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Hi ? friends
The episode begins with mom thinks while praying to Ramji that I should arrange abhi and Pragya’s marriage as early as possible. So long Pragya has struggled a lot in her life. Now its time to be happy. She prays that abhi and Pragya should get all happiness in their life.
Abhi signs the files which PA gave to him. He thinks when Pragya came to office??? What happened to me??? Why I feel her presence when she is not with me??? Why I am so confused??? Why I am speaking alone??? He sees Pragya from his cabin. He started to admire her. He thinks she is soooo pretty today. Pragya looks at him from her cabin. She thinks, why I am loosing myself when he is nearing me??? Is this is love??? He says in his mind Pragya, Can you able to hear me??? Pragya nods her head as yes. Abhi says I love you angel…. Pragya blushes. They look at eachother as

Sanam re, sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re
Karam re, karam re
Tera mujhpe karam hua re
Sanam re, sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re

She says in her mind that I would love to talk with you like this… but I’m not going to… as I have work now.. She smiles and concentrates on her work. He too smiles and thinks to concentrate on work.
Nikhil meets Tanu in her home. Tanu asks Nikhil, why you came here??? He says darling, if anyone comes to home you should welcome them and not to ask why you came here… Nikhil gets in and sits in sofa. Tanu asks what’s the matter??? Nikhil says what have you decided??? Tanu says regarding what??? Nikhil says Pragya and abhi. Tanu say still didn’t. But have to.. Nikhil says we have to keep the next move very carefully. Tanu says yes, our first plan failed because of your stupidity. Tanu starts to shout I have told you many times not to put bhai’s life in danger because of that stupid idea only we have caught. Nikhil gets angry and shouts at her saying all this has happened because of your overconfidence and carelessness. I have asked you many times to keep an eye on Pragya. Did you do that??? Now on what basis you are blaming me??? Tanu says don’t ever raise your voice infront of me. I am not your girlfriend or wife to hear you. And this Pragya, I wont her.
In abhi’s office, the clock strikes at 1 ‘o’ clock. Abhi thinks to have lunch. He gets out of his cabin. He sees Pragya is also going out of her cabin. He calls her as angel. She turns back. He asks her are you going to have lunch ??? Pragya says no I am going to cook. Abhi gets irked. He asks her will you have lunch with me??? She says no and turns to go out. She goes two step forward, towards outside. She stops there and turns back to see abhi’s reaction. He was standing disappointing. She comes to him and says, you believed it eh??? I just said simply. Abhi says I will always believe you. Pragya smiles at him and says Come lets go and have lunch. Abhi says ya sure.

Abhi and Pragya goes to have lunch. Abhi sits on the chair. Pragya serves him. Abhi says I was waiting for a chance to eat with you. Pragya says I was waiting for you since 23 years. They looks at each other. He asks her to sit and eat along with him. She sits opposite to him. She was admiring the way he is eating. Abhi stretches his hand towards her, to feed her. She had it. Pragya inturn feeds him. He bites her finger. She shouts aww.. He laughs. She gets angry. She turned her face to the other side. Abhi says sorry by holding his ears. Pragya smiles on seeing it. He again feeds her. She bytes his finger. He says youuuu.. She laughs at him. They were happily having lunch by feeding each other as

Musqilon mein ye daale
Jo bhi chaahe kara le
Badle ye dilo’n ke faisle
Mann ka mauji isq to ji
Albeli si raho’n pe le chale
Koi peechhe na aage hai
Phir bhi jaane kyun bhaage hai
Maare isqe ka isqe ka dil mera
Iske uske ye hisse mein
Tere mere ye qisse mein
Maula seekhe bin seekhe bin de sikha
Kaisa ye isq hai, ajab sa risk hai
Kaisa ye isq hai, ajab sa risk hai..

