but dev didn’t listened her thus they went to see the doctor. The doctor did the first aid of soha’s wound which wasn’t even bleeding. His panicked look didn’t left it’s place till the time they were present there. After satisfying himself fully about soha’s health they left the hospital. The journey towards house was all silent. Soha who was sitting in sona’s lap kept looking outside of the car whlie dev would occasionally stole the glances of his lil angry princess.Sonakshi greeted her teeth in frustration seeing the silent behaviour of both of her kids. Yes kids,The way dev was handling soha’s baseless anger forced her to consider him as a kid.

They reached home after 15 mins. Dev opened the gate for both his leading ladies and asked for His daughter’s hand but His young lady who was now more angry with him got up from her mother’s lap and ran inside the house leaving him in a sad pout. Sonakshi smiled a little seeing him with the sad pout and gave her hand to him. He gave her a tight liped smile clutching her hand in his’s, intertwining it with his they goes inside the house.

Soha came out of her room when it’s dinner time. She locked herself in her room with her dadi and cried her heart out infront of her,complaining about his father’s anger. Dev had a hard time till that. His heart pained every second when he would hear his daughter’s cry. His delicate princess was hurt because of him. Such a sin it is for him!!! Dev looked at his mother for some help in convincing his daughter but ishwari surendered herslef showing him her hand. The dinner was a silent one. After dinner Everybody retired back to their room leaving a sad dev behind who kept roaming to and fro in the hall,frustrated with his own actions. He really regreted getting violent infront of kids. Sonakshi gave him his own space to realise his mistake hence she decided to relive her childhood again by going through with her old stuffs which is now at her own house. Her own house;The feeling of having her house in true senses with the love of her life was the feeling which she can’t even describe in words it’s something beyond words for her.

She was going through with her stuff when a frustrated,sad,angry,confused dev came into the room and sat on the floor beside her. He roams his eyes on her stuff and smiles a fake one.

Baba ko humesha se hi meri har cheez se lagaav raha hai. Deko meri first speech ki copy Unhone abhi raj sambhaal k Rakhi hai ; sonakshi says holding a old page and caresses it with her hand with a smile. Dev looked at her and then at the paper and just hummed in reply.

Aaj poore 3 din 14 ghanton baad soha ne mujhe PaPa laga ; Dev says leaning his head on sonakshi’s shoulder.A sad smile appears on his face while sonakshi got amused listening it. He literally counted the whole time when she didn’t addressed him,for how long he would have continued counting the time if she didn’t called;ok sorry screamed PaPa in the hospital when the doctor was dressing her wound.

Khi Golu ki tarah voh BHI mujhse nafrat toh NAHI karne lagegi ; Dev asked her with a voice,full of pain. The mere thought brimmed his eyes with tears.

Kisne kha ki golu tumse nafrat karta hai??? Or Soha!! Voh tumse nafrat kregi….Are you mad…… ; Sonakshi said it with a frown and wondered what make him think like this.

Maine kosish ki bhot kosish ki k main Vicky ko maaf kar sakun par jab BHI voh mere saamne aata hai toh main apne aap ko rok NAHI pata hu. Jo kuch BHI usne humare sath kiya voh sab…..sab bhoolana mere liye aasaan NAHI hai. Aaj BHI sirf uski galti ki vajah se mujhe golu se door rehne par raha hai…….Aur soha…..Voh BHI mujhse gusaa hai sirf uss insaan ki vajah se ; Dev says on the verge of crying but something in him stops him from doing so.

Koi tumse nafrat NAHI karta…..Samjhe tum. Voh bcche hai Abhi……… Unhe toh yeh nafrat shabd ka meaning bhi NAHI pata hoga. Voh bss thoda naraz hai tumse. Aur subah tumhi ne toh mujhse kaha tha na ki ek insaan ussi par itna gussa karta hai jiss se voh beyhad pyaar karta hai. Tho phir tumne yeh kese soch liya k voh tumse kabi nafrat karenge ; Sonakshi says cupping his face in her palms and then dev let his tears fall down. She is the one who has witnessed all his emotions by It’s happiness,sorrow,brokenness,vulnerability……every single emotion which he used to hide from everyone. After all she is his remedy.

Kitna bura Pita hu na main……Ki Apni choti si beti ko khush tak NAHI rakh sakta….. ; Dev says in a choking tone. Sonakshi nodded her head in a big no. He has been holding his feelings within him from a long time but now when she is there for him,He let out all his fears infront of her which were eating him up till that.

Agar tum bure Pita ho…..Toh soha bhot lucky hai ki usse iss duniya or sabse bure Pita mille hai. Jo uske iss duniya me aane se pehle se hi uss se itna pyaar karne lage the ki uski mumma ko BHI uss se jealousy hone lagi thi…..Jo uski identity pata karne k liye mere ghar choron ke jese ghush gaye the……..Jisne mujhse ladai kari thi uska sach chipane k liye……Jo sirf uske muh se Papa word sunn be liye kuch BHI karne ko teyaar ho gaye the……Humare beech itni nafrat hone k bawajood bhi humare ghar me aake rahe,apni itni insult sahi sirf uske saath rehne k liye….Jo mere best friend se isliye itna jealous nhi hota tha ki voh uski x wife ka close friend hai balki iss liye hota tha kyonki voh uski beti k uss se jyada close hai…….jisne apni sirf apni beti ki khushi k liye non veg tak bana liya…..or jab voh bimmar thi toh raat-raat bhar uske room k bahar bethe rehte the the soch kar k khi usse kisi cheez ki jrurt na par jaaye….jo apni beti ki khushi k liye dance classes m ja k weird se dance forms sikhte ho……Jisne apni beti k naam par ek special ward khola taki usse logon ki duvayen mill sake……Jo aaj BHI kabhi kabhi aadhi raat me apni biwi ko akele Chor kar apni beti k room me chale jaate ho or ghanton uske paas bethe reh kar khud ko the taking dilate there ho ki kahi ye sab kuch koi sapna toh nahi………..agar ye sab chizen ek bura Pita karta hai toh m glad ki meri beti ko iss duniya k sabse boore papa mile hai….. ; Sonakshi says it in one go reminiscing him about his journey with his little bundle of joy. His tears falls more and more while sonakshi wipes them away with her finger and caresses his wet cheek.He came a long way with his princess in such a less time and now his daughter has become the reason of his life. A small smile made It’s way on his lips. And he wondered that how come his wife got to know about his little secret of visiting his daughter every night. She supposed to be in deep slumber at that time then how???

