A Dream Episode – 19


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The episode begins with abhi telling Pragya that mom has called her to home. Pragya looks puzzled and asks for the reason. Abhi says, I don’t know. Pragya says you are telling lie. Abhi asks why should I?? Pragya says, God only knows and okay I will come with you. Pragya takes her stuffs and goes with him.
While driving to home, abhi sees Tanu and Nikhil together. He thinks what Tanu is doing Nikhil??? He feels Tanu is happy with Nikhil. He remembers Tanu in party, saying Nikhil is my friend. Anyways she is happy, somewhere in this world. That’s enough. The next moment he saw Yash behind tanu and nikhil. Abhi gets puzzled. He thinks what yash is doing here???
Abhigya reached MM. Pragya gets down from car. She looks at the garden. She remembers how abhi proposed her. While entering in she remembers how he pacified her, when she was sad. She recollects all the beautiful moment that happened in birthday party. She smiles.

On seeing Pragya, mom gets happy. Pragya takes mom’s blessings. Mom blesses her as live happily. She sees bandage on her hand and asks what happened?? Pragya tries to say nothing maa, its…. Abhi interrupts and says she is 2yrs old kid, who doesn’t know to walk properly in road. As a result ends with an accident. Mom gets panic, accident?? She asks Are you okay beta??? Pragya says nothing maa, see I am completely alright. Mom says here be carefull while walking in road. Pragya nods her head. Mom asks her to sit.
Mom says pandit has come to fix your engagement dates. Abhi with a broad smile looks at Pragya, who is blushing.

Pandit asks for abhi’s and Pragya’s horoscope. Mom gives abhi’s horoscope to pandit and says we don’t have Pragya’s. Pandit says no problem and asks for her date of birth. Pragya says. Pandit prepares birth chart of Pragya’s and looks into it. After few minutes pandit says that Abhi and Pragya are made for each other like Radha Krishna. Mom gets happy. Pragya was blushing. Pandit says we can have engagement after 3days. Abhi gets superb excited. Mom sends off pandit. She says to Pragya that I am very happy beta. Lots of work is there. Have to select ring, invite guest, decorate MM and etc..etc.. She continues, I don’t know what to do in happiness.

Abhi says maaa… relax. I am there with you to take care of everything. Mom says what its my sons engagement. So I will do the entire work and she smiles.
Mom says, Pragya tonight have dinner with us. Abhi thinks that Pragya should tell yes. Pragya denies. Abhi looks disappointed. Mom insist her. Pragya says okay but on a condition. Mom asks what?? Pragya says, if so then I will cook. Mom says, no beta, you have wound in your hand. How can you cook now?? Mom continues.. No…no… I cant allow you to cook. But Pragya insists. Mom atlast says okay.

Abhi thinks, so today I going to have pragya’s preparations. He is excited. He thinks to go to kitchen but mom stops him. She asks, beta abhi, where are you going???
Abhi by stammering says maa.. to my room. Mom says, but abhi your room is not this side. Abhi says, awh maa.. Thought to drink water and then to go to room. Mom smiles and says you are going to have water or to see Pragya??? Abhi says maaa… Mom taps him and leaves. Abhi thinks thank God, I am escaped from maa..

Abhi heads into kitchen. He asks the servants to leave. Servants does. Abhi sees Pragya struggling to light the gas. Abhi hugs Pragya from behind and slowly says in her ears that before lighting gas, you must switch it on. Pragya breaks the hug and asks what are you doing here??? He says I came to help you as your hand is hurt. Pragya says I can manage. You leave from here. Abhi says no and takes vegetables and says I will cut vegetables for you. Pragya grabs it and says no. She asks him to leave from here else I cant cook. He says, as you are new to this kitchen, you don’t know where is salt, sugar etc…so I have decided to help you in cooking and I wont back off from it. She says is that so?? Abhi nods his head. She says okay then you be here but on a condition. You should not disturb me. If u do so then I will….. Abhi says, what you will do??? She says I will put lot of mirchi in all the dish. Abhi says, oh..no.. Okay okay I will stay away from you. Pragya says that’s good. She starts to cut vegetables. Abhi is standing behind her. He tries to hold her hands from behind. But she turns and shows him knife. She says, stand five feet away from me. Abhi does. She says, that’s like a good boy. She turns to cut vegetables. Abhi comes nearer to her. She turns to his side . Abhi steps backward. Pragya smiles.
Pragya suddenly shouts awh. Abhi gets panic. He comes to her and asks what happened?? Have you cut your hands??? Show me your hand.. Pragya smiles and says I was just kidding… Abhi taps his head and smiles. Then they both joined together and cooks food.

