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The episode begins with Pragya sitting in the bed and thinking about her dream. She thinks what is going to happen now?? For what Mr. Mehra is scolding me. No… No… He is not scolding me, he is angry on me … Why he asked is our love is fake??? How can I betray him ??? She was broken by all this.
Pragya goes to her rose plants and shares about her dream. She asks plants, tell me now what should I do??? She says yesterday I was the happiest person in the world. But see today morning what happened!!! What will happen if this dream comes true like my proposing dream??? Oh no…

Abhi wakes up. He sees Pragya is standing near his bed with coffee. He says hi angel, good morning. She says sir.. Sir… Abhi says what sir.. Sir..??? He gets up from bed and comes closer to her. She blinks and the Coffee cup in her hand is shivering. He asks why your hands is shivering?? She goes backward. He holds her and comes closer to her. She puts coffee cup down on his leg. Abhi shouts awwh….. He then realised that its servant and not Pragya. Servant runs from there. Abhi feels embrassed. He says oh my god!!! Today also I am in illusion. He says Pragya… Pragya… Pragya… One day surely I am going to become mad because of you. He sits on his bed. He hugs the pillow and says but I love this feeling.
Pragya goes to Ramji temple. She says to Ramji, I am angry with you. Why you are doing this to me??? Hereafter I wont speak to you.. I am leaving.. She goes out of the temple, suddenly she stops and comes back to Ramji and says I am sorry. What you will do if my fate is like this?? She stands still. After sometimes she says bye to Ramji and leaves from there.
Abhi reaches office. He sees Pragya cabin, but she was not there. He sees his watch and thinks, Pragya should be here at this time. Why she still didn’t come to office??? He goes to his cabin. He thinks to call Pragya. He takes his mobile but keep aside. He says still I have to wait for sometimes.

In MM, mom was speaking with interior designer. She says that the interior of this room should be changed completely. Designers says we will do accordingly mam. She thinks it should be liked by both abhi and Pragya. She wonders how and when to start their marriage preparations???

Pragya was walking in road. She lost her thoughts in her dream. Her dream is echoing in her ears. Abhi was tensed in office. He was worried about Pragya. He was wandering here and there in his cabin. He thinks, time is nearing 11 ‘o’ clock but Pragya is yet to come. Its strange… He says is she is in some problem??
Pragya is still walking, a bike is coming in the opposite direction of her. She didn’t notice it. She was walking straight. When the bike comes nearer to her, it blows horn. With that she comes to sense and gets frightened by seeing the bike, nearer to her. She moves to the other side and falls on the road miserably and goes unconscious.

Abhi in his cabin says pragyaaa… He feels that she is in some problem. He tries to call her but her mobile is not reachable. He thinks to go in search of her but PA stops him saying sir we have an important meeting now. Abhi says postpone the meeting. PA says, sir, but we cant postpone the meeting. If we do so then the contract will go from our hand. Abhi shouts at him saying Pragya has not reached office and you are talking about contract. Let me go and search her. PA stops him and says Pragya mam has informed me that she will be late to office. Abhi asks him are you sure??? Did Pragya informed you??? PA says yes sir. Abhi shouts at him saying then why the hell you didn’t inform me??? PA says sorry sir. Abhi asks PA to call Pragya and ask where she is?? PA yes sir.
Abhi prays to god, hey bhagwan, I feel weird. Please be with Pragya if is under any problem, give her strength to come out of it. He then goes to conference hall.

Pragya was unconscious in the road. People gathered around her. One guy from the crowd comes nearer to her. He taps her cheeks. He says di… di… Open your eyes. But Pragya didn’t. He takes water bottle from his bag and sprinkles water on her face. Pragya smirks her face. She comes to conscious. He gives water for her to drink. Pragya drinks water. The guy asks, di.. Are you okay now??? Pragya nods her head. He helps her to get up from the road. She realised that her hand was hurt and its bleeding. The guy picks her things from the road and gives it to her. He says di.. your mobile has broken and while walking in road be careful. Pragya nods her head and says thank you to him with a smile.

Abhi was restless in conference hall. His mind is filled with Pragya’s thought. He thinks why my mind is telling repeatedly that Pragya is in problem. The investors asks abhi, Mr. Abhishek Mehra, what do you think about this deal??? Abhi comes to sense and says I have gone through your proposal a week back. I feel its good to sign the deal but not now. I will sign by tomorrow. Now please excuse me… Abhi goes out of conference room. He was tensed about Pragya. He asks PA whether you have contacted Pragya or not??? PA says sir, mam mobile is not reachable. He shouts at him. Not reachable means what??? You cant even do a work properly. He walks out of his office but stops after seeing Pragya entering in. He runs to her and hugs her. He was happy in seeing her.
Pragya breaks the hug. Abhi asks her, where were you??? Why you were late to office??? Why your mobile is not reachable??? Why you are looking soo dull?? He sees her hand is bleeding. He asks her how it has happened??? She didn’t answer to any of his questions.

