A Dream Episode – 14


Hi ? friends
First I ask a bigggg sorry to all. Usually I used to post ff by early morning around 5:30. Yesterday also I have posted by the same time but unfortunately it didn’t get published till evening. I am soo sorry guys hope you will understand…
Lets get into the story.

The episode begins with mom telling Pragya, you have done a big favour to this family. Thank you so much beta. Pragya says maa.. few minutes back only you said that I am a member of this family but you are speaking to me like an outsider. Mom says no beta… Don’t ever think like that.. Okay lets leave it. Mom tells abhi, leave Pragya in her hostel. She says still for few days only, after that you will come to MM as my daughter. Pragya blushes as she bid good night to mom.
Tanu goes to her home. She was in angry. She throws everything that she finds in her hand. She sees Nikhil, who was sitting in sofa. She throws a paper weight on him but he moved from there. He says what happened to you Tanu??? Why you were soo hyper?? What happened in the party??? Tanu says you are asking me what happened?? I am going to kill you, then only my anger will get reduced. She comes near to Nikhil. He holds her hands and pushed her on sofa. Tanu says how dare you to do this?? Nikhil says without screeching tell me what has happened?? Tanu says because of your foolishness, I have caught in front of everyone. Nikhil says what!!!! Tanu says everything to Nikhil.

Abhi and Pragya goes out of Mehra Mansion in car. Abhi asks her to wear seat belt. Pragya says when we have a good driver we don’t need to wear seat belt. Abhi says what!!! You are calling me as driver??? Pragya says everyone used to call the person who drives car as driver. So I too… Abhi gets irked, he stops the car. He says unless and until, you wear the seat belt, I not going to drive. He folds his arm and sits. Pragya says Okay, I will wear seat belt. She tries to clip the seat belt but couldn’t . She says I was unable to wear it. Abhi says oh my god!! My accountant don’t even know to wear seat belt. Pragya stares at him and says I can.. But she couldn’t. He thinks to help her. So he comes closer to her. He looks at her eyes. He thinks whenever I look at your eyes I completely forget myself and feel you as my whole world. Pragya looks at his eyes. She thinks whenever you are near to me, my heart started to beat faster. I couldn’t realize what is happening to me. Abhigya lost in each other as
Saiyaara main saiyaara, Saiyaara tu saiyaara
Sitaaron ke jahaan mein milenge abb yaara

A car behind abhi’s car blow horn. They comes to sense. Abhi clips seat belt. Pragya blushes and abhi too smiles. He then starts to drive. Abhi takes right turn. Pragya says why you turned right, we have to go straight. Abhi says this is shortcut. If we go by this direction we will reach soon. Pragya says we should always go in right direction. Abhi says for that only I took right turn. She says ufffff.. and asks him are we going in the right direction??? It looks like an isolated place. The next moment car gets breakdown.
Nikhil tells Tanu, I have said in the beginning itself don’t under estimate her. Now see what has happened. Our full plans have been spoiled. Nikhil says we will talk about it tomorrow morning. He leaves from there.

Abhi gets down from car. Pragya too. He tells her engine gets overheated. She asks him to do something. Abhi says that he is not a mechanic to do something. Pragya says if you are mechanic also you cant do anything.. Abhi asks what do you said?? She says nothing. Now we cant do anything. He tries to call someone but no one has picked the call. Pragya says I think you have wantedly done this. Abhi says what’s the need for me to do so?? She says only god knows it. She prays to Ramji please help us. Abhi kicks the car tyre with his leg. He sees Pragya is sitting down besides the car. Abhi says its road, why are you sitting her??? Pragya says then where should I sit, On your head?? Abhi tries to tell something. But Pragya stops him and says I am very tired. I cant hear anymore.

Abhi has no other go other than to sit besides her. Abhi says its strange we don’t know what will happen next. When we arrived from home we didn’t think that we will be sitting on the road like this but this is also good only. He turns to pragya’s side. He sees that she is sleeping. He is admiring her. After a while she rest her head on his shoulder. He smiles on seeing her. By admiring her he too sleeps.