Ab yeh mat poochna ki mujhe kese pata chala tumhare secret k baare m ; Sonakshi says bringing him out of his thoughts.

Kya main…….. ; before DEV could say further sonakshi intrupts in.

Tum usse mana logo….. mujhe poora vishvaas hai soha ke papa par… An iss se pehle ki tum mujhe BHI apne eath rula do hum soha k paas ja k tumhare Mann ki tashali kar lete hai ki tumhari rajkumari dhang se so rahi hai k NAHI varna tumhe BHI neend NAHI aayegi ; saying so she got up from her place,giving a full stop to his never ending useless thoughts and ask for his hand which he gave with a tight lip smile.

Ishwari retired back to her room after making soha sleep,ofcourse with alot of difficulties. Soha was still frightened with today’s fassico but ishwari managed her somehow. Well that’s the plus point of having grandparents. They can handle the kids when the parents fails. Both dev and sonakshi goes to her and settled on the bed beside her on each side. Dev smiled brightly seeing her sleeping and caresses her head and finds it heated. His smile vanished and panic ran through his face.

She has fever ; he says panicking. Doctor…….Call the doctor ; he says fishing his phon out of his pocket and rushes to find a thermometer. His hands were trembling with panic.

It was nearly midnight when the doctor came and examined soha. She was stressed with all the happenings in the house and today’s incident+injury added more stress on the little kid that she ended up having temper. The doctor gave a injection to her much to dev’s dismay. He squeeze his eyes shut feeling the pain of his little angel. Sonakshi was there squeezing his hand and assured him that she’ll be fine soon. The doctor mentally thanked god for sonakshi’s presence otherwise dev would have beat him up,black and blue for injecting his daughter. The murderous glare of dev was scarring the shit out of him.

Sab meri galti hai,mujhe apne gussse ko control krna chahiye tha….. ; Dev says placing a cold strip of cloth on soha’s head. Regret was dripping out from his each word. Sonakshi facepalmed herself mentally. His selfaccusing self was in it’s best today.

Dev!!!!Thoda sa fever hi toh hai……Soha Tumhari beti hai……She is strong just like you….Aur Abhi toh uska fever kam BHI ho raha hai……. ; Sonakshi says with a sigh. It’s been 2 hours since dev was taking care of soha and the result is positive too. Her temper decreased alot but dev’s still accusing himself for her condition.

Haan meri beti thik ho jaayegi iss baar main jo hu uske paas uska dhyaan rakhne k liye…….Tum jao thora rest krlo….Kal tumhari important meeting hai…… ; Dev commanded her with a assuring smile. Though he is accusing himself for her condition but the fact that this time he’s able to take care of his daughter is giving him a satisfaction. Sonakshi shrugs her shoulder and leaves from there because she knew there is no point in arguing. She knows that this is the best way to lessen his guilt.

Next morning sonakshi do visit soha whoes fever was gone now thanks to dev who took good care of her and even now he was wide awake,admiring his sleeping daughter.Befor leaving for office Sonakshi insisted him to take rest for sometime and He replied in a yes but she knew that he’ll not listen to her. He’s going to be there right beside his daughter untill she woke up. Such a possessive and overcaring father he is….. ; she thought to herself and leaves placing a soft kiss on the foreheads of both her lifelines.

Papa……. ; said soha in her sleepy tone. Her eyes were half closed and the moment she called him,Dev who was sitting beside her felt heavenly hearing her.

Soha……Ab….Ab kese lag raha hai aapko…..Chakar toh NAHI aa rahe na……Kuch…..Kuch chahiye kya aapko ; Dev hurled nonstop question in one go caressing her forehead. He smiled widely which reached till his eyes.

NAHI….. ; the only word came out of her mouth and then she looked everywhere but at him indicating that she’s still angry with him.

Aapko mujhse jitna naraz hona hai ho lijiye lekin please ese bimar par k mujhe meri galtiyon ki itni badi saja mat diya kijiye……Aap healthy reh kar BHI apne papa se gussa ho sakti hai…..Main Abhi appke liye kuch khane ko lata hu aapki mumma thori der me ghar aane vali hai aur agar unhe pata chala k aapne abitak kuch nahi khaya hai toh voh BHI papa par gussa karengi….aap bus 2 minute rooko main aata hu ; Dev says in his sad tone but he was happy that at least she is fine now. He goes out to get some healthy food for his daughter making a mental note that he’ll definitely convince her now while soha kept staring at the ceiling of her room.

Dev make her have her food and she had it quietly without showing any tantrums because she was angry with him. Dev did a mental dance at least he get some good with her anger otherwise it would be a impossible task for him to make her eat when she’s not feeling well.

In the process of taking good care of his daughter he neglected himself. All his hunger,sleep were nothing infront of his daughter’s health. Ishwari tried to send him off to his room to take some rest or at least eat something but he royally ignored her pleas and stayed glued at his place,beside his daughter.


Here it ends??

Hope you liked reading it.

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