Tanu tells Nikhil, now we have to act fast. I want to take revenge on Pragya. Nikhil says we should not act fast. Now we have to act slowly as slow and steady wins the race. Tanu gets angry and says I am not asking you any dialogue. I am just asking a super duper hit plan. Nikhil shouts, superb duper hit plan wont come easily. We have to think for that. Tanu says yes, you are right. But frankly speaking you don’t have enough brain for that. Nikhil says if you have brain means tell me a plan.. Tanu looks on….
In the afternoon, PA asked abhi to look after certain files. Abhi says, why are you giving these files to me. Give it to Tanu. She will look after it. PA says sir, but Tanu mam…..he pauses. Abhi realised that he has sent her out of Mehra Industries. He asks PA to keep those files and go.

Abhi held in tanu’s thoughts, FLASHBACK….. Tanu comes to Mehra Mansion and sees abhi’s mom. Tanu asks mom, aunti ji how are you??? Mom says, I am fine.. Its strange to see you here. Tanu says, aunti ji have you forgot about today ??? Mom blinks.. Tanu says today is rakshabandhan. I came to tie rocky on abhi’s hand. She asks for abhi.. Mom says he is in his room.. Tanu says okay I will go and meet him.
Abhi was sleeping in his room. Tanu shouts as bhai…bhai…. She sees abhi is sleeping. Oops are you sleeping still?? Wait and see what I am going to do.. She goes near to him and pours water on his face. Abhi shouts.. He gets up from bed. He sees Tanu. He says youuu.. I am not going to leave you. He tries catch her but she runs from there. He runs behind her. Tanu gets slipped and falls on floor. She shouts aww its paining. Abhi gets panic. He goes near her. He says Tanu.. Tanu… What happened to you?? Are you okay??? Is it paining?? Tanu says bhai, my leg is paining. Abhi laughs and says its a punishment to you for pouring water on me.. Tanu gets irked. He stretch his hand towards her. She too gives her hand to him. She gets up. Abhi asks why you came early in the morning. Tanu says bhai, today rakshabandhan.. Abhi says, oops I forgot. Tanu says, but I didn’t. She continues, like every year, this year also I have came to tie rocky on your hand. Abhi smiles. Tanu asks abhi to stretch his hand. He does. She ties rocky in his hands. Abhi says each and every second, I will be your saviour. Its a promise. Tanu says thank you bhai. Okay okay by saying like this, you can’t escape from giving gift to me. She asks him where is my gift??? He says, Tanu I forgot to buy gift for you. Tanu says, bhai don’t act.. I know, you have brought gift for me. Abhi smiles and gives gift to her. She gets happy and hugs him. She says, you are the worlds best bhai…. Flashback ends.

Abhi’s eyes filled with tears. He thinks that I have broke my promise as well as relation with Tanu. He also thinks about the way Tanu speaks in birthday party. He says why did you do this Tanu??? I am missing you badly.. He thinks to leave office but stops after seeing Pragya.

Pragya tells him, I am going to hostel. Abhi nods his head. She tries to go but stops and asks him are you worried about something??? Abhi asks how you know about it?? She says now your heart is with me. So I will come to know easily, whether you are sad or happy. Abhi says I was thinking about Tanu. Pragya says I can understand. It will be painful for you to bear her betrayal. But don’t worry. She will soon realize her mistake and will be back to home as your sweet sister. Abhi smiles at her. Pragya too smiles.
Abhi asks her, shall I drop you in hostel??? Pragya says, no thanks.. I will manage. Abhi says are you sure. Pragya says bilkul, walking is better than going in your car as it may get breakdown at any time. Abhi says is that so, then you go by walking itself. They smiles and leaves from there in opposite direction.

Nikhil says got it…. Yes…. Yes… Tanu asks her what happened to u ??? Nikhil says a superb plan is there. Tanu asks him to say, what it is…?? She says First you tell me what is your plan..?? Then I will tell whether its a superb or a flop idea. Nikhil gets irked. He shares his plan with Tanu.. She has a evil smile on her face. She says if we executes this plan then for sure bhai himself will kick Pragya out of his life. She continues, till now you have played hide and seek game with me Pragya. Now its time for me to play and win.
Nikhil says now the plan is ready.. But who is going to execute it???? And how???? Tanu says I know pretty well how, when and where to take revenge on Pragya….. Tanu continues saying Miss. Pragya Arora, your count down has started.. Count your days in abhi’s life.