Abhi holds her hand and takes Pragya to his cabin. He makes her to sit in chair and then he searches for first aid box. He sits besides her and puts bandage to her hand. Pragya was admiring abhi. She thinks how much care he has for me. I am so lucky. I should not leave him at any point. Hey Ramji, my dream should not become true.

Abhi realises that her thought is somewhere. He shook her arm. She comes to sense. Abhi says atleast now open your mouth and say how it has happened??? Pragya says while walking in road, got hurt as a bike comes like hitting me. Abhi says even a small kid knows to walk better than you. He asks her, why you are either slipping or falling down always. Pragya doesn’t react to it. She says can I ask you something?? Abhi says you are asking permission?? Pragya didn’t say anything. He says okay. What do you want to ask?? She asks him, do you trust me??? Do you believe that my love is true for you??? Do you believe that I wont betray you at any time?? Do you have trust in me?? Abhi was puzzled by her questions. He asks her, what happened to you??? Why are you asking questions like this to me ??? Pragya’s eyes filled with tears… She says please Mr. Mehra, please answer my question first then I will answer yours.

Abhi comes closer to her and kneels on the ground. He holds her hand and says I trust you at all circumstances. I believe, that the love you have for me is true. Now answer me.. Pragya smiles and says thank you… Thank you so much. He gets up from the floor. Pragya says I asked about this to you because, I had a….. She pauses as someone knocks abhi’s cabin. Abhi says come in and Pragya looks puzzled by it.

Sandy, I will fulfil your request. But not now ?. Since if I include that sequence now, the story will go in some other direction and I have to drag alot to bring it back to the current storyline. So thought to bring outing sequence after the current dream track ends.?. And you need not to request me.
If you guys ask me, Definitely I will include it in the story in a suitable situations.

Guys Thank you for your suggestions and your wonderful support till now. Your each and every comments are making me to explore myself. So guys , silent reader please do comment.

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  1. Hai roli…..nice part yaar….pragya angry at ramji was nice….and as usual their heart talks….and feeling sad for prags…keep going

    1. Roli

      Thank you for your reviews varsha. Keep reading continuously.

  2. Sandy

    Thank you Roli ???. Love you
    I liked the below scenes
    Abhi’s concern for pragya.
    Abhi treating pragya’s wound

    1. Roli

      So sweet of sandy. Keep reading continuously

  3. Sethidisha002

    i love it but i cant able to understand last part

    1. Roli

      Hey sethidisha last part is not story ? I have said in general.
      Thank you. Keep reading continuously

  4. Lovely epi? abhi’s concern s awsm❤❤❤ and her dream should not come true ?keep rocking waiting for ur nxt epi ?

    1. Roli

      Thank you mokshi for your reviews. Keep reading continuously

  5. Nice episode . Please update soon Episode 18.

    1. Roli

      Thank you Jessie I will update. Keep reading continuously

  6. nice episode please update next part as soon as possible

    1. Roli

      Thank you mukund raj keep reading continuously

  7. Awesome!? loved abhi’s concern towards pragya!… Waiting for the next part!

    1. Roli

      Thank you for your reviews abhigya. Keep reading continuously

  8. amazing yaar u just nailed it keep rocking waiting for next episode

    1. Roli

      Thank you Divya for your reviews. Keep reading continuously

  9. superb epic roli… I can’t able to comment to u now a days but without fail I am reading this ff.

    1. Roli

      Thank you for reading even in your busy schedule. Keep reading continuously

  10. Super…

    1. Roli

      Thank you sugan keep reading continuously

  11. Reshma Pradeep


    1. Roli

      Thank you Reshma Pradeep for your comments. Keep reading continuously

  12. Nice episode yaar

    1. Roli

      Thank you Durga for your comments. Keep reading continuously

  13. superbb yarrr………………………….i liked the concern for pragya from abhi

  14. nice n lovely epi………….

  15. Saranya24

    Superb to tge core abhi’s care was lovely ????

    1. Roli

      Thank you Nannu, di, and Saranya for your comments. Keep reading continuously

  16. Suppperrr episode dii abhi’s care was lovely nice epi??

  17. hey…very nice…keep going…amd intrestng also…suprb. update regularly…

  18. nice story

  19. Lovely episode… I loved that caring ness of abhi to the core love love love love❤❤❤❤❤ superb shona????

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