Next morning, Pragya is holding abhi’s hand and rests her head on his shoulder. Abhi is resting his head on pragya’s head. Abhi wakes up. He notices that Pragya is holding his hands. He thinks while sleeping also you look so beautiful. He sees her hair falls on her forehead in air. He slowly tries to move it, but Pragya wakes up. She asks what are you doing Mr. Mehra. Abhi asks her what did you say now?? Pragya says, I have asked , what are you doing?? Abhi says no.. After that. Pragya says after that I didn’t say anything. Abhi tells no you said Mr….. Pragya says Mehra, Mr. Mehra . Abhi says we going to get married in few days and you are still calling me Mr. Mehra. Pragya asks then how to call you??? Abhi says call me as abhi.. Pragya smiles and nods her head as no. Abhi says please atleast once. Pragya again nods her head as no.. Abhi says please Pragya. She blushes.. She says in lower tone as abhi and blushes. Abhi says I cant hear anything. Please… please one more time. Pragya says Abhi… Abhi… He smiles.
Abhi then gets up from road and calls his driver to bring car.

After a while driver brings car and they goes to hostel in that car. Abhi asks her can you wear seat belt or should I…. Pragya says no thanks I can manage.
Nikhil, thinks I have to meet Tanu soon.
Abhigya reached hostel. Pragya before getting down from car says thank you for making my day so beautiful. I wanted to live with you each and every second of my life. Abhi says why are you saying thank you?? I just wanted to see happiness in your face.. So I did all this. He says okay its getting late come to office soon. She nods her head as yes. Then she gets down from car and goes into the hostel. Abhi was looking at her till she gets in.
Abhi drives back to home. He thinks about Pragya while driving. He feels that she is besides him. He smiles at her and says you know I was…..when he looks besides, she was not there. He gets confused.

Pragya in her hostel thinks whatever happened yesterday looks like a dream. She started to speak with her rose plants. She says Mr. Mehra, no.. no.. Abhi, has proposed me like in dream. She says I am very happy today. I have to go to temple soon. So I will meet you later bye.
Abhi reaches home. Mom asks abhi.. Where were you yesterday night??? Abhi says maa… Car got breakdown. I tried calling you but it was not reachable. Mom says that’s okay come soon to have breakfast after fresh up. Abhi says yes maa…and goes to his room.

Tanu after a sleepless night, thinks I will not leave that chasmish, I will show her, her place. Because of her only im out of Mehra Industries. I should do something and show her who am I.
Abhi getting ready to his office. He looks him in mirror and combs hair. He sees Pragya’s image in the mirror. By looking mirror he says how you came here?? He then turns back to see her but she was not there. Abhi speaks to himself. Just now i saw pragya in mirror. How can she disappear so soon. What happened to you abhi?? Mom calls abhiiiii come down to have breakfast.
Pragya goes to Ramji temple. She says thank you Ramji, I dint expect that you will give me this much happiness in my life. If my life ends at this moment also I don’t worry. She continues. Always you will give happiness first and then you will make me to cry. If you have any such plans please drop it. Okay I will come in evening and tell you remaining stories bye..
Abhi in breakfast table. He feels Pragya is serving him. He says I was waiting for a long time to eat the food prepared by you. Mom says that’s why I asked you to come soon for breakfast. He realises that it was mom not Pragya. He stammers maa.. I am not hungry. I will eat later. He says what is happening abhi… Whatever…. I have to go to office soon.
Mom thinks what happened to abhi. He said he is waiting to eat but he went without eating anything. Yesterday full night he didn’t come to home too.
Pragya comes to office, all the staff members wishes her good morning. She was puzzled by this strange reaction. She thinks may be because of Mr. Mehra everyone is reacting like this. Pragya says good morning to all. But please treat as a staff, friend. I feel awkward when you guys react like this. She then goes to her cabin.
PA comes to pragya’s cabin and says I am happy for you. I have came to know that you are going to get married with Mehra sir. Congratulations to you. Pragya says thank you bhaiya. PA then gives her one file and says that it is in pending for days. So try to see it soon. Pragya says okay bhaiya, I will see to it. He then leaves from there. Pragya goes to check for some files in the rack.
Abhi reaches office. He sees Pragya’s cabin. She was not in her chair. He then goes to his cabin. He says to PA , exactly after 30 mins come to my cabin with the files which I have to sign. PA says yes sir and then leaves from there.