Guys I am going to let the evil to play their game. But don’t worry, I wont separate abhigya in this game. The upcoming episodes has more positive as well as negative twist and turns.
What Tanu and Nikhil has planned is a suspense you will come to know as the story proceeds ??
One more important things guys, abhigya wont be separated at any point of this story. So don’t worry about it.
As usual I am going to take 2 days ( Saturday and Sunday) break ???.
Happy weekend friends????
Meet you all on Monday morning ???

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  1. nice story line very interesting

    1. i like 1 line extra that one is heart speaking and hearing

      1. Roli

        Thank you Kaif for your reviews. Keep reading continuously

  2. Wat ever takhil plan create it abi know everything pretend to be abi never know that….make it takhil always lose….2day ff is gud….especially abigya mind hearing scene awesome….

    1. Roli

      Thank you for your suggestions and reviews Rajesh. Keep reading continuously.

  3. two days break….????? but super epic… I love the scene talking with mind. it’s super…. Sema Sema Sema……..
    Waiting for nxt epic…..

    1. Roli

      Thank you Lakshmi and ya 2 days break as usual ?? keep reading continuously

  4. Nice episode . Evil will never win !!! Need to wait till Monday for episode 16. Have a wonderful weekend with your family,

    1. Roli

      Thank you Jessie. You too a great weekend with your family and friends. Ya evil will never win but let the evil play their game. We will see how far the good ones are capable to fight back. Keep reading continuously

  5. Sandy

    Hi Dude ? Today’s episode was nice. I liked the below scenes
    ?tiSha mind voice and lunch break
    ?Tabhi’s Flashback
    Happy weekend

    1. Roli

      Hi ? sandy
      ?? Tanu abhi flashback is close to my heart.
      Thank you dude. Happy weekend enjoy with ur friends and family ?
      Keep reading continuously

  6. Hai roli…..today….as usual u did awesome especially the heart speaking superb…..and u too have a happy weekend ?

    1. Roli

      Hi ? varsha. Thank you for your reviews. Keep reading continuously. Happy weekend enjoy with ur friends and family ?

  7. Nice episode abhi’s feelings towards tanu s just awsm but she s not worth of it and abhigya rockzz❤? keep rocking eagerly waiting for ur nxt epi ?

    1. Roli

      Yes mokshi, Tanu is not worth for abhi’s love and care. That was my fav scene too in this epic.
      Thank you for your reviews. Keep reading continuously

  8. It’s nice roli

    1. Roli

      Thank you Jessie keep reading continuously.

  9. Reshma Pradeep

    Awesomeeeee!!!!!!!Loved it♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    1. Roli

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  10. As usually Amazing epi shona???
    I loved abhigya’s lunch scene to the core???
    I can imagine abhis naughtiness???
    Heart conversion is fabulous???
    Tabhis flashback is fantastic??✌
    Keep rocking dear?

    1. Roli

      Hii ? Manu. So sweet of you dear ?? . Keep reading.

  11. Asusal it was just amazing shona and tanu flashback scean is really toching and have a happy weekend with u r friends and family and advance happy friendship day

    1. Roli

      Thank you Divya
      Advance happy friendship day ??
      Happy weekend and have a good time with ur family ?
      That’s my fav scene too??
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  12. Super amazing…

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    2. Roli

      Thank you di for your sweet comments.
      Yup further story is under development so two days break ?
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  13. nice n cool epi dear but waiting 4 monday is sad……….

    but it’s also happy waiting………..

    happy weekend……….

    1. Roli

      ? ur reply comments has posted in sugan’s reply ???

  14. very nice epi…its going gud..

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  15. Really superb episode yaar

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    Day by day my love towards your story is increasing…

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      I feel glad that you love my story ?. Thank you ? keep reading continuously

  17. Awesome! Loved it!

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  18. Prathi

    Ek dum kadak?

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      So sweet of you parthi. Thank you keep reading continuously

  19. Nice episode…. happy weekend

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  20. Nice episode diii??? and advance happy friendship day ??to you

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      Happy friendship day ??
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    Superb darlu loved it????

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  22. Sethidisha002

    osam and please don’t broke abhigya please

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