Pragya goes to call mom to have dinner. Meanwhile abhi shifts all the dishes to dinning table. He is superb excited to eat. Pragya servers food to mom. She wantedly didn’t serve abhi. Mom praises Pragya’s preparations. Abhi looks disappointed. Mom gets a call, so she leaves her dinner in mid and goes. Abhi too tries to go from there but Pragya holds his hand. He stops. She makes him to sit. She servers him and asks to eat. But abhi didn’t eat. Since he is acting as if he is angry on her. She then feeds him. Abhi looks at Pragya with a smile and asks her to eat. Mom comes. She asks Pragya to have her dinner. She does. They all happily had their dinner.

Mom asks abhi to leave Pragya in her hostel. He gets happy. Pragya bids good night to her and leaves from there.
Pragya asks abhi, whether his car will get breakdown like before or……… Abhi interrupts and says if you speak too much then it will get breakdown and we have to spend the whole night in the road only. She stares at him and gets into the car.

While going abhi was saying that he is very happy because our engagement is going to happen in the next three days. He was speaking continuously but Pragya didn’t listen to any of his words. She thinks, still now everything is perfect. Abhi too assured me that he believes me at all circumstances. She was repeatedly thinking about this.
Suddenly abhi, stops the car. Pragya asks what happened?? Why you stopped the car?? Abhi tries to tell something but Pragya didn’t allow him to speak saying I know pretty well that your car will get breakdown. Abhi says hello…hello… Stop it. Turn to your left and see, you will get to know why I stopped the car. Pragya does. She tapped on her head and says I am sorry. I didn’t notice, that we have reached hostel.

Pragya says bye to him. Abhi too says bye. She goes in. Abhi was seeing her till she goes in. He thinks Pragya will wave bye to me from window. He waits there for minutes. She reaches her room and thinks, Mr. Mehra has arrived or not. She peeps through windows and sees abhi is still here. She waves her hand and abhi too waves his hand. He then goes to home.
Pragya thinks, still now there is no problem. So if anything is going to happen also it will happen herethen. So I have to be careful. I should not be worried at this point of time. I have to be strong and face the problem. She thinks about the happy moments with abhi.

Abhi reaches home. He thinks, I feel happy in Pragya’s company. I forgot everything when she is with me. But I feel today she is worried about something. I thought to ask her but forgot it. Anyways I have to find out why she is worried or am I thinking unnecessarily. Lets ask her directly tomorrow.
Pragya prays to Ramji, please be with me. If you are with me then I can face anything. I can never bear abhi’s hatred towards me. Please help me Ramji……

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  1. Tisha

    Oh….god…super….really its amazing. ..

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    Good morning Roli dear
    Today’s episode was supperrrcoool ??? I liked the below scenes
    ?Abhigya in kitchen?Pragya feeding abhi
    ?Waving bye from window
    Am gonna read this again bye ?

  3. Super episode . I like very much the kitchen scene …like kitchen scene ( sandwich made by abhigya ) in original KB show !! love it . Waiting for episode 20.

  4. Make it abi find out takhil,yash again doing wrong things towards pragya don’t separate abigya…create it abigya engagement and marriage wil happen happily….

  5. Today abhigya scence is awesome….

  6. Nice episode yaar

  7. Sethidisha002

    osam plz dont make anything which break abhigya

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  9. it was just amazing dear abhigya scene was awesome dear keep rocking……..

  10. super epic roli

  11. superb epic roli

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    Awesomeness overloaded darlu loved it?????

  16. superb plz continue like this c\very intersting to read and plz dont stp this story because instead of reading daily updates its much happy to read this.

  17. lovely epi dear…………..

  18. It awesome…. Superrrrr….

  19. Lovely episode di??????

  20. Kitchen scene is amazing shona???
    Lovely etc….❤❤❤

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