Abhi then sees pragya’s cabin. He sees her standing near her table. He says abhiiii…. Just concentrate on your work, from morning you are feeling her presence but actually she was not here.
Pragya was looking into some files. She thinks that this file has to be cleared long before but why still it is pending. She thinks to show it to abhi. She comes to his cabin.
Abhi sees her. He thinks as usual there is no one. Its just my illusion. He started to do his work. Pragya enters in and says Mr. Mehra, why this file is pending still now. Abhi looks up and says what do you want….??? Why from morning you are appearing and disappearing infront of me. Pragya looks puzzled. She thinks what he is telling I cant understand anything.
Abhi gets up from his chair and walks towards her. He says you don’t have any work other than this. Pragya was totally confused by the way of his speech. He comes one step forward to her. She goes two steps backward. Abhi thinks why she is going backward, which means Pragya is here for real. No ways.. From morning she is making me mad. He again steps forward, Pragya goes backward. Atlast she gets bit by the wall. Abhi comes closer to her. She tries to go from there but abhi placed his hands in the wall besides her. He comes very close to her. She closes her eyes. Her heart started to beat faster. He tries to kiss her but stops as someone knock the door. Pragya open her eyes. It was PA who knocked his cabin door. Pragya feel awkward. Abhi thinks, Pragya was really with me. Oh no what’s happening to me. Am I became mad???
PA says sir, exactly after 30mins you have asked for this files. And its 30mins now sir. He asks am I perfect sir??? Abhi says ya, you entered perfectly in the wrong time…..

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  1. Very nice….fanstatic dream ff…hey one kind request don’t separate abigya and don’t create miss understand ff lyk this way…make it always evil lose….waiting 4 next ff..

    1. Roli

      Yes Rajesh always evil will loose but that we should make evil to play their game. Then only we can conclude who is going to win.
      Regarding this ff evil wont win whatever maybe the obstacle in abhigya’s path, atlast only they will win.
      Thank you for your suggestions. I will keep in mind while writing. Keep reading continuously

  2. Sandy

    Awwwwwww.. Supperrr supperrr episode ???.
    I liked the below scenes
    Pragya calling abhi Driver
    Pragya calling him as abhi
    Abhigya sitting on road
    Abhi’s imagination on pragya’s presence

    1. Sandy

      the “perfectly in the wrong time…”

      1. Roli

        I’m really happy that you guys like this episode since I have no confidence before updating it. But I just wanted to give a try in all journals. Thank God it clicked. I was worried whether I can able to fulfil your expectations or not.
        Thank you sandy for your comments and especially thank you for mentioning the scenes which you liked it. Keep reading continuously

  3. Cute lovely episode ?Abhigya ❤? keep rocking eagerly waiting for ur nxt epi ?

    1. Roli

      Thank you mokshi for your compliments. Keep reading continuously

  4. Lovely , lovely episode . Full of Abhigya scene . I love it ,Especially the last part ….poor Abhi !!!
    Please add more abhigya romantic scene in coming episode ya ….waiting for episode 15 tomorrow .Have a nice day .

    1. Roli

      Thank you Jessie. Ya I will try to add more and more scenes. Keep reading continuously

  5. super but shot update… but epic is awesome

    1. Roli

      Yup since I have created it yesterday only ?. Thank you for your comments Lakshmi. Keep reading continuously

  6. Awww awesome epi?????????
    Superb to the core?
    Loved it shona❤
    PA entered perfectly in the wrong time..hahahahahaha???
    Want more scenes of abhigya???

    1. Roli

      ????.?? sure Manu, will try my level best to add abhigya scenes in between.??
      Keep reading continuously

  7. Hey roli…..today epi was awesome especially last part….Abhi’s dreams and when it comes reality superb…..and in real KKB robin will come correctly at wrong time here PA.. Very funny superb keep going

    1. Roli

      Thank you Varsha for your compliments. Ya PA has done like robin ?? . Keep reading continuously

  8. Awesome episode??? PA entered perfectly in wrong time?? lol… Loved it?

    1. Roli

      Thank you abhigya ?? keep reading continuously

  9. Awesome…

    1. Roli

      Thank you sugan for your comments. Keep reading continuously.

  10. nice episode

    1. Roli

      Thank you mukund raj for your comments. Keep reading continuously

  11. wow no word to say dear roil………..

    lovely n cool epi after this ff heart feel light

    pls make like this……………………

    1. Roli

      Thank you di for your compliments. I will try to make like this. Keep reading continuously.

  12. Nice one . I am here reading your dream for the first and impressed By your dream. I read all your episodes yesterday only . Awesome . Super.

    1. Roli

      I am glad that you read all my episodes at a stretch. I am really happy that you like this ff. Thank you for your comments. Keep reading continuously.

  13. very nice epi….its going gud..

    1. Roli

      Thank you nasima for your comments Keep reading continuously

  14. Awesome episode

    1. Roli

      Thank you sasti for your comments. Keep reading continuously

  15. RiyaDcruz

    Cuteee Epi yaar luved it……….

    1. Roli

      Thank you riyadcruz for your comments. Keep reading continuously

  16. awesome episode keep going …… abhigya coversation was so cute and that pa correct timing sense soo good love u keep rocking……………..

    1. Roli

      Thank you for your compliments Divya. Keep reading continuously


    Really too good Roli… you just rocks… don’t be sorry… nowadays this tu has site problems

    1. Roli

      Thank you for your comments haritha. Keep reading continuously. And I wont be sorry again ?

  18. Super episode yaar ……. I loved it??? don’t separate abhigya

    1. Roli

      In this whole story abhigya wont be separated at any point. So don’t worry yogi. Thank you for your comments keep reading continuously

  19. Riyashri

    Wowwwwwwww !! ?????Lovely & Wonderful Update !??????? U Rocked it as usual Shona Dear ! ???
    Abhi’s Illusion was the Best Part ! ?????????????On the Whole Loved the whole Update !!??????? Keep Going !! Doing Great always !!
    And Too Bad …. U broke the promise so soon by telling Sorry today !????

    1. Roli

      Hi ? Riya. Oops I have said sorry la. That’s okay from tomorrow no sorry ?? ?? I am glad that you liked today’s episode ??

  20. Riyashri

    Wowwwwwww !! Superbly Superb Shona dear ! Illusion Part was ???????????????????????????? On The Whole I LOVED ALL THE Abhigya SCENES !!! ???????????? !! U r doing a Wonderful Job Day by Day !! Keep Going !! Waiting for the next one !
    And u broke your promise today by telling Sorry ! ??Too Bad !!?

  21. awesome

    1. Roli

      Thank you Shriti for your comments. Keep reading continuously

  22. Prathi

    Perfectly wrong time!! Poor Abhi??Awesome epi by the way

    1. Roli

      Thank you parthi? for your comments. Keep reading continuously

  23. Asmithaa


    1. Roli

      Thank you asmithaa. Keep reading continuously

  24. Suppperrrrr ??? I just loved but please don’t separate abhigya nice episode di??

    1. Roli

      Don’t worry Shanu, I wont separate abhigya at any point. Thank you for your comments. Keep reading continuously

  25. Saranya24

    ??perfect entry of pa lol suoerb dear keel rockng???

    1. Roli

      ???? thank you Saranya ? keep reading continuously

  26. i read this ff for first time! and whole epi was damn fantastic and last one lol 😛 abhi’s dialouge for PA was best one! I hope i can read your all previous updates too but i don’t think my assignments would allow me 😛 haha sorry Roli for that but whenever i will read this i will surely do comment bcoz you deserve 🙂 This was best keep going

    1. Roli

      That’s so sweet of you Soniya?. If you find time read else continue from here. Thank you for reading and commenting. Studies are first preference so concentrate on it. Thank you for your compliments ?

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    1. Roli

      Thank you lavanya for your comments. Keep reading continuously

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      Thank you Kaif. Keep reading continuously

  29. Awesome episode really soooooo cute episode

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